Friday, 14 September 2007

Teen tells of hijack horror

Sean Oosthuizen, 18, tells of his nightmare trip with two hijackers after being ambushed at Menlyn shopping centre. (Leon Botha, Beeld)

13/09/2007 23:36 - (SA)

Hilda Fourie, Beeld

Pretoria - A matric boy says he prayed the "Our Father" out loud to keep calm after two men had hijacked him in the parking lot of the Menlyn shopping centre in Pretoria on Tuesday.

The men ambushed Sean Oosthuizen, 18, as he was getting into his car and drove around for hours before dropping him off in Eikenhof, south of Johannesburg.

Oosthuizen told Beeld on Thursday about his three-hour nightmare journey after the hijackers had jumped into his gold-coloured Corsa at about 14:00.

He had just completed an English oral exam at the Doxa Deo College in Olympus.

Oosthuizen went to collect a parcel at the shopping centre and was leaving when the hijacking took place. He walked towards his vehicle and opened it with his remote.

"When I got into my car two men jumped in, on the passenger's side and at the back," Oosthuizen said.

"They pushed a pistol into my stomach and said I should drive well, and safely."

The hijackers told him to take the N1-highway to Johannesburg.

Oosthuizen said they took an exit after passing Gold Reef City, crossed over the freeway and stopped at a squatter camp. He didn't take note of the signboards.

While they were en route, the hijackers asked Oosthuizen where he lived, what his father did for a living and what he wanted to study next year.

Lord watched over him

"At the squatter camp they said I should get into the back and lie between the seats on my stomach. They held the pistol against my neck.

"We drove on and stopped at a park. One of the men and I went to sit under a tree and the other one drove off.

"When he got back after about an hour my car's dashboard, door panels, my cellphone and my guitar were gone.

"Then I had to lie in the back on my stomach again."

"I prayed the 'Our Father' out loud. It looked as if the driver was having an asthma attack, but it made me feel calm."

The hijackers stopped at a 3m-deep hole. Oosthuizen knew if they threw him into it, the fall would kill him.

He said one of the men wanted to push him into the hole, but for some reason couldn't touch Oosthuizen.

"You won't believe me, but I think it was the Lord watching over me."

Oosthuizen pushed the hijacker away. The other man pointed the pistol at him.

"He was shaking badly. I could see in his eyes that he wanted to shoot me, but he didn't. They climbed into the car and drove off."

Oosthuizen walked to highway nearby where a man picked him up and informed him that he was in Eikenhof, south of Johannesburg.

They went to the man's house, where Oosthuizen phoned his father.


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