Sunday, 25 March 2007

'He thought his mom was dead'

22/03/2007 09:12 - (SA)

Naranda Nell, Beeld

Nelspruit - A two-year-old boy who ran about a kilometre to get help for his wounded mother, eventually found peace of mind after seeing her safely in hospital.

"Joshua saw his mother on Tuesday for the first time after the incident," said his uncle, Nicholas Hulley-Miller. "He is still very confused and was under the impression that she was dead, even though we had tried to put his mind at ease."

Meanwhile Louise Hulley-Miller, 25, was recuperating in the Nelspruit Medi-Clinic and might be transferred from the high care unit to an ordinary ward on Friday.

Her husband, Matthew Hulley-Miller jun said they had obtained permission from the hospital to take Joshua to see his mother, although it might have upset him to see her linked to so many machines and ventilators.

He is satisfied

"At last Joshua is satisfied," said his uncle.

Matthew Hulley-Miller was on the Botswana border at the time of the incident last Friday. His wife on Tuesday told him for the first time how four attackers had stormed into the house and started shooting at her. They insisted on money and again opened fire on her. She had no chance to fight back.

"They apparently held a gun to her head and ordered her to look down to prevent her from identifying them later," said her husband. "They were not wearing masks."

After they had shot her, the attackers remained in the house for a long time to steal valuables.

According to Matthew his wife helped Joshua to climb through a 1,5m high window to find help. He ran to his grandparents' house.

Joshua, his father and sister, Lauren (16 months) were currently living with the boy's grandparents on the farm.

"It is difficult to sleep in the room where Louise was shot. If she doesn't want to live on the farm any more we will definitely move," he said. "She will also receive counselling once she is discharged."

Joshua's heroic deed touched a group of South Africans who are living overseas and running a website about conditions here. They wanted to give him a present, said Ingrid Hurrell Langley, a member of this group.


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