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Mom gone, so family packs bags

July 06 2007 at 02:16PM

Knowing that the killers of their mother and wife are still on the loose is what is driving the Saaiman family to emigrate.

Zelda Saaiman, 49, a housewife, was gunned down in the garage of her Brooklyn home on August 24, 2006.

The killers fled the family's Marais Street home with only Saaiman's handbag.

The Saaiman family believe that the police's inability to catch the killers and their "unwillingness" to keep them informed of what is happening with the case is withholding them from getting closure and moving on with their lives.

'It is really difficult for the children'

Saaiman's husband Gert said their children Bianca, 20, Gert junior, 18, and Jessica, 15, were battling to come to terms with what had happened.

"It is really difficult for the children. They find it hard to understand why the killers have not been caught and why the police seem to be ignoring us," said Saaiman.

He was in Mozambique on business when his wife was killed.

Gert Saaiman said the police had not come back to the family since his wife's murder. "We have had absolutely no feed back from the police. No one has come back to tell us what is happening with the case."

His children were suffering knowing that the killers were still on the loose," said Saaiman.

His family would only start getting closure and be able to move on with their lives once the killers were arrested and taken off the street, he said.

The murder had shown him that there was no future for his children in South Africa, he said.

"We are making plans to leave the country," he said.

Bianca said it was terrible not having justice served. "It makes my mom's murder even more difficult to deal with. We want these men caught so that no one else has to lose a mom or a dad," she said.

Her mother was like a best friend to them, she said. "She was like an older sister. She was always there for us. She would always make time for us."

Police spokesperson Captain Lucas Sithole said no arrests had been made. "The investigation is continuing."

This article was originally published on page 4 of Pretoria News on July 06, 2007


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