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Whites have reason to be afraid

March 28, 2007 Edition 1

The heading of Max du Preez's recent column, "Don't believe everything you read" (The Star, Opinion and Analysis, March 22 2007) should also be applied to his own views.

White South Africans have every reason to be terrified, given the current breakdown in law and order, as well as President Thabo Mbeki's anti-white rhetoric.

French philosopher Alain Finkielkraut said during the Parisian race riots of 2005 that "the lofty idea of 'the war on racism'" was gradually turning into a hideously false ideology.

And this anti-racism will be for the 21st century what communism was for the 20th century: a source of violence.

During the Rwandan genocide in 1994, the infamous Radio-Télévision des Milles Collines broadcast a call to arms to its Hutu listeners by saying "cut down the tall trees" and "kill the cockroaches".

We all know what happened next, having seen the sanitised version of the events in the movie Hotel Rwanda.

Mbeki's claims that vast numbers of whites out there call blacks "kaffirs" and flatten their noses in racist caricatures are tantamount to anti-white propaganda.

A few months ago I spent a weekend with a foreign TV journalist and his cameraman.

After showing them a collection of newspaper clippings depicting the carnage that took place in December 2006 when every day more white and especially Afrikaner victims were reported murdered, tortured and raped, he soon stopped me, saying: "I've seen enough. What your government has done, is to designate you as targets. They don't have to kill you; they know someone else will do it for them."

Max du Preez is living in a dream world if he thinks that South Africa has good race relations and that there is no ethnic motive underlying our rampant murder rate.

In Europe, the murder rate is two per 100 000 per year.

In black ghettoes in the US it rises to about 40.

Among Afrikaner farmers it is more than 300 per 100 000 per year!

That single statistic justifies the hypothesis that we are already in the early stages of anti-Afrikaner genocide.

My children recently visited some friends in a rural area.

Upon returning they told me this about their friends' mother: "Auntie A drives with her pistol on her lap and when she sees more than one black man getting closer than 10m from her car, she cocks it and gets very nervous."

I was quite shocked by this narration.

But Auntie A is an amiable, intelligent and liberal woman.

Upon reflection, I had to admit that she was acting entirely rationally, protecting her children in the car, as well as mine.

Du Preez is also wrong when he claims that black people commit 10 times more violent crime than whites, which would be proportionate to their demographic weight within the total population.

The truth is that they commit 50 to 100 times more violent crime, even though such statistics are not generally available.

In the early 1960s, some Afrikaner anthropologists predicted that unbridled urbanisation, coupled with a superficial Western consumerist lifestyle, would not only rob Africans of their soul and unique culture, but also create a nightmare of nihilistic violence in the country.

Bruwer wrote at the time that "the African is in his deepest being a good person when he moves within the embrace of an own cultural tradition".

Today millions of Africans in this country have indeed ceased to be good and we have reason to fear them.

Anyone who pretends otherwise, as Du Preez does, is simply blind to reality.

Dan Roodt

Dainfern, Gauteng

Source:The Star

Man risks life to save stranger

Shaun Goosen after he risked his life to rescue a stranger who was shot in the stomach during an armed robbery. (Deon Ferreira, Die Burger)
30/03/2007 10:31 - (SA)

Yolande Hayward, Die Burger

Port Elizabeth - A young man faced a hail of bullets in an attempt to save a stranger's life on Thursday.

Hansie Claassen, 52, a businessman from Despatch, was wounded during a wild shootout in Newton Park in broad daylight.

Claassen apparently withdrew R10 000 from an Absa branch in the area and then went to the MTN building to pay his employees' cellphone accounts.

According to eyewitnesses, three men overpowered Claassen in MTN's parking lot at about 15:00.

Shaun Goosen, 26, who entered the MTN building moments before, heard somebody shout that a robbery was taking place.

Without a second thought, Goosen turned around and ran out of the building towards the robbers.

'They opened fire on me'

"When I had almost reached them, they opened fire on me," said Goosen. Two shots were apparently fired.

Goosen hid behind a vehicle and saw one of the men shoot Claassen in the stomach.

The suspects fled from the scene but fired another shot in Goosen's direction before leaving through the gate.

Eyewitnesses believed it was a miracle that Goosen was not hit. Before the robbers had left through the gate, Goosen jumped up and ran to Claassen to check if he was still alive.

André Bubb, who saw the shooting, said he believed a getaway car was waiting outside the gate.

A white Volkswagen Polo was damaged during the shooting.

"A woman was leaving the parking area when the first shots were fired. One of the bullets hit the passenger door of her car.

"I overheard her telling someone that she had felt the hit," said Bubb.

Broad daylight, busy area

Claassen's wife, Tereza, 47, arrived at the scene shortly afterwards.

She couldn't believe that something like that could happen in broad daylight in Port Elizabeth. "I don't think the incident has sunk in yet."

She said her husband had been taken to Livingstone Hospital and might be transferred to Netcare Cuyler Clinic.

Claassen's stepdaughter, Natasha Jordaan, 21, believed it was "pathetic" that somebody could be shot in the middle of the day in such a busy area.

"I always warned him (Claassen) to rather use his chequebook and not to keep so much cash on him," she said.

According to police spokesperson captain Ernest Sigobe, Claassen was possibly followed from the bank, where he had withdrawn the money, to the MTN building.

Sigobe said four men were involved in the robbery. They apparently fled with Claassen's cellphone and the R10 000.

Nobody has yet been arrested in connection with the robbery.

A charge of attempted murder was being investigated by the police.


Dead woman found with feet, hands tied up

March 29 2007 at 04:37PM

The body of a woman, with her hands and feet tied up, was found at a house in Bothaville, Free State police said on Thursday.

The 72-year-old Annekie Claasen, who was in her pyjamas, was found lying in one of the bedrooms in her house on Wednesday around 9pm, Sergeant Malebo Khosana said.

Police were alerted about the murder on Wednesday evening.

Her son, Kobus Van Zyl, who tried to contact his mother, but could not reach her, asked his friend, who also lives in Bothaville, to check on her.

His friend suspected that something was wrong in the house and informed police.

"When police arrived at the house, the house was ransacked and left in a chaotic state," said Khosana.

He said the woman's hands and feet were tied up and a piece of cloth was found over mouth.

"The motive for the murder could be robbery since her son pointed out that the money box is missing from the house."

No arrests have been made and police are investigating, said Khosana. - Sapa


'I'm scared we won't get over this'

Karyn Maughan

March 30 2007 at 04:39AM

Two metres away from where a man and his two sons lay facedown in the dirt, the woman they loved was being raped.

It was too much for the man.

He tore the fillings from his teeth as he struggled to bite through the laces that bound his hands, which had come from his son's shoes.

Then he lunged for one of the armed men who had ambushed, hijacked and assaulted his family.

'It is still so unreal to all of us'

The unlit veld near Dawn Park in Boksburg lit up with gunfire.

Screaming for his wife and sons, aged 18 and 12, to run, the man tried to lure his attackers away by running in the other direction, arms outstretched, "so they would aim for me and not hit my kids".

Blinded by blood streaming from a bullet graze above an eye and mad with worry, he ran into the Dawn Park police station.

There he was helped by members of the local Community Policing Forum (CPF), his "angels".

They drove with him to help find his family.

Back at the roadside, one of the sons stood in the road, flagging down cars, while the other son attended to his mother.

A passing motorist took them to the police station, where CPF members on duty ensured them that all the evidence had been properly collected.

Police say the man's bravery and the concerted efforts of the CPF led to the arrest of four men believed to belong to a 20-member gang responsible for a wave of violent crime in Ekurhuleni - including shooting at an 83-year-old man in Groeneweide.

Alleged gang members Tisetso Masilo, 26, Aubrey Mabe, 34, Thabiso Jeffrey Moloi, 33, and Rector Ndlangamandla, 38, were arrested within days of the attack on the Boksburg family.

They have appeared in the Vosloorus magistrate's court on charges of armed robbery and possession of unlicensed firearms. A charge of rape is to be added.

Speaking to The Star on Thursday, the Boksburg man said his family - who have not returned to the home where they were ambushed - was "completely shattered" by what had happened to them.

"It's amazing how your life can be so normal one moment... and then everything just goes so wrong in a matter of hours.

"It is still so unreal to all of us."

The family's March 15 nightmare started when they arrived home after picking the man up at the airport.

"We had driven through the gate when they surrounded us. It was so incredibly quick."

One of the gunmen aimed his pistol at the family and ordered them to keep their heads down. Half an hour later, they were in the veld and "everything just got so much worse".

"My wife and I have spoken very directly about what happened to her. She is suffering from a terrible rash because of the antiretroviral medication she is taking.

"She is terribly afraid that she may be ill... I think that, more than anything, I am so scared that none of us will ever get over what happened.

"It feels like there is a huge hole where my heart was and I don't know... I really don't know if I'll ever find what it was that I lost."

This article was originally published on page 1 of The Star on March 30, 2007


Robbery victims strike back after 'invasion'

March 30 2007 at 04:39AM

By Barry Bateman

Two victims of an armed attack that left an elderly man critically injured tracked down one of their suspected assailants and subdued him using the same metal rod with which the elderly man had been attacked.

Police arrested that suspect and one of his accomplices near the house where the armed robbery took place.

The family, who do not want to be named, described how five men, two armed with firearms and three with knives, repeatedly stabbed and beat the 70-year-old man in his home in Faerie Glen on Wednesday night.

The man, his wife, their nephew and one of his friends were at home watching TV after dinner when the suspects attacked at about 7.45pm. The nephew said the security gate was locked and the front gate closed, but the garage door was open.

"My uncle went to the garage to close the door when the men attacked him.

"Without warning they hit him on the arm with a metal rod," he said. The man's upper left arm was shattered by the blow.

The nephew said that within seconds the men were in the house, pointing firearms and ordering the people inside to the floor. "My uncle panicked, so they stabbed him and beat him."

The suspects ransacked the house, taking cellphones and jewellery before fleeing.

The nephew said he and his friend then set out to find the suspects.

"We got into the bakkie and headed towards Atterbury Road, where we saw one of the suspects walking with a bag."

The nephew said they pursued the man on foot until they caught up with him.

"He turned around and pulled out a knife. He lunged at me and stabbed me in the arm," he said. They subdued the attacker with the same rod that had been used to assault his uncle.

LifeMed Ambulance Services paramedic Willie Lightfoot, along with Netcare 911 paramedics, treated the elderly man, who also suffered two cuts to the head, a cut to the chest and one to his leg.

Pretoria East hospital marketing manager Ronel Leyds said the patient went into theatre on Thursday and was in a stable condition.

Police spokesperson Inspector Paul Ramaloko said two suspects, aged 25 and 27, were arrested.


Thursday, 29 March 2007

Hijacker shoots man in the back

March 29 2007 at 10:15AM

A 59-year-old Germiston man was shot dead when two men, one armed with a firearm, hijacked him and his wife in front of Afrikaans Hoerskool in Landton, Germiston, police said on Thursday.

Spokesperson Captain Steady Nawa said the couple had been waiting in the car for their 14-year-old son to finish rugby practice around 5.30pm.

"They [the men] grabbed the car keys from the ignition... when the man tried to get out of the car [as the attackers had told him to do] then the man shot him in the back," said Nawa.

The men then told the couple to leave everything inside their gold Toyota Corolla and stole the woman's cellphone before driving away in the car.

The man was treated at the scene, but later died at the Rose Acres hospital.

Police were investigating a case of murder.

Anyone with information could call Captain Phineas Boshomane on 082-319-9887.- Sapa


Wednesday, 28 March 2007

'He leapt at her like a tiger'

28/03/2007 08:07 - (SA)

Buks Viljoen, Beeld

Secunda - A 10-year-old girl testified in court how she saw an armed man kill an elderly relative.

The girl told how after the murder, the 72-year-old woman's cellphone started ringing and when she answered it, she heard her father's voice, telling her to hide until help arrived.

The girl was testifying in the circuit court in the murder case of Sylvia Barkhuizen, 72.

Barkhuizen was shot dead in an attack at her farm Kruisement near Leslie in Mpumalanga on July 7 last year, shortly after she and the girl had returned from town.

She was hit in the stomach and died at the scene.

Girl called attacker by his name

Twenty-six-year old Ephriam Kheswa, who worked at the farm for six years, appeared in court in leg-irons.

On Monday, he pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and robbery with extenuating circumstances. He said he had not fired on purpose.

The prosecutor, advocate Johan Kruger, said the girl was receiving counselling since the murder, and was suffering from depression and post-traumatic stress.

He said she would not testify in open court if she saw the accused. Judge John Murphy agreed that she could give evidence on closed-circuit television.

The girl testified that she heard a noise in the garage, but thought it was a snake.

The accused, whom she referred to by his name throughout her evidence, came running out of the garage and attacked Barkhuizen.

"He leapt at her like a tiger. I screamed for someone to come and help," she testified softly while she drew in a colouring book.

The accused had grabbed the girl and forced her mouth closed.

"When she (Barkhuizen) shouted at him to leave me, he shot at her and she fell."

Kheswa had apparently told the girl to lie down on the ground.

"When I looked at him, he pointed the gun at me. I thought he was going to shoot me too."

He fled and climbed over the barbed wire fence.

"I just walked in circles and thought "She's dead, she's dead!" the girl said.

Attacker came back

She phoned her father, who was on holiday in Durban. When the accused saw her talking on the cellphone, he climbed back over the fence.

"I walked to him and held out my cellphone: 'Take my cellphone rather than my life'," she testified.

He slapped and choked her because she had dropped her phone, then he disappeared into the dark.

The girl testified that she had heard Barkhuizen's phone ring.

She knelt next to the body and answered it. Her father told her to hide in the bakkie until help arrived.

Captain David Pieterse, a ballistics expert, said the accused's version, that he shot Barkhuizen during a struggle, was not possible.

"There were no powder burn marks on the clothes or the body. Therefore, the shot must have come from further than a metre away."

The case would continue on Wednesday.


Tuesday, 27 March 2007

'I reject his remorse with contempt'

Zelda Venter

March 27 2007 at 10:10AM

The widow of the only manufacturer of the well-known Roberto pan flutes says that while God might forgive them, she will never forgive her husband's attackers.

"I reject his remorse with contempt. He does not know what emotional damage he has caused me and my family," an angry Elsabe Liebenberg told the Pretoria High Court on Monday.

She was responding to the counsel of Klaas Kgafela, who told Liebenberg that Kgafela was deeply sorry for her loss. Liebenberg's husband, Pieter, to whom she was married for 32 years, was killed in their Wierda Park home in February 2004.

Kgafela was on Monday given the benefit of the doubt and acquitted of murder when Judge Natvarial Ranchod said his version, in which he claimed that he had nothing to do with the stabbing, could possibly be true. Kgafela's co-accused, David Tshabalala, earlier pleaded guilty to the murder and he was given a life sentence.

'Repeated that she would never forgive him'

He implicated Kgafela and said the latter helped him drag the dying man to the garage to tie him up. But Kgafela denied this. He said they were knocking on people's doors that day with the aim of looking for work. When they failed to get anything, they decided to break into the home of the Liebenbergs.

Kgafela said this was to get some food and money for the taxi back home. While they were snooping around the house, Liebenberg came walking down the stairs and surprised them. Kgafela said Tshabalala picked up a knife and stabbed the man, while he (Kgafela) fled from the house.

Ranchod on Monday convicted Kgafela of theft and said if the State had not omitted charging him for housebreaking with the intent to steal, he would have definitely convicted him on that charge. He could then have sentenced him to a minimum of 15 years' imprisonment.

But as it stood, he could only convict him of theft, which carried a far more lenient sentence.

Elsabe Liebenberg had earlier testified in Tshabalala's trial that she would never forgive him for what he had done. She said he took away her soulmate and left her without a home. The court heard that she was never able to return to their Wierda Park home after the incident. Even the family dog was so traumatised it had to be put down.

'Even the family dog was so traumatised'

On Monday, as she took the stand in aggravation of sentence regarding Kgafela, Elsabe repeated that she would never forgive him.

Liebenberg said she and their only child were still devastated.

Her husband's death had also left the pan flute industry shattered as he was the only person in the country who manufactured the Roberto pan flutes.

She said although Kgafela was acquitted on the murder charge, he still had had no right to be in her home and to invade her privacy.

"I would like to see the court sentence him to the longest possible time in jail.

"He must regard himself as extremely lucky that the State's case was not strong enough against him."

Rejecting his apologies, Liebenberg said she did not have time for "monsters".

Kgafela will be sentenced on Tuesday.


Sunday, 25 March 2007

Man hugs armed robber

23/03/2007 10:54 - (SA)

Christel Raubenheimer, Beeld

Pretoria - A man who caught a young armed robber who had just burgled his home asked him if he knew Jesus, forgave him and prayed for him.

Myndert Bloem from Erasmuskloof in the eastern parts of Pretoria said he ran after two armed robbers and hugged one of them after catching him, and told him about Jesus.

Bloem's domestic worker, Esther Makgoba, was meanwhile lying bleeding in front of the house after one of the two had stabbed her with a knife. She was being treated in Kloof Hospital.

Makgoba and Bertha Pretorius, Bloem's mother-in-law, were overpowered in their house on Thursday morning.

According to Pretorius, the robber aimed his knife at her several times but didn't stab her.

"When I had to lie down (on the bed, after the robbers had ordered her to) I couldn't think, I just prayed," said Pretorius.

"I told him (a robber) that Esther was bleeding, he must fetch a towel. He did. I think he had a good heart," said Pretorius.

Bloem, who had visited a dentist one block away, stopped at the house by chance.

Makgoba had already been injured and Pretorius's hands had been tied up with electric cord in her bedroom. She ran outside when she saw her son-in-law in the driveway.

Bloem took his mother-in-law at the neighbours and rushed back to the dentist to ask him to come and help, and call the police.

Robbers chased through an open field

Constable Os Redelinghuys and student constable Rudzani Luvhengo from the Brooklyn police station arrived within minutes, and along with Bloem and the dentist followed the robbers through an open field.

"When I reached him (one of the suspected robbers), he ducked. I told him: 'Do you know Jesus?' I asked him to close his eyes so that I could pray for him. I forgave him in the name of Jesus," said Bloem.

"I hugged him, knowing that the domestic worker was lying in a pool of blood at home," he said.

The police later found the second suspect. Stolen electronic equipment was also found.

Police spokesperson inspector Paul Ramaloko said the alleged robbers were 15 and 18 years old and they would be charged with armed robbery.


'He thought his mom was dead'

22/03/2007 09:12 - (SA)

Naranda Nell, Beeld

Nelspruit - A two-year-old boy who ran about a kilometre to get help for his wounded mother, eventually found peace of mind after seeing her safely in hospital.

"Joshua saw his mother on Tuesday for the first time after the incident," said his uncle, Nicholas Hulley-Miller. "He is still very confused and was under the impression that she was dead, even though we had tried to put his mind at ease."

Meanwhile Louise Hulley-Miller, 25, was recuperating in the Nelspruit Medi-Clinic and might be transferred from the high care unit to an ordinary ward on Friday.

Her husband, Matthew Hulley-Miller jun said they had obtained permission from the hospital to take Joshua to see his mother, although it might have upset him to see her linked to so many machines and ventilators.

He is satisfied

"At last Joshua is satisfied," said his uncle.

Matthew Hulley-Miller was on the Botswana border at the time of the incident last Friday. His wife on Tuesday told him for the first time how four attackers had stormed into the house and started shooting at her. They insisted on money and again opened fire on her. She had no chance to fight back.

"They apparently held a gun to her head and ordered her to look down to prevent her from identifying them later," said her husband. "They were not wearing masks."

After they had shot her, the attackers remained in the house for a long time to steal valuables.

According to Matthew his wife helped Joshua to climb through a 1,5m high window to find help. He ran to his grandparents' house.

Joshua, his father and sister, Lauren (16 months) were currently living with the boy's grandparents on the farm.

"It is difficult to sleep in the room where Louise was shot. If she doesn't want to live on the farm any more we will definitely move," he said. "She will also receive counselling once she is discharged."

Joshua's heroic deed touched a group of South Africans who are living overseas and running a website about conditions here. They wanted to give him a present, said Ingrid Hurrell Langley, a member of this group.


Man murdered in Constantia

22/03/2007 11:53 - (SA)

Johannesburg - A man was shot dead in a burglary at his Constantia home, Cape Town police on Thursday.

Inspector Bernadine Steyn said Dennis Nixon, 59, and his wife were at home on Tuesday evening when they were attacked by three men, who apparently broke in through an open window.

Steyn said Nixon was shot in the neck and died on the scene. His wife was not injured.

The attackers took cellphones and jewellery and fled on foot.

No arrests have been made.


'Start fighting back'

Pretoria dominee Wynand Olivier tells of his brush with robbers while he was out cycling. (Alet Pretorius, Beeld)

22/03/2007 22:56 - (SA)

Wilhelm de Swardt, Beeld

Pretoria - "We must begin to fight back against crime," says a dominee from Acacia in Pretoria.

Dominee Wynand Olivier of the Florauna Dutch Reformed Church in Acacia is finding it difficult to preach the message of conciliation from the pulpit, after suffering at the hand of criminals for the umpteenth time.

"Enough is enough!" he said after having to fight off robbers when he went cycling on Thursday.

His car has been hijacked before and there was a break-in at his house.

"My message is: start fighting back. We can't allow these people to keep robbing us and get away with it."

Knocked off his bike

Olivier, of the Harmony sport club and 15-year-old HB "Hendrik" Kruger, a Grade 10 pupil at Acacia High School, went training on their mountain bikes on Thursday morning.

Just past the caravan park at Wonderboom South they saw two men next to the dirt road.

Oliver said from the Little Company of Mary Hospital that one of the men jumped in front of HB and knocked him off his bike. Olivier also landed on the ground.

"One of the robbers grabbed a stick and hit HB on the head, but fortunately he was wearing a cycling helmet."

HB said he decided that no one was going to take his bike away.

"I feinted, and then landed a quick one-two combination."

HB managed to deck the robber with his quick blows.

Olivier, meanwhile was fighting for his life with the other robber who was armed with a knife.

Olivier used his bike to ward off the man's weapon.

"When I saw my chance I hit the man against the head with the back wheel of the bike. I could see that it had opened up his eyebrow."

Olivier can't remember when he was stabbed.

Wouldn't think twice about leaving

"I've always tried to be positive. Just a few days ago, my neighbour was shot in his driveway.

"I know of at least five people in Amandasig, who have been shot.

"And, week after week, I plead from the pulpit for reconciliation. But, I can't any more.

"If I got an offer to work in London tomorrow, I wouldn't think twice about leaving."


'Police never went back to the scene'

March 23 2007 at 10:55AM

By Barry Bateman

Relatives of a Modimolle (Nylstroom) woman are blaming police for her brutal death and rape.

If police had reacted sooner, they claim, she might have been saved.

Isabel Walkenshaw's bruised and battered body was found near a railway bridge in a field in Modimolle, Limpopo, on Saturday.

She had been raped and strangled to death.

Billy Homan, Walkenshaw's uncle, said the incident happened on Friday night.

He said Walkenshaw, 35, was walking through the field on Friday evening with an unidentified, homeless couple to show them a house they could live in.

Homan said five men accosted Walkenshaw and the couple and dragged them into nearby bushes. There they allegedly started raping the homeless woman and told the homeless man to run away or he would be killed.

"The guy ran up the road and stopped a car. He asked the driver to take him to the police station but the driver suggested they go back to help the two women.

"As they neared the scene, the woman ran out of the bushes and got into the car," he said.

Homan said that in spite of hearing screams for help coming from the bushes, the three decided to go the police station to report the matter.

He said the driver of the car told police he heard screams from the bushes and they should investigate. "The police never went back to the scene. The police just wanted to take the woman to hospital," he said.

Homan said Walkenshaw's body was discovered by a passerby at about 8am on Saturday.

"Only then did the police begin to investigate," he said.

Homan wants to know why police did not go to the scene when they were told that someone was being attacked there. He said police were now trying to cover their tracks and are denying any wrongdoing.

Questions were put to the Modimolle police but no comment was received at the time of going to press.

Walkenshaw's funeral is scheduled for 10.30am today at the Modimolle Lede in Christus church.

This article was originally published on page 4 of Pretoria News on March 23, 2007


Attack victim recounts how wife was murdered

March 23 2007 at 07:04AM

By Janine du Plessis

Heavily sedated and in pain, Jacques Botha, 45, described how four men attacked his family, killing his wife "Tinkie" and leaving his two children without a mother.

Botha said from his hospital bed at Pretoria Academic he was "not feeling anything and doesn't know what to feel right now" following the incident.

His son lost his mother on the eve of his 13th birthday. She was stabbed in the heart.

'They just came stabbing at us'

Botha said the family had been watching cricket in the main bedroom at their Pamela Street home in Moreleta Park. He said a friend of his 17-year-old daughter's boyfriend had come to collect something and the next thing there were three men in their room.

"They just came stabbing at us," said Botha. He said he "shoved" them off his wife and saw them go for his daughter.

"That was when I saw a fourth man in the lounge about to hit her with two bricks," he said.

Noleen du Toit, Botha's sister, said that Tinkie, fearing the men would rape her daughter, tried to spray Doom in the man's face which she had fetched from the bathroom.

It was then that Botha, his daughter and son witnessed the man stabbing Tinkie "right in the heart", Botha said.

He said everyone went to the bathroom and pressed up against the door in an attempt to get away from the four men.

Botha says he tried calling the police on 10111, but to no avail. "Eventually I called my cousin, who later arrived with an ambulance. In the meantime I had taken my wife to the Pretoria East Hospital where we were both admitted," said Botha. Tinkie died on the theatre table.

Botha suffered cuts all over his body, the deeper ones on his chest. His leg and stomach were stabbed and his colon ruptured.

He was transferred to Pretoria Academic after he was stabilised, and underwent an emergency laparotomy to stop the internal bleeding.

A spokesperson for the hospital said he was stable. He has been put on specific antibiotics. His sister said he was a diabetic and this made his condition complicated and it would take longer for him to heal.

Botha said he did not know what happened during the time he was in the bathroom.

He did not want to talk about the reasons for the robbery and why only two cellphones were stolen. "They didn't take the TVs. They did not have guns that I can recall," said Botha.

His three sisters said outside the hospital waiting room that they were angry at the government, which was not doing anything to stop crime.

Irene Bothma said: "The government should pay for the hospital bills of victims of crime. We are not sure how much the bill will come to at Pretoria East Hospital."

Botha's teenage daughter was rushed to hospital because "she was not coping and about to crack".

Du Toit said it was particularly sad that the boy would have a stigma attached to his birthday for the rest of his life.

She said her brother had now become "one of those people you hear about and wish it never happens to you".

This article was originally published on page 1 of Pretoria News on March 23, 2007


Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Toddler saves mom's life

19/03/2007 23:15 - (SA)

Naranda Nell, Beeld

Nelspruit - He's only two years old and a few bricks and a tickey high, but Joshua Hulley-Miller ran all the way to his grandfather's house a kilometre away to fetch help when his mom was shot by robbers.

Louise Hulley-Miller, 25, was shot seven times by robbers - it's thought there were five of them - who attacked Rodeval farm on the Lydenburg road near Nelspruit.

They shot Louise five times in the legs and once each in the chest and hand, and locked the bleeding woman into the main bedroom with her two children, Joshua and 16-month-old Lauren.

The thugs made off with Hulley-Miller's cellphone, laptop computer, engagement and wedding rings and her Toyota car.

Louise's father-in-law, Stuart Hulley-Miller, said his son, Matthew, was near the Botswana border on business when the robbery took place.

'Someone hurt my mommy'

He said Joshua rang the bell at the gate at 07:00 on Saturday morning.

"I found him at the gate just in his underclothes and knew immediately something was wrong."

Joshua apparently said that "someone hurt my mommy so much".

"While I phoned the ambulance and J&M Security we raced over to their house."

Hulley-Miller found his daughter-in-law slumped over the bedside table in the main bedroom, watching over her daughter.

She was still fully conscious.

Louise had been shot three times in the right leg, twice in the left one, and in her hand and chest.

Hulley-Miller snr said on Monday: "The last shot went through her lung. She's in the ICU at Nelspruit Medi-Clinic and it looks as if she's going to make it."

Andrew Calitz, operational manager of J&M Security said he and Hulley-Miller had loaded her in the vehicle and met the ambulance halfway to the farm.

Hulley-Miller snr said it appeared the robbery took place between 22:00 and 23:00 on Friday night.

Although no one had been able to speak to her yet, it is assumed Louise helped Joshua through the burglar bars to go and fetch help.

"It's a miracle that Joshua found our house and was so brave. He can scarcely reach the bell on the gate. I'm so proud of him," he said.

It's thought that the robbers were wearing police uniforms, because Joshua became hysterical when the police arrived to investigate.

Stolen vehicle found

He kept asking his father who these people were and if they were going to shoot his mommy again.

Hulley-Miller snr said: "I'm angry. How will Louise and the family get through this trauma? They didn't harm anybody.

"Why couldn't they (the robbers) just take what they wanted and leave Louise alone?"

Police spokesperson Dawie Pretorius said the stolen vehicle was found on Saturday morning near the Riverside shopping centre in Nelspruit.


Judo wins against five robbers

19/03/2007 23:16 - (SA)

Christel Raubenheimer, Beeld

Pretoria - A 69-year-old 6th-Dan judo instructor from Pretoria literally put his life on the line on Monday when he fought five robbers who had threatened to rape his wife to death.

The robbers told Hennie Pretorius that he was a "white boer" and that they were going to shoot him.

Pretorius was leaving his home in Queenswood for the shops about midday when a man asked him to put some water in his plastic bottle.

When Pretorius went to fill the bottle with water, another robber who was hiding in the bushes rushed at him. He was struck on the head with a firearm.

The judo instructor threw one of the men in a judo move, but another two joined in and hit him with their firearms.

There were five robbers altogether.

Heard muffled shouts

Pretorius was carrying his house keys and a panic button around his neck, but the men ripped it off before he could press the button.

Pretorius shouted at his wife, Lorraine, who was inside the house, and the robbers pulled a plastic bag over his head and tried to choke him.

His wife heard his muffled shouts and went to the security door to see what was going on.

One of the robbers then tried to open the door with Pretorius's key.

Lorraine hit a panic button in the house and the robbers fled with the house and car keys, and about R650 cash that was in Pretorius's wallet.

Pretorius said: "I shouted, 'You can kill me, but you're not going to get near my wife.'

"They can shoot me. I'm 69 years old and I've had a good innings. They told me straight: 'We are going to rape your wife until she is dead.' "

"People say you should carry your revolver on you, but if I had it on me, they would have shot me with my own firearm. They totally overwhelm you."

Pretorius said he got in a few good shots and he suspected that two of the robbers were as sore as he was on Monday night.

'Judo helped me to focus'

He was planning to give his judo classes as usual that evening.

"I still have two classes. I'll just have a shave and I'm not going to mention it.

"If I didn't do judo, I would have folded. It helped me to focus," said Pretorius.


Sunday, 18 March 2007

Brave girl saves parents

Harrowing times: Frans Furstenburg, seen with his wife Theana, fights for his life after being shot in the face while trying to fight off three armed men.
Photo: Liza van Deventer, Pretoria News

Graeme Hosken

March 16 2007 at 04:39AM

"Turn on your sirens. Turn on your sirens, my daddy's dying." These were the words of a quick-thinking 10-year-old Pretoria girl who telephoned police from under a duvet while her father fought for his life.

Frans Furstenburg, 38, was shot in the face on Wednesday night while trying to fight off three men armed with crowbars and a handgun.

The men, who fled from his Waverley home with nothing after hearing police sirens, attacked the family as Furstenburg walked inside his house.

He had just said good night to his insurance broker and was about to close the front door when two of the men grabbed him from behind, beating him over the head with crowbars.

'I do not know where I got my strength from'

Crying out a warning, Furstenburg dragged himself into his house while trying to fight off his two attackers.

His wife Theana, who was washing dishes, ran to his rescue and screamed at her daughter Thealize to hide.

Grabbing her cellphone, Thealize phoned the police, begging for help as she listened to her parents screaming in terror while fighting off their attackers.

A visibly shaken Theana, speaking from her husband's bedside in Eugene Marais Hospital, said she had been terrified. "I did not know what was happening. One minute I was washing dishes and the next I heard my husband screaming and shouting.

"As I ran into the passage I saw blood pouring from a gash on his head while he was trying to push the front door closed," she said.

'She apparently told them to turn on their sirens and come quickly'

Theana yelled at Thealize to hide as she tried also to push the door shut, trapping one of the attackers' hands in between the door and the wall. "I remember seeing the man pushing the gun into Frans's stomach and I prayed to God that he wouldn't shoot.

"I do not know where I got my strength from but I kept on shoving at the door and hitting the gunman's hand trying to force him to drop the gun," Theana said.

As she lashed out at the gunman's hand the attacker fired. The bullet struck Furstenburg in the jaw then ricocheted off and pierced his cheek.

Hearing the gunshot, Thealize phoned police, pleading for help and telling them to turn on their sirens as her father was dying.

Thealize's aunt, Zelda Britz, said her niece told her later that she had begged police to sound their sirens because she was scared her father was dying.

"She apparently told them to turn on their sirens and come quickly. If it had not been for those words I think they might all have been dead," she said.

Agreeing, Theana said she shuddered to think what would have happened if her daughter had not called the police for help.

"We owe our lives to our angel... She is our hero," she said.

Hospital spokesperson Amber Brown said Furstenburg was recovering in the intensive care unit where he was being kept sedated.

"He is in a stable condition and will undergo an operation to repair the damage the bullet caused to his jaw," she said. Parts of Furstenburg's jaw were shattered by the bullet.

Pretoria police spokesperson Inspector Lucas Sithole confirmed the incident, saying that three men attacked the family, shooting the husband in the face.

He said that a case of attempted murder was being investigated

No arrests have been made.

This article was originally published on page 1 of Pretoria News on March 16, 2007


Thursday, 15 March 2007

Farmer killed in North West

13/03/2007 13:52 - (SA)

Johannesburg - A farmer has been shot dead on his North West farm, SABC news reported on Tuesday.

Police spokesperson Louis Jacobs said Hans Pienaar, 64, left his house on Mooiplaas farm between Schweizer-Reneke and Bloemhof to investigate why his dogs were barking.

"Numerous shots were fired at him. He was hit in the head and back and died on the scene."

His wife, 56, also went out to investigate and was shot and injured.

She got into her car and drove to a neighbour for assistance.

Police were not sure how many attackers were involved. Investigators found spent 9mm cartridges on the scene.


Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Farmer shot, fiancée tortured

A bloodied mirror bears witness to the gruesome murder of Fanus Badenhorst, who was killed on his Jacobsdal farm. (Emile Hendricks, Volksblad)

Farmer shot, fiancée tortured

11/03/2007 22:44 - (SA)

Magdel Fourie, Die Volksblad

Jacobsdal - A young farmer was shot dead at his Free State home on Saturday night, and his partner was tortured by four robbers to reveal the whereabouts of the safe key.

Police spokesperson inspector Loraine Kalp said four men were arrested within 12 hours of the attack in which Fanus Badenhorst, 27, died and his fiancée, Marina Maritz, 33, was beaten and scalded with hot water.

One of the men who shot Badenhorst was a suspected rapist and later committed suicide.

According to inspector Isaac Ntoyi, the town's chief detective, Leon Mahlaba was out on bail while awaiting trial for rape.

He drank poison shortly before being arrested at home on Sunday morning and died later in a Kimberley hospital.

Three other men, all in their early twenties, were arrested on Sunday afternoon, Kalp said.

Badenhorst and Maritz were attacked by the four men late on Saturday night.

A friend, Lourens de Lange, told Volksblad they were all together at his restaurant (Die Vat) in town earlier in the evening.

Baby started crying

When they arrived home, they went to bed, but woke up when their three-month-old baby Anzelle started crying.

Maritz went to attend to the child, and when Badenhorst saw the four attackers in the house, he shouted to her to lock herself and Anzelle in the bedroom, he said.

"Fanus and the men were fighting outside the bedroom door. During the fight Marina phoned the police from inside the bedroom."

Badenhorst was shot in the chest with a pistol during the struggle, and collapsed in the living room.

The attackers then kicked the bedroom door open, tied Maritz up, and tortured her.

To force her to reveal where the key to the safe was, boiling water was thrown over her body and she was repeatedly beaten with a broomstick, De Lange said.

"She begged them to leave her child alone. Luckily Anzelle is alright."

Shortly afterwards, the Jacobsdal police arrived at the scene and fired shots at the fleeing men, said Kalp.

No-one was hit.

Parents got to say farewell

Badenhorst's parents, Faan and Sally, arrived just in time for him to say farewell to them.

They had recently moved into a townhouse that Badenhorst junior had bought for them because he was concerned about their security.

"He was in great pain and just said 'they must come very quickly now'," his distraught mother said.

Badenhorst died at the scene shortly afterwards.

"I am stunned. I can't believe my child is gone.

"He did so much for us and he had so many ideals.

Denise Coetzee of the Kimberley Medi-Clinic, where Maritz is being treated, said she was deeply traumatised, but her condition was stable.

The three men are scheduled to appear in Jacobsdal magistrate's court on Tuesday on charges of murder, attempted murder and armed robbery.


Sunday, 11 March 2007

Men strike as family watches TV

07/03/2007 08:48 - (SA)

Linda de Beer, Beeld

Brits - A family who was overpowered in their farmhouse at Silkaatsnek, had to listen to their attackers cocking their guns at their heads while they were lying tied up.

Jan Bezuidenhout, his wife, Christa, their 14-year-old son Jan-Chris, and his 78-year-old mother, Lena, were watching television at about 20:00 on Monday night when five men entered the room and pointed a gun at them.

"We were taken to the main bedroom and tied up. I gave them the keys to the safe ... We were kicked and slapped from time to time. One must co-operate," said Bezuidenhout, the manager of the Johann Rissik Estate.

The family members' hands and feet were tied with Bezuidenhout's ties. He was dragged to the bathroom, while his wife, mother and son had to remain in the bedroom. The suspects apparently pointed guns at their heads in a playful manner.

They were aggressive

Four firearms, among others a shotgun and hunting rifle, were removed from the safe. One of the robbers fired the shotgun in the study, breaking a window and damaging the desk.

Jan-Chris was dragged to the study where he had to show the robbers which keys belonged to which vehicles. The attackers eventually loaded their loot onto a white one-ton Nissan bakkie and a maroon Ford Bantam bakkie before fleeing.

They took three television sets, a DVD-player, four cellphones, a small amount of money, the firearms and clothing.

"They were busy for a long time. At least two hours. Fortunately we were not shot. They were so aggressive," said Bezuidenhout.

After the robbers had gone, Mrs Bezuidenhout managed to untie her hands and free the rest of the family. They went to a doctor on Tuesday morning, who prescribed tranquilisers against shock. Nobody was seriously injured.

Police spokesperson inspector Erica Roos said the robbers entered the main bedroom by breaking the burglar bars. According to Bezuidenhout they had cut a fence to enter the premises. Nobody has been arrested.


Father shot four times for his cellphone

March 08 2007 at 05:10AM

By Janine du Plessis and Barry Bateman

A man was shot dead at his home in Jan Niemand Park on Tuesday night after three robbers attacked him and his family.

Police said the man, 36, was confronted by three armed men at about 11pm at his house in Jan Coetzee Street. Two men took personal belongings while the other man held the family at gunpoint.

Apparently on their way out of the house they shot the man four times - twice in the back and once in each leg. He later died.

Police spokesperson Inspector Paul Ramaloko said a case of murder had been opened. No arrests have been made.

LifeMed Ambulance Services paramedic Willie Lightfoot said only a cellphone was stolen.

He said the patient had lost a lot of blood by the time they arrived. "We tried to resuscitate him for about 45 minutes but he died on the scene.

"His wife and son were there (and witnessed the traumatic event). Now there is a two-year-old child without a father," said Lightfoot.

This article was originally published on page 2 of Pretoria News on March 08, 2007


Prof tells of traumatic robbery

08/03/2007 11:26 - (SA)

Elsje Neethling, Die Volksblad

Bloemfontein - Professor Leo Barnard, former head of the University of the Free State's history department, and his family were tortured and robbed by three armed men after his daughter's stork party in Secunda.

Barnard, who officially resigned last year, but was still involved with the university, and his wife attended their daughter Arina's stork party. Arina is seven months pregnant.

"After the party three armed robbers walked into the house and held pistols to the heads of my wife Renaldine, our son-in-law, Tobie Visser, and Arina," he said.

"They tied us up on the floor and took electrical appliances worth thousands of rand, my wife and daughter's jewellery, bags and my and Tobie's Mercedes-Benz vehicles."

According to Barnard the robbers were very rough towards them. "They hurt us badly. I was kicked and beaten on my back and arms. It was extremely traumatic."

Barnard said the robbers fled two hours later in the Mercedes vehicles. He then called the police.

"The Secunda police were fantastic. They were at the scene within moments and sent ambulances and counsellors."

Renaldine Barnard said it was a terrible experience and that it would take a long time for them to work through it.

The robbers were later apprehended and the cars were found in a badly damaged condition.

"It was the most traumatic, worst experience of my life. We are okay now, but I don't wish such an experience on my worst enemies," said Barnard from Secunda.


Two arrested for strangling elderly man

March 09 2007 at 01:16PM

Two men have been arrested after a 68-year-old Pietermaritzburg man was stabbed and strangled, police said on Friday.

Superintendent Joshua Gwala said a 23-year-old man had been arrested in Durban's Umlazi township and a 36-year-old man had been arrested in Imbali near Pietermaritzburg on Thursday.

Jack Melvin was found on Wednesday in the lounge of his house with an electrical cord tied around his neck and a big wound on his forehead, believed to have been caused by a sharp object.

Gwala said a post mortem would be held on Friday to determine exactly how Melvin died.

He said preliminary investigations had revealed that the 36-year-old had a week earlier been employed by Melvin to work in his garden.

Police recovered several items taken from Melvin's house, including Melvin's Mazda car, cellphone and a pellet gun. - Sapa


Woman shot and killed at home

March 10 2007 at 08:22AM

Pretoria police were on Saturday searching for two Mozambican men who allegedly murdered a 53-year-old woman, SABC news reported.

Sharon Meikle was shot in the head and died at her home on a smallholding in Rietfontein near Lanseria.

Meikle was killed on Friday after the two men allegedly attacked her and tied up her employee.

The men fled with some personal belongings.

A case of murder and house robbery was being investigated. - Sapa


Tuesday, 6 March 2007

'I asked Jesus to save us'

05/03/2007 10:28 - (SA)

Virginia Keppler, Beeld

Pretoria - A hearing-impaired boy was almost killed on a smallholding in Bashewa near Welbekend after he tried to save his grandmother from an armed robber at the weekend.

His father was also nearly killed when the robber's bullet missed his head by about 3cm.

Ruann Booysen, 10, from Makhado (Louis Trichardt) didn't hear Sandra Franklin, the sister of his grandmother, Joey Pavier, whispering to him to remain behind the cupboard where she had hidden him moments before.

Franklin was hiding behind a chair in her lounge when she saw a robber forcing Ruann to kneel and pointing a gun at him. She took her own gun from her make-up bag and tried to shoot back. "I thought the robber was going to shoot him. I started shooting, but not a single shot went off. I kept pulling the trigger."

He stormed at the robber

The drama started at 20:00 on Friday evening after Pavier's children, Dirk and Santie Booysen, and their daughter Zahnte, had stopped their car on the smallholding.

Frankin had just opened the kitchen door when she saw the robbers holding up the family at their car.

"I ran back into the house and shouted at my sister and husband to lie down."

She then grabbed her make-up bag containing her gun, shoved her sister's grandson Ruann behind a cupboard, and hid behind a couch in the lounge.

An armed robber stormed into the house and forced her husband to lie down on the floor, before stripping the kneeling Pavier of her jewellery. The robber also took cellphones, a laptop computer and keys.

Ruann, who was watching from behind the cupboard, saw the robber repeatedly beating his grandmother against the head with his gun and stormed at the robber.

"I wanted to help my grandmother, but then the robber wanted to shoot me. I asked Jesus not to let anybody die."

Meanwhile, three other suspects had robbed Ruann's parents and sister in their car. Zahnte said a robber pointed a gun at her and took her purse containing R250.

"He grabbed Mom's jewellery and her handbag from between her legs and threw Daddy to the ground. I jumped out of the car and ran into the house," she said.

Inside the house, Franklin's son, Alexander, 23, who was in his bedroom on the second floor, was seen by a robber as he walked down the stairs. He ran back upstairs. That apparently unnerved the robbers, who soon afterwards fled.

While they were running away, one of the robbers fired at Ruann's father, but missed.

Ruann had to see a doctor in Pretoria at the weekend.


Pensioner kicked during farm attack - police
March 05 2007 at 12:08AM

Three prison warders assaulted an 82-year-old woman on a farm in Bultfontein, Free State police said on Sunday.

Superintendent Susan Moseki said the woman was attacked at her Sonerville farm at about 7am on Saturday.

"Berta Greyling was attacked shortly after her husband had left to go visit the doctor," said Moseki.

The three men - warders from the Modderbee Prison - allegedly gained access to the house via the kitchen door and proceeded to kick and punch the elderly woman.

While the assault was taking place, an alarm in the house went off, triggering the attention of a neighbour who then came to investigate.

Moseki said that upon hearing the alarm, the men fled in a Volkswagen Polo Playa.

"The neighbour took the woman to a nearby hospital, where she was later discharged," said Moseki.

Police launched a search for the three, who were arrested on a road in Bultfontein.

"They each face a charge of attempted murder," said Moseki. - Sapa


Sunday, 4 March 2007

Man arrested for stabbing 100-year-old

March 03 2007 at 01:32PM

A man was arrested on Saturday morning wearing the shoes of a 100-year-old man who had been stabbed to death near Richmond in KwaZulu-Natal.

Police spokesperson Superintendent Joshua Gwala said the 25-year-old man was picked up in the village.

The old man, Herbert James Downs, had been found dead on Friday by his domestic and was believed to have been murdered during a break-in to his home on Thursday evening.

Only his television set and a few items of clothing, including his shoes, were taken.

Gwala said that the 25-year-old man appeared to be linked to Downs' murder.

He also said the man in custody had been seriously injured, allegedly during another burglary in the Richmond area, by his intended victim.

Downs' television set and some of his clothes were found in the Bhongoloza informal settlement, outside Richmond, where the suspect lived.

The man is expected to appear in the Richmond magistrate's court on Monday.

Downs, who was a pioneer of Richmond, and known fondly as Bob in the local community - was stabbed three times when four intruders broke into his home at about 9pm on Thursday, the Saturday Star reported.

Downs turned 100 in 2006.

Described as fit and energetic, he had chosen to live alone following the death of his wife four years ago. - Sapa


Double blow for florist's family

01/03/2007 09:16 - (SA)

Elise Tempelhoff, Beeld

Vereeniging - The niece of a well-known florist who was murdered on Tuesday night died of a heart attack shortly after hearing the news of his death.

Daleen Kruger, 53, died in Midvaal Hospital only a few hours after hearing that Willie Slabbert, 58, had been murdered in his home on the farm Zomerlust.

According to her sister, Hettie Venter, Kruger had reacted "very badly" to the news of the murder. Her husband, Japie, gave her a tranquiliser, but had to rush her to hospital when she collapsed.

"We are a very close-knit family and Willie grew up with us.

"My sister's death is a direct result of Willie's murder," Venter said on Wednesday.

She said her brother, Theuns de Lange, 49, became a quadriplegic after he was shot in the neck and back during a hijacking in Qwa-Qwa in 1999.

'Senseless murder'

Slabbert had been well-known as a florist in the area for more than twenty years. He organised weddings and other functions on his farm outside the city.

Charmaine Humphrey, one of Slabbert's neighbours, said the "senseless" murder of somebody with a good heart, had shocked the community.

She said friends of Slabbert, who wanted to have a function in his hall, found his body.

Humphrey said she and her husband, Ray, then rushed to Slabbert's house and found his bloodied body on the kitchen floor.

"It was terrible. His head was covered in blood."

Slabbert, who lived alone on the farm, was apparently hit over the head with a hammer and repeatedly stabbed with a knife. His was still wearing his watch and his glasses and cellphone were found next to him.

Slabbert's children, Hennie Slabbert and Jani Barnard, searched for documents at his flower shop, Mr Florist, in Voortrekker Road on Wednesday. They phoned his clients to cancel appointments and orders.

Police spokesperson inspector Trudie Wilken said robbers fled in Slabbert's Bantam bakkie. The police later found the bakkie, which had been overturned, between Vereeniging and Meyerton.


Oorlogskind - War Child

Speeltuin by Marco Borsato

Please watch this video called "Speeltuin" (Playground) by Marco Borsato which was written for War Child. (English translation included)
(If you cannot see the embeded video, click on the link below to watch the video)


The single word in red that appears on the cross on Brent Hiscock's grave in Pretoria East cemetery says it all. Brent's mother, Barbara, says she chose this simple epitaph to express her heartache.
Brent was shot dead at his parents' plot at Zwavelpoort near Pretoria, on New Year's Eve.,,2-7-1442_2067684,00.html

‘My seun is doodgemartel’
In ’n halfuur lange marteling het moordenaars die 21-jarige Ruan Ferreira in sy kantoor oorval en hom teen die muur gegooi.Toe het hulle ’n bottel petrol byna leeg gemaak op hom, ’n vuurhoutjie getrek en hom aan die brand gesteek ...,7718,752-795_2064105,00.html

Family terrorised in smallholding attack
A Pretoria family was bound and gagged by thugs posing as police officers and endured more than an hour of terror as the gunmen ransacked their luxury home on a smallholding east of the city.The attackers, who were armed with an assortment of weapons including rifles, attacked the Van Rensburg family as they were preparing for bed on Saturday night at their Willow Glen home.
"They began threatening to rape Liana and my daughter and I screamed at them to shoot me instead. I pleaded with them to leave them alone," he said.
Running into the kitchen, two of the men grabbed his wife Liana before attacking their 14-year-old daughter, who the couple asked not to be named.

Dad dies to keep family safe
"Darling, they've shot me. I can't hold the door closed any longer," said Willem Smit before giving a mighty shove and locking three robbers away from his family.Smit, 41, of Acasia, north of Pretoria, was shot through the kitchen door on their smallholding in Heatherdale in front of his wife, Magda, 44, and their 13-year-old son, Steven, on Saturday night, reported Beeld on Tuesday.

Onslaught against the Peoples of SA

(If you cannot see the embeded video, click on the link below to watch the video)

'I'll never see my child again'

Johannesburg - "I will never see my little curly tops again."A distraught Diederick Esterhuizen, 36, couldn't fight back the tears as he recalled how a gang of robbers had murdered his five-year-old daughter, Danielle, on Wednesday evening.,,2-7-1442_2047886,00.html

'Shut the kids up, or we shoot'
Pretoria - It was going to be a special Friday evening, with dinner at a restaurant for the grandchildren.But four robbers were waiting in the driveway for the family from Rooihuiskraal, near Pretoria.
Six-year-old Amor Armstrong pleaded with the robber who held a gun to her head: "Please don't shoot me."
Her four-year-old sister Bernice, who had started crying, was kicked in the back by another man, and went "sailing over the ground".,,2-7-1442_2043540,00.html

Teen relives dad's slaying in botched robbery
A senior Pick 'n Pay manager was shot and killed in his Lynnwood Ridge home during an apparent botched robbery an event witnessed by his 14-year-old son.Wayne Els, 37, died in the early morning hours at the Wilgers Hospital after two bags of blood could not get his heart pumping on its own again.

'They picked me up by the ears'

Pretoria - "They picked me up by the ears, kicked me in the legs and hit me once in the face."They then aimed a gun at me, but I was not afraid and did not cry. I kept hoping that my sister wouldn't arrive home, because they might hurt her."
These were the words of Zaan Sonnekus, 8, from Elardus Park, Pretoria, who, along with his brother, Duvall, 5 months, and two domestic workers, Maria Seshabela and Jannet Mphalela, and Seshabela's daughter, Kenzani, 2, were overpowered, assaulted and robbed by three robbers armed with firearms and a knife on Monday afternoon.,,2-7-1442_2021403,00.html

Heroic dad recounts horrors of home invasion
A Pretoria father, shot in the face and stabbed several times in the back and neck, repeatedly fought off two thugs trying to rape his 12-year-old daughter and murder his six-year-old son.Describing the horror attack, which lasted 30 minutes, Chris Herbst said on Wednesday that he was asleep in bed with his pregnant wife during the early hours of Monday when his family were attacked in their Elardus Park home.

Self geskiet 8 jaar ná hy pa se moord sien
Agt jaar nadat hy as klein kind moes toekyk hoe ro­wers sy pa in hul ouerhuis vermoor het, is ’n 14-jarige Gautengse seun eergisteraand in dieselfde huis deur rowers geskiet.

'They've hurt my daddy'
Johannesburg - Moments after his father was shot dead execution-style next to him in their new bakkie, his three-year-old son ran to neighbours to get help."They've hurt my daddy," he told a neighbour.
Steven John Lindsay, 32, was probably already dead next to his bakkie.,,2-7-1442_2001156,00.html

Four suspects held for girl's murder
Four suspects have been arrested in connection with the murder of eight-year-old Janine Rooi of Eersterus.The four men, aged 25, 27, 29 and 30, were arrested yesterday morning in Eersterus. Janine went missing over a week ago. Her body was discovered on a hilltop on Saturday evening.

'Samson' fights off eight robbers
Pretoria - Just like Samson in the Bible - is how Wian, five, describes his father's courage in standing up to eight robbers and protecting his family. Gerhard Venter, 38, of Kameeldrift, wife Anita and their sons, Hardus, 10, and Wian arrived home just after 20:00 on Monday.
Anita went to the garage to put a load of washing in the tumbledrier and Venter and the boys started walking towards the house.
The robbers were waiting for them.
When he reached the front door to unlock it, the robbers fired their first shots.
Venter pushed his boys behind him as a robber pointed a pistol at him.
Venter said: "After the first shot was fired and I saw the boys and I were still standing, I decided I wasn't giving up without a fight."
He grabbed the robber's firearm and hit him with his fist. The other robbers circled him and one of them jumped on his back. They all started fighting.
"We fell into the garden. Some of them rolled away and one of them called the man holding my wife."
The man came closer, cocked his 9mm pistol and pulled the trigger - but nothing happened.
Venter said: "He tried this several times, and every time I heard a clicking noise, but there were no shots.
"When he got to me, he just said, 'Hau'."
The robbers decided there and then to give up the fight and fled, flattening the Venters' fence as they escaped. Police later found some of the bullets.
Venter said: "I've always thought that if I should die through a violent act, I would do it fighting and wouldn't get down on my knees.
'It was a miracle'
"You can steal my possessions, but you don't touch my wife and children.
"I can build other furniture, but I won't get such a wife and children again.
"There's a God who looks after His children. It was a miracle.",6119,2-7-1442_1998288,00.html

Now robbers target primary school pupils
A spate of armed robberies on primary school children at schools in Table View and Milnerton has sparked an emergency meeting between headmasters and law enforcement agencies.Some schools have sent out urgent warning letters to parents, suggesting they take special care.
A deputy headmaster, who preferred not to be named, said the robberies of defenceless children showed that criminals would stop at nothing.
"One of our primary school children had a gun held to his throat and had his watch and pocket money stolen, while in another incident a mere 100m from our school, two men accosted and robbed another of our primary school children.

Redemption beckons from depths of this hell
PUNISHMENT: The boy whose rape Gayton McKenzie witnessed should never have been in the cell where he was attacked. But in prisons like this, ‘the warders take care of that; they know what to do to keep the prisoners happy’, says McKenzie
‘He tries to fight, so they hit him. His resistance stops abruptly when one grabs the back of his head and smashes his face into the steel bars’A few days later, Wimpie, a white boy who was dabbling with dagga, is put in our cell. I don’t know how old he really is, perhaps 16 or more, but he looks no older than 14, with skinny arms and short, spiky-crowned, brown hair.
The 28 gang give him a chocolate bar in the morning and it’s obvious what his eating of it preludes. Still, it is strange how even the minds of paedophilic rapists seem to demand some sort of mechanism by which they can excuse their crimes. They’ve given him a chocolate bar and they are going to enjoy having him repay the kindness.
It isn’t meant for Wimpie to be spending the evening in a cell full of libido-possessed 28s, but the warders took care of that. They know what to do to keep the prisoners happy.
The night it happens, I am in a cell with 80 men. What I am about to witness will make ridiculous the notion that someone can be safer in a crowd.
Three-quarters of the men do not want to be part of this, or they are excluded. The other 20, they know one another, and begin the sick game with the boy. He is cocky and tells them to leave him alone.
He tries to fight, and so they hit him. His resistance stops abruptly when one grabs the back of his head and smashes his face into the steel bars ...
The boy has been in prison for weeks now, but this is his first moment of true captivity.
The 20 take it in turns to rape him. It goes on for more than eight hours, almost the whole night. The boy does everything he can, in his pathetic, limited range of action, to try to deter them, but he is ignored. He screams, he cries, he begs, he tries to bargain, he prays.

Boy shot dead, brother wounded, in robbery
A nine-year-old boy was shot dead in Centurion and his brother wounded when robbers tried to break into their house on Saturday morning, Pretoria police reported.Inspector Katlego Mogale said the boy, his 47-year-old mother and 11-year-old brother were awakened by noises as two men tried to break into the house using crowbars at 3.30am.
When the men realised people were awake, they fired a shot through the door and it hit the younger boy in the neck, fatally wounding him, said Mogale.
She said the bullet also hit the boy's brother in the stomach and he was later taken to hospital where he underwent an emergency operation.

2 seuns, meisie aan Oos-Rand verkrag
Twee tienerseuns is glo gesodomiseer en ’n 18-jarige meisie dieselfde dag in ’n onverwante voorval aan die Oos-Rand verkrag.,,3-975_1981148,00.html

New South Africans Rob Family while Child Lies Dead After Car Accident

'My God, they have shot my boy...'
A visit to inspect a property for sale turned into a nightmare for a mother when she saw her only child shot by hijackers.

Robbers drip hot plastic on boy
Swartruggens - A North West woman has told how armed men attacked and tortured her family, pouring boiling hot water on her husband and slashing open his forehead - afterwards strangling him using a shoelace.
"It feels unreal. I won't ever be able to return home."
Daleen Pieters, 33 and her husband, Frans, 44, were attacked in their home on their smallholding just outside Swartruggens while her children, Gideon, 10 and Anuscka, 3, watched.Pieters, a mineworker, had a prosthetic leg.
Daleen Pieters said: "They kicked open the front door at 21:15 while I was watching television. My husband and children were asleep. The robbers immediately attacked me with a knife."
'I don't know if they stabbed him'
They cut her leg to the bone in two places, went to fetch her husband and children and tied up all of them in the television room.
"They melted a plastic bag and dripped the melting plastic on my son. They battered his nose and his eye is black and blue. They hit my little girl once."
She said one of the men pushed the barrel of a 9mm pistol into her mouth and blindfolded and gagged all of them.
"They tortured my husband first before they killed him. I don't know if they also stabbed him."
The men tortured the family from just after 21:00 until 01:00.,,2-7-1442_1967648,00.html

Pupils: Robbers were 'visitors'
Johannesburg - Grade 11 pupils at a suburban school had to receive counselling on Tuesday after a gang of robbers entered their biology class, put a gun to the teacher's head and robbed them of cellphones, watches and cash on Monday.,,2-7-1442_1922542,00.html

Primary school kids robbed on bus
Pretoria - A group of pupils, some of them primary school kids, have been robbed on a municipal bus in Pretoria.The children - most of them from Stephanus Roos primary school in Sinoville - had just boarded the bus and were on their way home.
Those on the upper deck were confronted by two men.
One of them prevented the kids from going down to alert the driver, while the other forced the children to hand over their cellphones.
Ancabe Krebs, 13, saw that the one robber's jacket wasn't buttoned up.
"I could see a gun.
"He took it out and asked one of the children for his cellphone."
A boy who said he didn't have a phone was hit in the face with the firearm.
"In future, I'll sit on the lower deck of the bus," she said.
Bentie Rademan also warned her daughter Rocehelle, 10, not to sit on the upper deck in the bus in future.
Rochelle did not have her cellphone with her.
"I heard a sound like the flick of a lighter and then saw the weapon against the boy's head.
"However, there was no magazine in the weapon - only a gaping hole.
Hanu Krause, 9, said he wasn't too afraid because he was convinced that the Lord would watch over them.
"Most of the children cried when they got of the bus.
After robbing the kids, the two men casually got off the bus and sauntered away.,,2-7-1442_1952913,00.html

Farmer killed holding his baby
Polokwane - A farmer was shot in cold blood in front of his six-month-old baby daughter and his girlfriend's six-year-old son in one of two farm murders in Limpopo at the weekend.,,2-7-1442_1838196,00.html

'McGyver' boy outwits attackers
Makhado - As brave as TV-series hero McGyver - that's how Limpopo police have described a teenager who narrowly escaped death in a farm attack on Thursday.
"He reminds one of McGyver on TV."On Thursday morning, 15-year-old Frits du Toit freed himself from the ropes that bound him, seconds before the fuel with which he had been doused ignited.
He then jumped through the window to flee his attackers and sped to town on a motorbike.,,2-7-1442_1737932,00.html

Bullet hits farmer, daughter
Heilbron - A farmer was paralysed by an attacker's bullet that also hit his three-year-old daughter in the stomach.Juan van Rooyen, 32, his wife Renette and their two children, Anri and Janus, 4, were driving towards their farm on Saturday evening when Juan stopped at an intersection to speak to a farmworker.
A shot was fired, hitting Van Rooyen in the back. The same bullet hit Anri in the stomach.,,2-7-1442_1620927,00.html

Speeltuin by Marco Borsato

Here is the song "Speeltuin" by Marco Borsato again, this time with the War Child video.
(If you cannot see the embeded video, click on the link below to watch the video)
Speeltuin - deur Marco Borsato