Thursday, 30 August 2007

Thanks for killing him - widow

30/08/2007 08:11 - (SA)

Sanri van Wyk, Beeld

Johannesburg - The widow of a murdered Johannesburg man was in tears when she called the man who allegedly killed her husband's murderer, to thank him.

"She said she wanted to thank me for killing the man who had murdered her husband. She said she knew it wouldn't bring her husband back, but it made her feel better to know that justice was done," said Alan Madden, 49, on Wednesday.

Madden shot three robbers who waited for him near his garage in a security complex at about 21:45 on Tuesday.

One of the robbers, a Mozambican citizen, died at the scene.

'It would be the end'

Another one's body was found at about 11:00 on Wednesday morning in a field next to Hans Strijdom Drive near Strijdom Park, Randburg.

The third robber was still at large.

Superintendent Louise Eksteen, commander of a special housebreaking task team in Honeydew, said she and colleague inspector Michael Erasmus were investigation the possibility that Madden might have fired the bullet that killed the second robber, whose body was found in Randburg on Wednesday.

Madden said he was returning home after a visit to his girlfriend and wanted to put away his bakkie.

He saw running figures, but at first thought they were the neighbour's children.

"I noticed that one had a gun. The next moment they had surrounded me. One was armed with a gun, another one with a knife and the third with a screwdriver.

He shot and screamed

"They spread my arms and held them above my head.

"They forced me on my knees, put the gun to my head and searched me. When one of them crouched down to untie a shoelace with which to tie me up, I realised I had to act or it would be the end."

Madden said he managed to keep his left leg straight as he had his gun in its holster concealed near his ankle.

When the robber crouched down in front of him, he took out his gun and stood up.

"When they saw I had a gun, they tried to take it and I felt a blow against my head.

"I pulled the trigger and emptied the magazine on them while I screamed."

"One of them fell down dead and the others kept running."

The neighbours called the emergency services and police.

According to Madden the widow from Northworld phoned him on Wednesday afternoon to thank him.

Beeld reported on Wednesday that Justin Browne, 31, from Northwold had died of a stab wound to his neck after four robbers, one of them armed with a screwdriver, another with a firearm and two armed with knives, overpowered him and his wife Georgie and their two children before plundering their home.

Eksteen confirmed that the task team was investigating the possibility that the same men who had overpowered Madden had also been involved in the incident at the Browne house.


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