Wednesday, 29 August 2007

'Thank goodness for skinny legs'

29/08/2007 08:11 - (SA)

Sanri van Wyk, Beeld

Pretoria - It's a good thing that he has such skinny legs, Mina Barnard says of her husband JJ, 26.

He had a miraculous escape at the weekend when a robber's bullet passed right through his pants.

The bullet then struck a family member's car.

Barnard didn't have a scratch and no one else in the family was injured.

Only oil flowed

Barnard said the shooter was detained shortly afterwards by police who had been called to investigate a robbery three blocks away.

Barnard said he was visiting the home of a family member, Katrien Schoerie, in Claremont, Pretoria on Saturday evening.

They were sitting in front of the television between 19:00 and 20:00, he said, when they heard a noise that sounded like "someone jumping on corrugated iron".

"I went to have a look. I saw a man and asked him several times what he was doing on the property. He just kept on walking (towards me).

"At the back door he put out his hand. I grabbed it to punch him. When I grabbed at him I saw the firearm and heard a shot."

Barnard said the bullet went straight through his jeans, ricocheted and went right through the diff of Schoerie's Ford Escort which was parked under a shed at the back door.

The shooter ran off and Barnard went back inside.

Schoerie asked him where his brother-in-law's children Christo, 9, and Vick, 4, and their two friends were. They'd been playing outside earlier.

"I went for another look. There was no sign of the shooter. And there was no sign of the children in the hut where they'd been playing.

"I walked back in again and saw their heads popping up one after the other behind a cot. They'd run to hide when they heard the shots."

Barnard said he was very lucky.

"When I got back inside after the shot everyone said I should look for blood, but there wasn't any.

"All that flowed was the Escort's oil, through the bullet hole in the diff," Barnard said.

The first thing he intends to do now is to apply for a firearm licence.

"Next time I'll shoot back," he said.


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