Wednesday, 1 August 2007

'I only held the hammer'

August 01 2007 at 06:54AM

A Hammanskraal man on Tuesday told the Pretoria High Court that his fingerprints were on the hammer that was used to batter an elderly couple to death because his co-accused had asked him to hold it while he ransacked the house.

Michael Maluleka, 34, and Peter Raseboka, 31, of Winterveld, pleaded not guilty to murdering Helgard and Magdalena Brink on July 10 2005 in their Akasia home.

According to the State, both were attacked in their beds while sleeping. The woman's body was found in her bed while the attack on her husband, who tried to get away after being hit, was continued in the living room.

Both died due to brain injuries.

'He told me they had been cheating him for too long'

Maluleka blamed his co-accused for the murders. He said he met Raseboka at the Pretoria Academic hospital and his co-accused invited him to go with him to his employer's home.

It was late at night and Maluleka said he was surprised when they had to climb over the gate.

His friend, however, told him his employer had the keys.

Once inside the yard he had to wait for Raseboka, who later returned and told him they could now enter the house. He said he was even more surprised when they had to climb through a window, but his friend explained that his employer was asleep and he did not want to wake him.

Once inside the house, he said he saw a man asleep on a couch with a little dog beside him. The dog saw them and started moving and the man opened his eyes. Maluleka said Raseboka then produced a hammer and hit the man twice on the head.

According to him the man fell back on the couch. He said that at the same time a woman came running out of the bedroom and Raseboka also hit her with the hammer. He said the woman ran into the bathroom.

Maluleka said his friend removed his gloves after giving him the hammer to hold. "He told me to hold it while he looked for money. He told me they had been cheating him for too long," Maluleka said.

When they left the house his co-accused left the hammer in the room. Maluleka said if he knew two people were going to be killed, he would never have accompanied his friend. - Zelda Venter

This article was originally published on page 2 of Pretoria News on August 01, 2007


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