Sunday, 29 July 2007

'We have pledged ourselves to kill whites'

July 24 2007 at 12:33PM

By Jade Witten

A DVD claiming the death of Nelson Mandela will increase racial tension in the country and spark violence, is doing the rounds while similar SMSes and emails are also being circulated.

Police are appealing to the public not to panic, saying they are aware of the matter and that it is under control.

In the latest incident, a 40-year-old Cape Town farming couple received a DVD in the post.

'I am not racist'

The Philippi farmers, Linda and husband Geoff Mohr, have been farming all their lives and have never received any threats or material of this nature before, she said.

The couple employs 20 people on their 45 hectare farm, where they farm pigs, cows and horses.

Mohr is very upset that this DVD was sent to her.

"Why me? Where did they get my name and address from?" she said.

The only reference to the origin of the DVD is the Pretoria stamp on the envelope in which it was packaged and one word "Suidlanders" written in pen on the disc.

"Suidlanders" refers to a far right-wing group with links to the Boeremag.

Mohr was "completely startled" when she watched the DVD.

"This tape takes me back to the apartheid era. I could understand if it was sent prior to 1994.

"I don't believe that this is happening in this day and age," she said.

Mohr added that the footage was offensive. Freedom fighters are filmed singing and subtitles are included.

"Go safely (Mkhonto), we sizwe, we the members of the MK have pledged ourselves to kill the AMA-Bhulu (whites)," they sing on the dvd.

"I am not racist. I am disgusted, horrified that this is still going on in our country," Mohr said.

She added that meeting Mandela was a highlight that she would treasure all her life.

Mohr is considering taking action but has not yet lodged a complaint with the police.

She is concerned that if the material lands in the wrong hands it could fuel mass paranoia.

The Cape Argus is in possession of the DVD which appears to have been compiled by a professional. It is neatly edited with bits of archive material complete with voiceovers.

National police director Sally De Beer said the police were aware of the "malicious" DVD, SMSs and emails doing the rounds in the country.

She said police were monitoring the situation and the "Suidlanders".

"They want to raise panic among South Africans.

"Twenty-one of their members are on trial for terrorism and sabotage," De Beer added.

She assured the public that the police were keeping an eye on the group and would not hesitate to act.

This article was originally published on page 5 of Cape Argus on July 24, 2007


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