Tuesday, 28 August 2007

'Mommy, mommy, daddy is dead'

Baldwin Ndaba

August 28 2007 at 08:44AM

For R200 and a couple of rings, Justin Browne died in a pool of blood in his home in front of his young children.

Browne, a general manager for the event company Strike Productions, died after assailants slit his throat in his Northwold, Randburg, house on Saturday night.

According to Geordie, Justin's wife, the family were in their bedroom when their dogs started barking.

Geordie and Justin went to investigate but were confronted by two armed men. "One had a gun and another a knife. The one carrying a knife confronted me while the other went for Justin. They pushed us back into the bedroom," Geordie recalled.

The couple tried to shield their children from the attackers, who demanded guns, jewellery and money.

The attackers also took Geordie's wedding and engagement rings off her fingers.

She said the assailants tied them up and again demanded guns from them. As they did this, Justin told her that he loved her and then kissed her.

"You are a police officer - where is your gun? Our tip told us you have a gun. Where is the (Toyota Corolla) RSi," Geordie recalled the men saying.

Two more armed men arrived and they started loading a plasma-screen TV and computers into their car, an Audi A4.

They then took R200 from her purse and removed her husband's wedding ring.

Geordie managed to free herself and ran to another room to press a panic button.

It was only later that she realised she had been shot in an arm during her escape attempt. While she was in the room, her two children, Daniella ,7, and Robin ,4, came running to her shouting "Mommy, mommy, daddy is dead".

She didn't believe her children and called a friend, a nurse, who rushed to her home and attempted to resuscitate her husband, whose throat had been slit.

Geordie said later: "I cannot leave this country. I am not going to use this as a scapegoat. I will rely on God's strength."


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