Saturday, 24 February 2007

Robbers shoot farmer's wife

23/02/2007 08:05 - (SA)

Bloemfontein - A Free State farmer's wife was shot and wounded during a robbery on Reitzburg farm near Vredefort, said police on Thursday.

Captain Magda Muller said four men asked Johan Roestorf, 58, to open his farm shop so that they could buy some cigarettes at 19:30 on Wednesday.

"His wife, Susan, 56, was in the kitchen and heard that they were having a fight."

Muller said the woman tried to run to her room and lock herself in, but the men followed and pushed the door open.

"They shot her once in the left side of her chest and took her back to the shop where they tied her up with a rope," Muller said.

Heard help was on way

Police said Roestof managed to untie herself and called for help on a private radio network.

Muller said one of the robbers heard on that radio that help was on the way, and they fled with two firearms, cash, a cellphone and jewellery.

Muller said the couple were treated at the farm and were not taken to hospital.

Police arrested a suspect shortly afterwards.

"It was suspected the man drove for the suspects," said Muller.


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