Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Singer shocked by 2 attacks

20/08/2007 09:20 - (SA)

Virginia Keppler, Beeld

Pretoria - A man was shot dead and another one critically wounded in two separate armed robberies in Lynnwood, Pretoria.

The men, who didn't know each other, were both friends of singer Jannie du Toit.

Dr Cilliers Snyman, 65, died in the bedroom of his son Stefan, 30, after being shot in the heart on Friday night.

Forty minutes earlier, Frans Jacobs, 61, was also shot in the chest at a house about a kilometre away. The bullet entered the right side of his chest, went through his lung and liver and left his body through his back.

'I thought he would die'

He is in stable condition in the intensive care unit of Wilgers Hospital in the east of Pretoria.

Kate Snyman, 62, was reading in her bedroom and her husband was in the television room when she heard a loud bang.

"I went downstairs to see what was wrong. When I reached my son's room, I saw Cilliers lying on the floor and called him, but he didn't react.

"A thin, short, youngish man with a revolver came running towards me. I ran to the room and locked myself in with my husband."

After ten minutes she unlocked the door and called the neighbours for help. The police and an ambulance were called.

Snyman suspected that her husband had heard something and was shot while he was investigating.

"The front door was open and the key to the security gate was still in the lock."

Jacobs and his wife, Yvonne, 61, and their granddaughters Chantelle, 17, and Andrea, 12, and a friend of Chantelle, Johann van Niekerk, 20, were overpowered by robbers in their duplex flat shortly after 19:00.

They were watching television when two robbers walked in through an open door.

"Frans jumped up and one of the robbers shot him," said Yvonne Jacobs.

The robbers demanded money, cellphones and jewellery.

"My husband was lying there groaning in pain. I asked if I may take care of him, but they just said: 'Leave him alone.' I thought he was going to die."

'I hate them'

Andrea was listening to music in her room when she heard the shot. A robber saw her and grabbed her when she walked down the stairs.

"He put the gun to her side and threw her onto her grandfather. I hate them. I wanted them to go away, I was afraid they would rape us," said Chantelle.

After the robbers had fled, Chantelle and Johann ran outside to find help.

"I'm very angry and the children are badly traumatised. Chantelle starts writing preliminary exams on Wednedsay," said Yvonne Jacobs.

She said Du Toit called her after the attack and informed her that another of his friends (Snyman) had also been attacked.

Du Toit said on Sunday, "It's a shame that two people who didn't know each other, but who were both friends of mine, became victims in one evening".

"I'm still in shock."

Police spokesperson inspector Paul Ramaloko said the police were investigating the possibility that the same robbers were responsible for the attacks.


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