Sunday, 17 June 2007

Revolutions eat their children

By Albert Brenner

June 16, 2007 12:41 PM EST

Revolutions eat their children; ask Robespierre, Trotsky and Liberia's Charles Taylor. And South Africa is certainly no exception. The lust for more power and money brings even the most self-righteous to a fall. Yesterday's terrorist is today's freedom fighter, and tomorrow’s dictator. It was never really about democracy and human rights….just unadulterated power! All the handshakes applauded and accolades bestowed on the lawns of the White House - all in vain. Alas, just another sorry saga in Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton’s feel-good biographies.

The current public service strike in South Africa bears all the hallmarks of just another run-of-the-mill ethnic African power struggle. Amidst the trashed ICUs of the state hospitals, the closed shops and schoolchildren wandering aimlessly through streets overflowing with rubbish, the established elite (Xhosa President Mbeki and his cronies) are desperately trying to protect their ill-gotten gains while their main rival, Jacob Zuma (the Zulu deputy leader of Mandela’s ANC) has rallied the all-powerful trade union COSATU, the anachronistic South African Communist Party, the Brown Shirt ANC Youth League and the poor masses to his ‘noble’ cause to lead the country to Afrolantis.

These erstwhile champions of 21-century postmodern liberal idealism are now engaged in a cut-throat struggle to claim their self-allotted pieces of the South African pie – the last First World country on the African continent. As one very senior member of Mandela’s party so brazenly admitted; "I didn’t get into the struggle to be poor!" It started with the murderous Winnie Mandela and continued with 'liberation heroes' like Alan Boesak and Tony Yengeni, both now convicted criminals. And it has only taken 13 years for the predictable revolutionary rot to have reached the very foundations of the self-entitlement movement (the ANC/COSATU/SACP alliance). But then, who can blame the less satiated? The obese Black Economic Empowerment ex-USSR comrades (Cyril Ramaphosa, Tokyo Sexwale, etc) just can’t get their fill, and the crumbs falling of the Affirmative Action table only aggravate the insatiable appetite of the power-hungry and have-nots.

This is Africa, so why be clement when there is a very real possibility of having the whole pie – all to yourself! Face it, South Africa is a de facto one-party state; Africa at its ignoble best! So you play the disillusioned masses, like Zuma, the unions and the ANC Youth League are doing, by promising them all they’ve ever seen on TV (e.g. rich farms, easy jobs, wagonloads of money), till the gout-ridden powers that be are forced to invite you to share in their feast lest you threaten the status quo that sustains their lordship over all they survey.

But, unfortunately, the pie is only so big! The civil service, corporate boards, media and town names have all been Africanized. The so-called 'Black Diamonds' (middle-class blacks) are nothing but debt-ridden dismally incompetent feel-good replacements for the qualified pale males who were forced to vacate their jobs in order to vindicate the sensibilities of those who claim to have conquered the eternal moral high-ground. The Rule of Law has broken down and the skills capacity to sustain a knowledge-driven economy has all but ceased in the economic powerhouse of Africa…..the only real hope for an African Renaissance! So what is left to devour? Not much I’m afraid - and heaven forbid when you lose a preciously creamy bit, like Helen Zille’s Cape Town. No real new sustainable jobs have being created, unofficial unemployment stands at 40% and the existing wealth has been hijacked by the obligatory greed and corruption that characterizes the post-colonial African mindset.

Tokyo Sexwale, Black Economic Empowerment multi-billionaire and presidential candidate, recently bought his wife a brand-new LearJet for Valentines Day. President Mbeki, Mandela’s chosen successor, approved a 57% pay raise for himself and his honoured inner circle, while giving his 'lowly' minions only 6%. The have-not illiterate masses are seething because they have to stand in the ever-lengthening queue of promises unfulfilled. Zuma’s Zulus are sharpening their traditional spears, the Cape Coloureds, shunned by Mandela’s Xhosas for not being black enough, have become drug-addicted gangsters and more than a million skilled whites have left the country since 1992 – that fateful day when they voluntarily placed their future in hands of the Great African Unknown…at the behest of the liberal West.

Alas, Darwin has become the master of ceremonies at the Iron Age feast that will devour the last morsel of civility in Mandelatopia. The gloves have come off, the buffet for anarchy is set and there will be no Queensbury Rules when the battle-cry 'We demand our piece of the pie!' makes South Africa just another sorry footnote on the endless list of post-colonial African losers. Yawn….so bloody boring!

Source:The Conservative Voice
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