Sunday, 11 March 2007

Men strike as family watches TV

07/03/2007 08:48 - (SA)

Linda de Beer, Beeld

Brits - A family who was overpowered in their farmhouse at Silkaatsnek, had to listen to their attackers cocking their guns at their heads while they were lying tied up.

Jan Bezuidenhout, his wife, Christa, their 14-year-old son Jan-Chris, and his 78-year-old mother, Lena, were watching television at about 20:00 on Monday night when five men entered the room and pointed a gun at them.

"We were taken to the main bedroom and tied up. I gave them the keys to the safe ... We were kicked and slapped from time to time. One must co-operate," said Bezuidenhout, the manager of the Johann Rissik Estate.

The family members' hands and feet were tied with Bezuidenhout's ties. He was dragged to the bathroom, while his wife, mother and son had to remain in the bedroom. The suspects apparently pointed guns at their heads in a playful manner.

They were aggressive

Four firearms, among others a shotgun and hunting rifle, were removed from the safe. One of the robbers fired the shotgun in the study, breaking a window and damaging the desk.

Jan-Chris was dragged to the study where he had to show the robbers which keys belonged to which vehicles. The attackers eventually loaded their loot onto a white one-ton Nissan bakkie and a maroon Ford Bantam bakkie before fleeing.

They took three television sets, a DVD-player, four cellphones, a small amount of money, the firearms and clothing.

"They were busy for a long time. At least two hours. Fortunately we were not shot. They were so aggressive," said Bezuidenhout.

After the robbers had gone, Mrs Bezuidenhout managed to untie her hands and free the rest of the family. They went to a doctor on Tuesday morning, who prescribed tranquilisers against shock. Nobody was seriously injured.

Police spokesperson inspector Erica Roos said the robbers entered the main bedroom by breaking the burglar bars. According to Bezuidenhout they had cut a fence to enter the premises. Nobody has been arrested.


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