Thursday, 27 September 2007

'Everything is full of blood'

27/09/2007 07:39 - (SA)

Marietie Louw-Carstens, Beeld

Musina - "They raped me three times - three times... Everything is covered in blood."

A severely traumatised Ina du Toit, 65, described the horrific attack on her and her husband Hannes, 67, at their home in the Limpopo town of Musina.

"It was terrible. All our bedding had to be thrown away. Do you know, I'm on Aids-pills now as well?" the near-hysterical Du Toit told Beeld newspaper on Wednesday.

She said their story should be published so that "people can wake up and see what's happening in our land".

'It was horrible'

Their nightmare began in the early hours of Wednesday when two unknown men used a crowbar to force the lock on their home at 4 East Crescent, Bergview.

"We moved into this new house 18 months ago and only the front door still needed a security gate," Du Toit said. The rest of the house was equipped with security gates and burglar proofing.

She and her husband were sleeping in separate rooms because she had recently had a hip operation and was still experiencing pain.

"I went to make tea for myself at about midnight and everything was fine. At about 01:00 I heard my husband shouting."

She went to her husband's room and saw two attackers repeatedly stabbing him with knives, as he lay in his bed.

"One of the men also grabbed me and stabbed me before he dragged me to the kitchen.

"Oh, it was horrible," she sobbed. After this, the other attacker took Du Toit to the bedroom where she slept.

She said the men repeatedly demanded money.

"They kept saying 'Money, money, money,'. I told them we didn't have any, they could take my bank card, but they didn't want to."

The robbers fled after the attack, which lasted about an hour, with only R160, a cellphone and a pair of shoes.

According to the police R600 was stolen. The couple summoned help and their doctor and pastor went to their home.

"It was a fight of over an hour just to stay alive. They wanted to kill us," Du Toit said.

Superintendent Ronel Otto said Hannes du Toit was stabbed seven times.

He was treated for flesh wounds. Hannes works locally as an electrician and the couple have been married for 37 years.

"The doctor was with me and now I'm on Aids-pills (anti-retroviral medication). It's terrible to talk about what happened. In addition, my one arm's numb where I was stabbed with the knife and it's hurting very badly."

The couple were treated at home on Wednesday for their injuries.

A counsellor from Makhado (Louis Trichardt) was scheduled to due to visit Ina on Wednesday night.

Otto said a large-scale search for the two suspects was in progress.


Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Top SA film producer shot

26/09/2007 07:26 - (SA)

Sanri van Wyk, Die Burger

Johannesburg - One of the leading lights in South Africa's film industry reassured his wife that he loved her, moments after being shot by a robber at their home in Bryanston on Sunday night.

Film producer Johan Heyns, 58, is still in ICU at Life Fourways Hospital after being shot in the pelvis, but he walked again for the first time on Tuesday, said his wife Sue.

Heyns, who worked at Heyns films for many years with his father Thys among others, currently runs Fevertree Productions. He produced three series of the well-known television drama The Game with Gavin Hood in the main role; the movie Tough Luck with Frank Opperman and Tolla van der Merwe, and the Artes-winning television series Homeland on SABC3.

Sue Heyns said she was watching television in the TV room at about 19:50 on Sunday night, while her husband was planning an early night and had gone to brush his teeth.

"He was already brushing his teeth when he saw a man in a red shirt with him in the bathroom," she said.

Shot, groan, shot

She heard a shot being fired, then a groan and then another shot. Although two shots were fired, Heyns was only hit once.

"While I saw my husband's head sticking out of the door on the floor of the bathroom, a man came running at me with a firearm."

She said she could see out of the corner of her eye that there was a second man.

The man who had rushed at her then shoved her and asked repeatedly where the safe was.

"I told him the safe was open and it was empty, but he kept insisting."

Sue said the men fled through the outside door that leads to the swimming pool moments later with money from her purse, her laptop and two cellphones.

Meanwhile her husband, who had been hit in the left side of the pelvis, crawled to the bedroom. The bullet went through his right buttock, causing damage to his bladder.

She said she didn't know how the men gained entry to the house, but tenants on the property saw what was happening through their window and pushed the panic button in their flat.

When the robbers had left Johan told her: "Suzietjie, I love you."

"I thought he was saying goodbye."

Shortly afterwards their house was crawling with police officials and security guards.

"I'm handling it," said Sue, who was not injured in the incident.

"They're waiting for the urologist to decide if her husband needs an operation," she said.

Crime affecting film industry

Paul Raleigh, a co-producer of the Oscar winning movie Tsotsi, who is a friend of the Heyns family, said he was shocked.

"It's heart-breaking," he told Beeld newspaper on Tuesday evening.

Raleigh said the biggest challenge facing South Africa was the exodus of its talented people who were going overseas because of crime, and this included the film industry.

A charge of house robbery had been filed and there had been no arrests as yet, said police spokesperson Bhekizizwe Mavundla.


Farmer found shot dead at home

25/09/2007 07:27 - (SA)

Stephanie Saville

Durban - A Cramond vegetable farmer was found shot dead on his farm on Monday morning.

Police spokesperson Senior Superintendent Henry Budhram said that 52-year-old Andy Main, from the farm Gilmore, was shot several times as he returned to the farm late on Sunday night.

Main lived alone at the farm.

Budhram said Main's Mazda bakkie was stolen in the attack and was later found abandoned in sugarcane fields on a neighbouring farm six kilometres away. Although Main's attackers entered his house, it could not yet be ascertained if anything else was missing, said Budhram.

Budhram said the farm supervisor found Main's body when he arrived, as usual, to fetch the workshop keys.

Broke down doors

Police learned that Main arrived at his farm at about 23:30 on Sunday night after driving one of his children to Pietermaritzburg.

Budhram said it appeared that Main was shot before he entered the farmhouse.

"It is believed that the attackers then broke into his home by forcing the doors open."

Budhram said police found several expended high-calibre cartridges, indicating that a rifle may have been used.

Main's death came as a shock to his farm foreman, Hilton Shongwe, who discovered Main's body early on Monday morning when he went to the farmhouse to discuss the farm activities for the day.

"I went to the main house and I didn't see his car so I thought he must be out on the farmland at first," said a shaken Shongwe.

"Then I saw his body lying on the veranda and I rushed back to my house to tell everyone and call the police," Shongwe said.

Main's four dogs were missing when he arrived at the house on Monday.

"I think they must have been frightened off by the sound of the gunshots," he said.

Three of them returned later, but one was still missing on Monday.

Leaves two daughters

Shongwe said Main's home had been broken into twice.

Main is survived by two daughters, Nicky and Kate.

"We are in big trouble here now," he said.

Koos Marais from the security desk at Kwanalu (KwaZulu-Natal Agricultural Union), said Main was the 11th KZN commercial food producer murdered this year, according to his records. Fifteen more have been victims of criminal attacks.

"Kwanalu urgently appeals to the government to urgently address crime in rural areas and put an end to the senseless killing and attacks on our nation's food providers."

He said that more visible and proactive policing is needed in these areas.

"Crime and security factors costs farmers here R200 million each year. A farm is an open yard and very difficult to make secure."

He said reports that KZN food prices are the most expensive in the country are true and that this is exacerbated by the cost of crime for food producers.

A year ago Cramond was the scene of another farm murder, which claimed the life of Eric Ezkaa Podolski, who was allegedly killed by three temporary workers at his farm, after they allegedly attacked and robbed his wife Miriam and their domestic worker, Gloria Ngidi.


'We just robbed your husband'

26/09/2007 09:02 - (SA)

Wilhelm de Swardt, Beeld

Pretoria - Two armed men called a victim's wife and friends from his cellphone and bragged about their robbery.

After robbing Archie Holtzhausen and his son Wouter, 17, of their mountain bikes and cellphones in Centurion, they called his wife on his cellphone.

"We've just robbed your white motherfucker husband and son of their mountain bikes," one of the robbers apparently bragged to Albie Holtzhausen.

The two robbers also called Holtzhausen's friends and in good Afrikaans bragged about their successful robbery.

Holtzhausen said he and Wouter were cycling on an open field outside Centurion about 13:00 on Monday.

The trouble started when they turned back towards Blue Valley Golf Estate.

"We noticed the two men next to the road, but thought nothing of it. One of them had a potato bag with him.

"The next moment, the man suddenly took out an AK-47 rifle from the potato bag and shouted at us: 'Get off, get off your bicycles!," said Holtzhausen.

"We were hardly off our bikes when the robber put the AK-47 against my head, while the other one put a knife to Wouter's throat."

Wouter said he had pepper spray with him.

"I was on the verge of using it, but then noticed the gun to my father's head and realised it would be a mistake.

"They would've killed him," said Wouter. "When the robbers saw the pepper spray, they nearly went berserk. "The ordered us to lie facedown on the ground. They wanted us to remove our helmets and cycling shoes without using our hands.

"One of the robbers stood on my back and then ripped off my shoes," said Wouter. "I started praying out loud. I believe it must've helped, because the robbers calmed down a bit.

"Then they suddenly said: 'Get up and go'. "

According to Holtzhausen, he firmly believed they would be shot in the back while running away.

"I just couldn't run. The spirit was willing, but the body unable. I kept stumbling. It must have been pure fear."


Man 'couldn't help' shot partner

26/09/2007 09:46 - (SA)

Hilda Fourie, Beeld

Johannesburg - Every time he tried to help his partner, who was lying in a pool of blood, the robbers assaulted him.

Ouboet Venter, 53, from the Hartbeespoort Dam area, was in tears on Tuesday as he told how Stienie Botha, 61, was shot in the chest by one of four robbers in their house on a smallholding early on Monday morning.

The couple had moved into the house on Wednesday last week. It is inside a fenced area which is being developed as a security village.

Venter, a diesel mechanic, said he was powerless.

They were attacked at about 01:30. One of the robbers had a pistol, while the others were armed with a knife, screwdriver and spoon.

"I heard somebody shouting 'Hey!' and a shot went off," said Venter with tears streaming down his cheeks.

'I couldn't help her'

"I only noticed she (Botha) was shot when they switched on the lights. She didn't make a sound when she was shot. She didn't even move. They tied our hands and then removed her rings."

"Stienie kept saying: 'Ouboet, don't move. Just lie still'.

"I couldn't help her. When I looked at her or touched her, they kicked and hit me.

"I couldn't help her," he kept repeating.

According to Venter, a robber hit him on the head with a pistol twice. They then removed all his clothes and forced him to lie on the floor.

He and a friend, known as Mariska, who was also inside the house, were later locked in separate rooms. Before Venter managed to untie himself and break down the door, the robbers had stripped the house and fled in his car.

Venter sought help at a nearby smallholding.

Critical condition

Botha was conscious until she arrived at the hospital. She was in a critical condition in the high care unit of Montana Private Hospital on Tuesday.

"Stienie is such a good person who did not harm to anybody. She doesn't deserve this. She must be okay. She doesn't need this," said Venter.

Inspector Mary Modise, a spokesperson for Hartbeespoort Dam police, confirmed the incident.

She said the robbers had broken open the back door.

Nobody has been arrested yet. A case of house robbery was being investigated.


Monday, 24 September 2007

Groot stewels skop vlieënier

Sep 23 2007 09:54:41:360PM - (SA)

Sanri van Wyk

Groot, swart stewels wat die vlieënier se kop skop dat dit agtertoe klap.

Dít is wat mnr. Don de Beer, wat boer naby waar ’n Tiger Moth verlede week tussen voertuie op die R553 (die Grasmere-pad) neergestort het, beweer hy kort ná die ongeluk gesien het.

Beeld het vroeër berig dié 1943-Tiger Moth, ’n eenmotorige tweesitplekvliegtuig, het verlede Dinsdag omstreeks 16:45 naby Eikenhof neergestort.

Mnr. Johan van Vuuren (58) van Randburg, ’n passasier in die vliegtuig, en mnr. Isaac Ximba, die bestuurder van ’n Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-bussie vol veiligheidswagte wat deur die vliegtuig getref is, het in die ongeluk gesterf.

Altesame 23 mense is beseer toe die vliegtuig met die neerstortslag die bussie getref het, waarna die bussie ’n vragmotor getref het en ’n Mercedes-Benz-sedanmotor in hulle vasgejaag het.

Mnr. Glenn Simpson, die vlieënier, was bewusteloos toe nooddienswerkers hom na die hospitaal geneem het.

De Beer sê toe hy die toneel ná die ongeluk nader, het hy gesien hoe twee mans Simpson skop waar hy nog in die wrak lê. Nog twee het staan en skree.

“Ek het gehoor hulle skree vir hom: ‘Sien jy wat het julle wit mense gedoen?’ ”

Die mans het geel hemde, swart broeke en swart stewels aangehad, het De Beer gesê.

“Toe ek by hulle kom, het ek geskree hulle moet stop. Hulle het opgehou, weggeloop en terug na die minibussie gegaan.”

De Beer beweer die mense het tussen die beseerdes gaan lê en toe die nooddienste op die toneel kom, het hulle volgens hom geskree van die pyn en gemaak of hulle beseer is.

Mnr. Frank Masoga, ondersoekbeampte van die Burgerlugvaartowerheid (BLO), sê hy ondersoek die enjin nog.

Hy wag ook op die uitslag van die nadoodse ondersoek en ’n mediese verslag van die vlieënier.

Sers. Sanku Tsunke, polisiewoordvoerder, sê die ondersoek na Simpson se aanranding is nog nie afgehandel nie.

Hy sê die ondersoekbeampte wag nog op die BLO-verslag en ná ontvangs van die verslag sal die dossier na die direkteur van openbare vervolging (DOV) oorgeplaas word om te bepaal of iemand vervolg gaan word, sê Tsunke. – Sanri van Wyk

Oorsprong: Beeld,,3-975_2189250,00.html

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Blacks worse off under ANC rule than under Apartheid

Date Posted: Saturday 22-Sep-2007

After over a decade of ANC-rule under Thabo Mbeki, conditions for black people in SA are today much worse than under Apartheid.

This is the claim by far-left Canadian journalist Naomi Klein in her latest book "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism".


Klein provides the following list of how living conditions for SA blacks now are so much worse than they ever were during Apartheid:

Since 1994 under ANC-governance:

- The number of people living on less than $1 a day has doubled from two to four million.

- The unemployment rate has more than doubled to 48% from 1991 - 2002.

- Only 5,000 of the more than 35-million black South Africans earn over $60,000 a year.

- The ANC government has built 1.8 million (very ramshackle, tiny) new homes while two-million South Africans have lost theirs.

- Nearly one million South Africans were evicted from farms in the first decade of 'democracy': evicted by black, newly empowered farmers who were given 'redistributed' farmland.

- The shack dweller population grew by 50% due to untrammeled migration from the rest of Africa.

- In 2006, one-quarter of the entire SA population lives in shacks without running water or electricity.

And there's more:

- The HIV/AIDS/TB infection rate is about 20% of the entire population -- and the Mbeki government shamefully denies the severity of the crisis and did little to alleviate it.

- The average age life expectancy in South Africa had DROPPED by 13 years since 1990.

- 40% of all SA schools have no electricity.

- 25% of the 46-million-plus people in SA have no access to clean water and most who do can't afford the cost.

- 60% of all the people have inadequate sanitation, and 40% have no telephones.

Readers are invited to add more examples, or they can write me directly at - pictures are also more than welcome.

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Source: African Crisis

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Man loses life while trying to save family

September 21 2007 at 05:05PM

A man was shot dead in Scottburgh while trying to protect his family from a gang of armed robbers, police said on Friday.

Police spokesperson Captain Vincent Pandarum said 32-year old Etienne Roets was shot on Thursday night as he attempted to charge down the gunman who had turned the gun on the his two children.

He said that a number of armed men had entered the Scottburgh house at about 8pm. Roets and his wife initially surrendered, sitting down on the floor. But when one of the gunmen turned their attention on the panic-stricken children, Roets reacted.

He sustained multiple gunshot wounds and died at the scene.

Pandarum said Roets' mother-in-law was shot in the arm and admitted to Kingsway Hospital

A murder, attempted murder and armed robbery case have been opened. - Sapa


Friday, 21 September 2007

'I am going to kill a white man'

20/09/2007 10:31 - (SA)

Yolandé Hayward, Die Burger

Port Elizabeth - "I strangled him."

"We strangled him."

"Nigerians strangled him."

"My co-accused and a friend strangled him."

These were four versions of events that Natasha Dziwonu, 31, one the alleged killers of businessman Hein Nel, 26, had offered since her arrest.

Dziwonu and Jongisizwe Mamase, 28, are accused of murder and robbery following Nel's death in October last year.

Nel collected rent from Dziwonu, who rented his flat in Central, on October 6.

She confessed initially

"His body was found under a single bed in Dziwonu's bedroom two days later.

The Port Elizabeth high court heard on Wednesday that Dziwonu had told inspector Jackie Grobler on the day of her arrest that she had strangled Nel.

She later told Grobler she and her friends had strangled him.

However, in a warning statement and a statement made in front of a magistrate, she indicated that two Nigerians had killed Nel.

According to these documents, she heard Nel and two Nigerians arguing in front of her door on the day of Nel's murder. She opened the door.

The two men, who had a gun, allegedly dragged Nel into her flat, tied his hands and feet with shoelaces and robbed him.

They then covered him with a duvet, kicked him, strangled him with shoelaces and hid his body under the single bed.

On Wednesday, she gave yet another version.

For the first time she said Mamase and his "Xhosa-speaking friend" robbed and killed Nel.

According to Dziwonu, Mamase and the friend were at her flat when Nel arrived. She allegedly handed the rent money to Nel, but before he could leave, Mamase and his friend grabbed him and threatened him with a knife.

They tied him with shoelaces and robbed him.

They then strangled him with a rope with which she had tied back the curtains, and hid his body.

Mamase denied this testimony and said he only took part in the robbery, but left while Nel was still alive.

Mamase's legal representative, James Reily, wanted to know from Dziwonu why she had changed her testimony.

She said it was the truth, except for the part about the Nigerians.

Phumeza Ntomi, one of Dziwonu's friends, testified on Wednesday that Dziwono had asked her on October 3 if she knew someone who could drive a car and had a gun.

Dziwonu allegedly told Ntomi she was going to grab a white man, tie him up and kill him two days later.


Thursday, 20 September 2007

Pensioner lucky to be alive

19/09/2007 09:05 - (SA)

Riëtte Olivier , Die Burger

Port Elizabeth - A burglar left a pensioner to die, after tying him up with neckties and with a pot of boiling oil on the stove.

The pensioner, a Mr Marais, might have burnt to death or died of smoke inhalation had it not been for a tow-truck operator, said captain Frikkie Potgieter from the police air wing.

The worker phoned Potgieter at 00:45 on Sunday after arriving at the scene of an accident where a man in a red VW Golf had hit a tree. There was electronic equipment on the back seat. After the acciden,t the driver apparently simply walked away.

"The worker said the equipment seemed suspect, especially when the man just walked away," said Potgieter.

Potgieter drove to the scene and noticed the man walking away while being followed by the tow-truck.

"The man said he was on his way to call his brother and that the vehicle and equipment belonged to the brother."

Potgieter didn't believe him and eventually the man admitted that he had stolen the car and the equipment from a house in Ambrose Street in North End.

"I immediately asked him where the people of the house were, and he answered: 'I have done a great wrong.'"

Potgieter put the suspect into his vehicle and, following his directions, drove to the house.

He entered the house and saw the elderly man sitting where he had been tied to the couch. "His face was bleeding as a result of being kicked."

While Potgieter was cutting the man lose, he smelt something burning. In the kitchen he noticed the pot of boiling oil. "If I'd arrived 20 minutes later, the oil would have caught fire."

Marais afterwards said he never thought he would survive. "He said he was sitting there waiting to die," said Potgieter.

According to Marais, the burglar gained access to the house by forcing open the front door, which Potgieter had unlocked after the burglar had knocked.


Monday, 17 September 2007

KZN farmer told to vacate farm

September 17 2007 at 08:43AM

Protesters have given a Durban cattle farmer two-weeks to vacate his farm before they invade and start building houses, Beeld reported on Monday.

"It was the worst intimidation I've ever experienced in my life," Jaap de Villiers said on Sunday.

De Villiers, 76, was considering laying a charge of intimidation after an incident on Friday where De Villiers' farm workers were threatened and a veld fire broke out on the farm.

The threats follow the murder of Ken Eva, a manager in the Melmoth area during a border dispute with a neighbouring community.

According to a memorandum, written in Zulu and later translated for De Villiers by a police official, De Villiers was being accused of killing goats and poisoning people living on tribal land next to his farm.

"I never go on to their land and I sell nothing to them. How could I poison them?"

De Villiers, whose farm is bordered on three sides by land bought by Inkosi Bheki Zulu several years ago was given until September 28 to vacate the farm.

He said that no land claim on his farm Uitval had been registered, according to the Beeld report. - Sapa


Documentary pulls no punches on SA crime wave

Charles Molele Published:Sep 15, 2007

A controversial documentary about the high levels of crime in South Africa is scheduled to be screened on British television later this month.

The programme, directed by South African-born Jon Blair, will also be screened on a special mid-week episode of M-Net’s Carte Blanche.

Presented by another South African-born actor, Sir Anthony Sher, Murder Most Foul contains disturbing images portraying the crime wave in South Africa. The documentary was inspired by the murder last year of actor Brett Goldin and fashion designer Richard Bloom. The men were hijacked, assaulted and shot execution-style. They were found naked, except for their socks.

In the documentary, Sher conducts interviews with family members to retrace the steps that led to the Easter Sunday murders of Goldin and Bloom last year.

The film also contains interviews Sher conducted with members of the Americans, Fancy Boys, and Hard Livings gangs on the Tik-riddled Cape Flats.

In one of the interviews, Sher asks a gang member how many people he has killed in his life: “I really don’t know. There are many people I’ve shot and stabbed.”

The film also features interviews with, among others, Anglican Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Constitutional Court Judge Albie Sachs, author André Brink and broadcaster Hazel Makuzeni, who all share their views about the country’s crime rate.

Blair, who was in the country for a private screening of the film this week, said that he did not see his film as a betrayal of the South African image abroad.

He commented: “Martin Luther King said: ‘In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.’

“My film calls for action and discussion of the crime situation, which has reached unacceptable levels. It says to our leaders, ‘Wake up. Stop the denial.’”

Blair denied his film exaggerated SA’s murder rate when it states that “murder in South Africa was on an industrial scale”.

Close to the end of the film, Blair’s camera zooms in on the face of Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula in Parliament telling government critics on crime: “They can continue to whinge until they’re blue in the face, they can continue to be as negative as they want to or they can simply leave this country so that all of the peace- loving South Africans, good South African people who want to make this a successful country, can continue with their work.”

Murder Most Foul screens on M-Net’s Carte Blanche on Tuesday, September 26 at 9pm.

Source:Sunday Times

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Stop! Africa wants to get off the bus

By Albert Brenner

September 14, 2007 01:44 PM EST

The last meeting of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) saw Robert Mugabe, the despot of Zimbabwe, lauded and applauded like no other African leader since god Mandela himself.

Now, one will definitely be justified in asking why a brutal dictator, who has deliberately ruined his country (80% unemployment, 12 000% inflation, one-third of the population in exile, etc), is treated as a hero by his African peers.

Well, the answer can be found in what Mugabe has termed the 'Second Liberation'. The First Liberation obviously being de-colonialization followed by black self-rule. Brushing aside the obligatory old-hat Marxist rhetoric and fashionable anti-White platitudes, one quickly comes to the stark realization that what Mugabe has in mind is firstly, a recipe for ruin untold and, secondly, rationally unavoidable.

His current endeavour to rid Zimbabwe of all whites, and all that they represent (e.g. modern science, Western morality, capitalism, etc) is coldly indicative of his intention to reassert his country/culture's original African identity. His methods might appear insanely irrational to us, but the rationale underpinning them is faultless. For to reassert (re-actualize) the original identity of an African country automatically implies the negation of all that which is not historically indigenous to it.

Unlike all the cultures of the Alpha-civilizations (Hindi, Sino, Western and Arab), primitive cultures, like those in Africa, have absolutely no innate relation to the 'Gestalt' ('form/content') of the modern world. So to get rid of all that is not originally yours is perfectly rational, if you want to 'find' your authentic self (identity) again. And this is precisely the reason why Mugabe is so admired by his peers in Africa. He has, like the prophet of yesteryear, shown them a way to forever overcome that which the modern environment has so ruthlessly foisted on them - without their implicit permission and pro-active participation.

Mugabe's 'Second Liberation' ideology is spreading rapidly. In a keynote address delivered at an African Diaspora conference held in Paris recently, Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, the South African Foreign Affairs Minister, boldly stated; "Our task henceforth is to interpret ourselves, to define ourselves, to give shape to our own identity, to believe in our own ethics…". The idea of mineral-rich South Africa persuing its "own ethics" must certainly send a chill down the spine of big business and forever-meddling CIA policy-advisors. A fear certainly not unfounded given South Africa's blatant anti-Western stance as the current Head of the UN Security Council. 'As jy dom is moet jy kak' (foretold is forewarned), as the Boere would say.

Be that as it may; blaming the environment (the pale male, of course) no longer butters the bread because none of the other civilizations have experienced any real difficulties in reaching the most important benchmarks set for progressive survival like, inter alia, the Industrial, Nuclear and IT Revolutions. Sub-Saharan Africa, on the other hand, has proven time and time again that it is still in the dark, literally. And, given Mugabe's hero status among his peers, it would seem that they would rather remain in the dark than be willing passengers on the bus of progress.

To endeavour to seek reasons for Africa's inability to adapt to the demands of the modern world would, like it or not, also have to include examining the nature side of the Nature vs. Nurture dichotomy - something that must be avoided at all costs, lest a pale male wants to stand accused of being a Nazi, a baby seal clubber, a pedophile and an uprooter of saplings. Be that as it may; the PC excuse to always blame black failure on white prejudice (i.e. the Western-dominated current global environment) has lost all credibility.

The current state of South Africa is a sterling example of what is fated to happen to a modern country when a primitive people have the leeway to reassert their all costs. This process, known as indigenization, or re-primitivization, is characterized by, inter alia, abysmal levels of corruption, brutal inter-tribal conflict, nepotism and a collapsing infrastructure. Alas, the sad story of post-colonial Africa.

The results of this specific utopian experiment by the West to enforce cultural integration between a modern people (the whites) and a primitive people (Africans) is clear to see when one looks at the near complete collapse of the criminal justice system, the dismal failure of the black government to deliver even the most basic state services and the flight of 1.5 million whites since Mandelatopia was dreamt up.

Doomed from the start, this experiment has been underpinned by the feel-good assumption that both peoples have/had the same skills (be they psycho-social, moral or cognitive) to start off with. But is this really so? How should one then otherwise explain, for example, the fact that only 700 out of the 380 000 black South African matrics in 2006 passed HG Maths at C+ level and above? Similarly, why is it that the blacks who took over the (erstwhile) world-class white-owned commercial farms in Zimbabwe are producing 87% less than their 'evil' original owners?

Be that as it may; even a very basic understanding of evolution, as applied to human progress/development, shows that the sustaining and development of a specific environment is inextricably linked to the innate skills of those who have adapted (to) it. For example, an 14th-century European would've perished in an environment in which an Eskimo has thrived for ages. Similarly, a 16th-century Pacific Islander would most probably have died ignobly in London at the time from some or other venereal disease, or smallpox. Nature is merciless and morality is, unfortunately, a mere contingency when it comes to brutal survival.

Getting back to Mugabe's 'Second Liberation' (or Afro-fascism, to term it more appropriately); one shudders to contemplate the consequences of his quest to reassert Africa's original identity, especially given the results of a not dissimilar endeavour currently underway in the Muslim world. Driven by a handful of fanatics, this quest on the other side of the world has even managed to put a spell on moderate (real) Muslims tired of having to dance to the tunes of the over-bearing West. But then, who can blame them. The hubris of the West has sacrificed natural diversity on the altar of enforced equality in order to placate the feel-good sensibilities of those who have lost their sense of self (identity). Alas, the logical outcome of a relativist world-view desperately trying to ground itself.

Whether Robert Mugabe is morally entitled (or right) to lead Africa back to the Iron Age is not for us to judge. How could we then....seeing that we regard human progress as relative? Be that as it may; the journey will continue, with or without Africa, because the rest of the passengers on the bus will only wave once, then continue to station always.

Source: The Conservative Voice

Author: Albert Brenner

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Friday, 14 September 2007

Teen tells of hijack horror

Sean Oosthuizen, 18, tells of his nightmare trip with two hijackers after being ambushed at Menlyn shopping centre. (Leon Botha, Beeld)

13/09/2007 23:36 - (SA)

Hilda Fourie, Beeld

Pretoria - A matric boy says he prayed the "Our Father" out loud to keep calm after two men had hijacked him in the parking lot of the Menlyn shopping centre in Pretoria on Tuesday.

The men ambushed Sean Oosthuizen, 18, as he was getting into his car and drove around for hours before dropping him off in Eikenhof, south of Johannesburg.

Oosthuizen told Beeld on Thursday about his three-hour nightmare journey after the hijackers had jumped into his gold-coloured Corsa at about 14:00.

He had just completed an English oral exam at the Doxa Deo College in Olympus.

Oosthuizen went to collect a parcel at the shopping centre and was leaving when the hijacking took place. He walked towards his vehicle and opened it with his remote.

"When I got into my car two men jumped in, on the passenger's side and at the back," Oosthuizen said.

"They pushed a pistol into my stomach and said I should drive well, and safely."

The hijackers told him to take the N1-highway to Johannesburg.

Oosthuizen said they took an exit after passing Gold Reef City, crossed over the freeway and stopped at a squatter camp. He didn't take note of the signboards.

While they were en route, the hijackers asked Oosthuizen where he lived, what his father did for a living and what he wanted to study next year.

Lord watched over him

"At the squatter camp they said I should get into the back and lie between the seats on my stomach. They held the pistol against my neck.

"We drove on and stopped at a park. One of the men and I went to sit under a tree and the other one drove off.

"When he got back after about an hour my car's dashboard, door panels, my cellphone and my guitar were gone.

"Then I had to lie in the back on my stomach again."

"I prayed the 'Our Father' out loud. It looked as if the driver was having an asthma attack, but it made me feel calm."

The hijackers stopped at a 3m-deep hole. Oosthuizen knew if they threw him into it, the fall would kill him.

He said one of the men wanted to push him into the hole, but for some reason couldn't touch Oosthuizen.

"You won't believe me, but I think it was the Lord watching over me."

Oosthuizen pushed the hijacker away. The other man pointed the pistol at him.

"He was shaking badly. I could see in his eyes that he wanted to shoot me, but he didn't. They climbed into the car and drove off."

Oosthuizen walked to highway nearby where a man picked him up and informed him that he was in Eikenhof, south of Johannesburg.

They went to the man's house, where Oosthuizen phoned his father.


Govt: We'll take your land

12/09/2007 17:45 - (SA)

Michael Hamlyn

Cape Town - Deputy Minister for Agriculture and Land Affairs Dirk du Toit promised MPs on Wednesday that the government will take land away from farmers who unjustifiably evict people from their farms.

Answering a question in National Assembly the deputy minister told David Dlali of the ANC that the government now intends to use existing legislation to tackle what he called "this medieval practice which is allowed to continue and continue", by expropriation.

The law he intends to use is the Provision of Land and Assistance Act of 1993, which was amended in 1998. The act says that agricultural land may be used for settlement if the minister decides it can.

But a key clause in it says: "The minister may for the purposes of this act, exercise equivalent powers to the powers that such other minister may exercise under the Expropriation Act, 1975."

That is he can force the owner to sell - for a reasonable price.

Du Toit told the house that the usual answer to a question about evictions was that the government will use the Extension of Security of Tenure Act, and the Land Reform (Labour Tenants) Act, to try to prevent evictions.

"Now I can tell you we intend to use these three pieces of legislation," he said.

"Once we start to take their land the evictions will stop in mid-air".

And he added to applause from the government benches: "We are not just going to take them to court. We are going to take their land."


Thursday, 13 September 2007

'He heard a pistol being cocked'

12/09/2007 23:11 - (SA)

Buks Viljoen, Beeld

Sabie - A Sabie man believes that if his brother-in-law had not fought fiercely with a robber, he and his father would probably have been "executed".

That was how Rick Basson told the tale of his brother-in-law Henk le Roux, 30, and his father-in-law Anton le Roux, 55, who were attacked by two robbers at their sawmill on Wednesday morning.

Both were injured. Henk is in a stable condition and his father is in a serious condition.

The two robbers arrived at Global Products at Tweefontein near Sabie at about 07:00 and attacked the two men.

They were forced to lie on the ground while their office was searched and plundered.

Tackled a robber

"Henk said one of the robbers later came and stood over them. When he heard a pistol being cocked, he realised that they were about to be killed," Basson said.

Henk jumped up and tackled one of the robbers, and also hit him with a chair at one stage.

"The next moment a shot was fired. One of the robbers shot Anton in the back," Basson said.

While Henk was still struggling with one of the attackers, the other one shot him. He was hit in the stomach and hip.

The robbers sped off in their two vehicles, a Toyota Hi-Lux and a Nissan Frontier.

Henk called Basson and summoned help.

The injured men were taken to Sabie Hospital where they were stabilised and transferred to the Nelspruit Medi-Clinic.

Anton had to undergo two emergency operations in Nelspruit on Wednesday.

In the first operation blood was drained from his one lung and late on Wednesday he had a second emergency operation when he started bleeding internally again.

"Splinters of the bullet that hit him in the back, also perforated the lung," Basson said.

Henk also underwent an operation on Wednesday but his condition was stable.

His wife Elize and Anton's wife Ronel were with them in the hospital along with family and friends on Wednesday.

One of the stolen vehicles was found in Bosbokrand shortly after the robbery on Wednesday morning.


Hijacked man bludgeoned to death

September 13 2007 at 07:04AM

By Jeff Wicks

In a cruel twist of fate, a Glenwood man who turned paramedics and police away after he was hijacked on Tuesday night was brutally bludgeoned to death in his Moore Road home later that evening.

The body of Arthur Rippin, 77, was found when police returned to his home to take a statement.

"His Opel Corsa had been abandoned at the roadside in Isipingo. When police came across the vehicle, they traced ownership to Mr Rippin," said police Inspector Michael Read.

According to Read, when police and paramedics arrived at his home, he had denied them entry to the premises.

He said that when the police had returned a few hours later to interview Rippin, they had seen blood on the floor through a window.

"Police officers used force to gain entry to the premises and found the body of Arthur Rippin in a spare bedroom," Read said.

Netcare 911 spokesperson Chris Botha said that paramedics had been startled by what they had seen.

"The place had been ransacked and the walls had blood spatters," he said.

Botha said that paramedics had declared Rippin dead at the scene. He had sustained severe blunt-force trauma to his head.

Read said that several items of value, which could not be disclosed, had been removed from the house.

"The motive for the crime will be revealed during the course of the investigation. A docket of murder has been opened," he said.

The police would not be drawn on whether the hijackers and the murderers were the same people.


Monday, 10 September 2007

Robbers shoot man 10 times

07/09/2007 14:19 - (SA)

Johannesburg - An employee of a cash loan company in Port Elizabeth was shot ten times after three men tried to rob the business on Friday morning, Eastern Cape police said.

Spokesperson Captain Johann Rheeder said police were called immediately to Thuthukani Cash Loans, in Gelvandale, Commercial road and arrested one man.

"Mr Fanie Vermaak was shot in the chest and was admitted to Greenacres Hospital", said Rheeder. His condition was not immediately known.

The arrested man would face charges of armed robbery.


Outpouring for family of slain mother

September 10 2007 at 07:05AM

By Jeff Wicks

Family and friends have rallied around a Durban man and his two-month-old son after his wife, Lauren Olivier, 28, was brutally killed in their home on Thursday.

Olivier was found in a pool of blood with her baby next to her. She had been stabbed 19 times and bludgeoned with a blunt object.

Her uncle, Rodger Shankland, said on Saturday that it had been Lauren's dream to have a baby.

"I heard her saying last week that she was the happiest woman in the world with a great husband (Tony) and now her son, Jack. She was blissfully happy," he said. The couple had been married two years.

"Both Tony and Jack are staying in the family flat in Ballito. Relatives have gathered there with them. None of them are really doing too well at the moment," Shankland said.

Since Olivier's death was reported on Friday, there has been an outpouring of support from the general public.

More than 80 messages of support have been sent to The Mercury and posted on East Coast Radio's website.

One message to The Mercury read: "My name is Chantel and I'm 28 years old with a five-month-old baby boy. My heart goes out to her little baby boy and her family. There are no words to express my feelings. I would like to tell them I'm really sorry this happened to them." The family said they were grateful for the support.

Police spokesperson Michael Read said the police were following promising leads.


'We just need a miracle'

Ryan Holmes and his girlfriend Tanja Lendowsky in January. (Beeld)

05/09/2007 07:27 - (SA)

Magdel Fourie, Beeld

Pretoria - After being too scared to go out at night since being held up by armed robbers at his home six weeks ago, a Midrand Tukkie student ventured out for the first time on Sunday - only to be hijacked and shot in the head a few hours later.

Engineering student Ryan Holmes, 22, was still in a coma and fighting for his life while his shattered parents and girlfriend kept watch day and night at his bedside in Johannesburg's Milpark Hospital.

"And to think I was actually glad that he wanted to go out on Sunday night. I still told him: 'Go and enjoy yourself with your friends'," his emotional mother Dale said to Beeld.

Holmes and Tanja Lendowsky, 19, his girlfriend of one year, had gone with friends to the Fourways Mall in Johannesburg to play mini-golf.

Shot into his head

Afterwards he took one of his friends home and went to Lendowsky's house in Vorna Valley, Midrand with her.

At about 21:00 they were turning into the driveway at Lendowsky's house when three men in a white Volkswagen Golf suddenly stopped next to them, forcing them to stop, his mother said on Tuesday.

When Holmes tried to drive off the men jumped out and without saying a word pushed a pistol through the half-open window on the driver's side and fired a shot into his head, at point-blank range.

According to Lendowsky he slumped forward, and a few seconds later the robbers pulled her out of the car, took her purse and her cellphone, and ripped a ring off her finger.

The seriously wounded Holmes staggered towards her from the car before the robbers jumped into both vehicles and sped off.

Holmes collapsed on the spot in his blood-soaked clothes.

Lendowsky said on Tuesday that after screaming hysterically for help, she sat next to Holmes desperately trying to keep him conscious.

His one eye was already swollen closed from the bullet that had lodged behind the eyeball.

"I asked him repeatedly if he could still see me," Lendowsky said.

"Yes, you look beautiful," was his reply.

Shortly before he slipped into unconsciousness, with blood still streaming from his mouth, he kissed her on both cheeks.

Netcare 911 Paramedics rushed him to hospital minutes later.

He was still in critical condition on Tuesday night.

"The doctors aren't very optimistic," Dale Holmes said, shaking her head.

"But we are. We just need a miracle," his father Clyde Holmes said on Tuesday.


'No, I'm not going to Voertsek'

Nicolene Prinsloo and her daughter, Megan, from Kempton Park, who were hijacked in front of their house. (Mario van de Wall, Beeld)

09/09/2007 23:16 - (SA)

Virginia Keppler, Beeld

Johannesburg - "Voertsek!"

That was the response from three armed hijackers when a young pregnant woman from Kempton Park begged them to hand over her two-year-old child before they drove off with her vehicle.

"Please, give me my child! Gee asseblief net my kind!"

Nicolene Prinsloo, 28, begged the hijackers in English and Afrikaans while they pointed their pistols at her.

Her daughter Megan, 2, was sitting in the front passenger seat at that stage, crying hysterically.

"The one hijacker shouted at me to 'Voertsek!'. I said 'No, I'm not going to Voertsek. I'm waiting for my child."

The nightmare took place in front of Prinsloo's house at 06:15 on Friday morning.

Woman shot in nearby hijacking

Shortly after Prinsloo's car had been hijacked, a 60-year-old woman was shot nearby, while being hijacked in her driveway.

Captain Jethro Mtshali said the woman had been shot once in the chest and thrown out of her vehicle.

"The hijackers then sped off in her vehicle. She was taken to hospital in a critical condition," Mtshali said.

Prinsloo said she had climbed out of her car to close the gate when she heard a car stopping behind her.

"Two men with pistols jumped out of the car and ran towards me. A third man remained seated in the car. The first thing they wanted was my wedding ring."

She struggled to get it off because she's 12 weeks pregnant and both her hands and feet are swollen.

"When the one hijacker saw me struggling he thought it was deliberate and started being rough with me. They took all my jewellery, my handbag, ID documents and everything."

'I became hysterical'

Meanwhile Megan, who was still in the car, started crying loudly.

"One of the men jumped in behind the steering wheel and I knew they were going to drive off with my child and kill her.

"I became hysterical and pleaded for him to give me my child. After I had repeated my plea several times, he picked her up and gave her to me."

Prinsloo ran into her house with Megan in her arms while the hijackers made off in her car. Megan now keeps asking "Mommy, what has the 'oom' done to your car?"

She said she and her unborn baby are fine, and she and her family had relaxed at a holiday resort in Vereeniging over the weekend.

The robbers fled with all their holiday luggage, which was in the boot of her white 1996 Honda Ballade, registration number CXB281GP.

Four years ago Prinsloo and her husband André were also involved in a hijacking drama when three men robbed them at a friend's house in Edenvale.

"They also took my wedding rings. But they couldn't start the car and they sped off in their own vehicle," she said.

Mtshali could not confirm Prinsloo's incident on Sunday.