Thursday, 27 September 2007

'Everything is full of blood'

27/09/2007 07:39 - (SA)

Marietie Louw-Carstens, Beeld

Musina - "They raped me three times - three times... Everything is covered in blood."

A severely traumatised Ina du Toit, 65, described the horrific attack on her and her husband Hannes, 67, at their home in the Limpopo town of Musina.

"It was terrible. All our bedding had to be thrown away. Do you know, I'm on Aids-pills now as well?" the near-hysterical Du Toit told Beeld newspaper on Wednesday.

She said their story should be published so that "people can wake up and see what's happening in our land".

'It was horrible'

Their nightmare began in the early hours of Wednesday when two unknown men used a crowbar to force the lock on their home at 4 East Crescent, Bergview.

"We moved into this new house 18 months ago and only the front door still needed a security gate," Du Toit said. The rest of the house was equipped with security gates and burglar proofing.

She and her husband were sleeping in separate rooms because she had recently had a hip operation and was still experiencing pain.

"I went to make tea for myself at about midnight and everything was fine. At about 01:00 I heard my husband shouting."

She went to her husband's room and saw two attackers repeatedly stabbing him with knives, as he lay in his bed.

"One of the men also grabbed me and stabbed me before he dragged me to the kitchen.

"Oh, it was horrible," she sobbed. After this, the other attacker took Du Toit to the bedroom where she slept.

She said the men repeatedly demanded money.

"They kept saying 'Money, money, money,'. I told them we didn't have any, they could take my bank card, but they didn't want to."

The robbers fled after the attack, which lasted about an hour, with only R160, a cellphone and a pair of shoes.

According to the police R600 was stolen. The couple summoned help and their doctor and pastor went to their home.

"It was a fight of over an hour just to stay alive. They wanted to kill us," Du Toit said.

Superintendent Ronel Otto said Hannes du Toit was stabbed seven times.

He was treated for flesh wounds. Hannes works locally as an electrician and the couple have been married for 37 years.

"The doctor was with me and now I'm on Aids-pills (anti-retroviral medication). It's terrible to talk about what happened. In addition, my one arm's numb where I was stabbed with the knife and it's hurting very badly."

The couple were treated at home on Wednesday for their injuries.

A counsellor from Makhado (Louis Trichardt) was scheduled to due to visit Ina on Wednesday night.

Otto said a large-scale search for the two suspects was in progress.


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