Thursday, 30 August 2007

'Now I know what it feels like'

30/08/2007 07:09 - (SA)

Anel Naude

Cape Town - "I have done so many stories on people who were attacked and robbed on farms, but I only now fully understand what they went through."

Estee Booyens, editor of Cape Son's sister publication, Son Noord, said this after she had a close call on Wednesday morning.

Hours after an armed attack on her and her photographer husband, she could still recall the bullet brushing past her face.

It was the second shot - the first went into her pillow.

They woke up at 01:30 when a man tried to kill them on their smallholding in Muldersdrift.

An angry Booyens said the following day from her office: "David immediately jumped over me and hit the man unconscious with one blow through the window."

But there was a second attacker.

"I jumped up. In the process, the second shot missed me by inches," said Booyens.

In the kitchen, she threw plates, cups and bowls at the second attacker, trying to prevent him from entering through the glass doors.

The police told her that it probably created the impression that she was shooting at the intruder.

"David and I felt safest in the kitchen. It was very dark in there. He asked me all the time whether I was okay. When I touched his hand, I could feel it was wet."

"I realised that he was bleeding heavily. We were trapped in the kitchen and there was no chance of escape."

Booyens called the police and their tenants. The tenants' son had to guide the police, who lost their way, to the smallholding. He waited for them along the road and gave them directions.

Superintendent Thembi Nkhwashu, spokesperson for police in Gauteng, said the police first react to incidents where people are injured. She undertook to investigate this incident.



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

shame, if i look at how cruel the whites were to the blacks, i really can't blame them for what they are doing now.they're taking revenge!I would've too if i were in there shoes! how could anyone forget how ungodly, disgusting, and racist apartheid was.lots of blacks are still suffering today!
just is being served, take your punishment, its only payback,England

Unknown said...

Sjoe, I do not believe that there is a “secret genocide being committed against the white minority of South Africa.”
If ever you found out what happened in any township over the weekend especially you will realize that the crimes committed there are worse in frequency and intensity.
Afrikaans newspapers like Beeld and Rapport just do not report on it as it is not of interest to their readers. That may create fear of this imagined “genocide” as headlines and street posters conditions negativity by constantly voicing white fear. I love South Africa. Having lived in America and travelling extensively I know it is true that I would never be happier than in Africa. It may not be for sissies… but it is alive, wild and free. Those whose blood is not rushing to live the best life - and to embrace the fertile grounds of differences to be made here – should not. We do not need negativity. That is what I think Rudi.
with respect, Anél Naudé – the author of this article.