Saturday, 28 April 2007

Die Suidlanders Inligting DVD Januarie 2007 (Afrikaans)

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The Jews have occupied Palestine for only 60 years the Afrikaner inhabits South Africa for 360 years just as the Americans, Australians and New Zealanders have been master in their nations.
Only the Afrikaner are vilified and forced to hand over all that was so humbly and justly achieved having never enslaved or placed bounties on human life.

How is it possible that Israel is recognised by most nations around the world?

Why is Israel not dismantled, Why are the palestinians still disenfranchised and worse murdered like South Africa NEVER DID to the Bantu Nations?
Most whites who supported the communist terrorists were, Jewish, such as Kasrils, Slovo, Goldreich, Bernstein, Wolpe, Kantor, Goldberg, Hepple and others.
But equal conspirators on the neo-conservative side of the ‘coin’ did far worse due to their financial and political power. Such as the Rockefellers, Oppenheimers and many more all of who were sheltered by their ignorant hosts whilst the fortunes they acquired were used to support the terrorist A.N.C. and at the same time supporting their beloved Zionists in Palestine, helping to ensure the Ignorant Gentile never again finds the means or will to usurp their power and supremacism.
One could never forget Jew Henry Alfred Kissinger who pressured Rhodesia's Prime Minister Ian Smith to hasten the transition to black majority rule, Smith stated that he thought Kissinger was asking him to sign Rhodesia's "death certificate".
Rhodesia transitioned to black-ruled Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe since 1980. Ten years later South Africa followed suit.
East Timor Action Network (ETAN) activists have repeatedly sought to question Kissinger during his book tours for his role in supporting the Indonesian occupation and genocide of the Timorese in 1975.
Kissinger was meeting regularly with President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney to offer advice on the War against Iraq.
Kissinger confirmed in recorded interviews with Woodward that the advice was the same as he had given in an August 12, 2005 column in the Washington Post:
"Victory over the insurgency is the only meaningful exit strategy."
Israel’s existence is at stake and once the generation that was deported under National Socialist Europe has passed away, there will be no more “Holocaust” excuse for the clear and depraved double standards. Israel without American assistance will not last a single day.
Today Ronnie Kasrils admits that what is happening to innocent Palestinians is far, far worse than what Apartheid did to the Bantu in South Africa.
David Cole and Tanya Reinhart are but a few Jews who do not support this hypocrisy.
View: The Apartheid Comparison

The World is unanimous in its hatred of America, but ignorance keeps Americans from realising that the Judeo-Zionist stranglehold on the political, educational and cultural forces is what keeps America from being the Just and Righteous Nation that it could be for the World.

Money is what drives politicians like De Klerk, Clinton and others to Betray their Wives, Children, Family and Countrymen.

Incorruptible leaders like Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln or Hendrik Verwoerd had to be murdered in order to stop their rational & popular leadership.
For News and Information from a White Perspective visit:

You will find links to official Government sites from Majority White Homelands.

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