Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Robber grabbed key from boy

11/07/2007 09:46 - (SA)

Alet van Zyl , Beeld

Heidelberg - A 12-year old boy was stabbed at least 11 times with a knife inside his parents' house by a robber who had apparently grabbed the security gate key from him from outside.

Philip Roos and his sister were at home alone in Jordaanpark at about 10:00 on Tuesday.

He was stabbed at least seven times in the chest, three times in the back and once in the head. He was airlifted to Netcare Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg, and was in critical condition on Tuesday evening.

The robber apparently fled with a DVD-player and the house keys.

A resident in the neighbourhood, who drove past the house shortly after the attack, saw the bleeding boy on the pavement in front of the house.

Philip told her the robber had hammered on the door asking for food. He told her that his dad had warned him never to open the door to strangers, "but the robber didn't want to stop".

It seemed Philip wanted to open the front door, knowing the security gate was locked. The robber apparently grabbed the key from his hand, unlocked the gate and entered the house.

After the robber had fled with his loot, Philip apparently realised he would have to go outside for somebody to notice him.

Neighbour Hannes Fourie, who arrived at the scene soon afterwards, said something like a "doll's dress" was hanging around Philip's neck and that he might have been strangled with it.

"There were blood marks on the walls where he'd clung to it," said Fourie.

"Auntie, we were attacked. He (the robber) stabbed me in the heart," Philip told the woman who found him. "He asked us to stay with him because he was dying," she said. "He kept saying his sister had been kidnapped," she said.

Neighbours searched for the sister inside the house and found her after she'd appeared from her hiding place. Although her exact age wasn't known, she seemed to be about seven years old.

"She didn't want to talk. We asked her if the robber had touched her, but she said said no."

"I think she saw everything until the robber started to strangle her brother," said the woman.


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