Wednesday, 26 September 2007

'We just robbed your husband'

26/09/2007 09:02 - (SA)

Wilhelm de Swardt, Beeld

Pretoria - Two armed men called a victim's wife and friends from his cellphone and bragged about their robbery.

After robbing Archie Holtzhausen and his son Wouter, 17, of their mountain bikes and cellphones in Centurion, they called his wife on his cellphone.

"We've just robbed your white motherfucker husband and son of their mountain bikes," one of the robbers apparently bragged to Albie Holtzhausen.

The two robbers also called Holtzhausen's friends and in good Afrikaans bragged about their successful robbery.

Holtzhausen said he and Wouter were cycling on an open field outside Centurion about 13:00 on Monday.

The trouble started when they turned back towards Blue Valley Golf Estate.

"We noticed the two men next to the road, but thought nothing of it. One of them had a potato bag with him.

"The next moment, the man suddenly took out an AK-47 rifle from the potato bag and shouted at us: 'Get off, get off your bicycles!," said Holtzhausen.

"We were hardly off our bikes when the robber put the AK-47 against my head, while the other one put a knife to Wouter's throat."

Wouter said he had pepper spray with him.

"I was on the verge of using it, but then noticed the gun to my father's head and realised it would be a mistake.

"They would've killed him," said Wouter. "When the robbers saw the pepper spray, they nearly went berserk. "The ordered us to lie facedown on the ground. They wanted us to remove our helmets and cycling shoes without using our hands.

"One of the robbers stood on my back and then ripped off my shoes," said Wouter. "I started praying out loud. I believe it must've helped, because the robbers calmed down a bit.

"Then they suddenly said: 'Get up and go'. "

According to Holtzhausen, he firmly believed they would be shot in the back while running away.

"I just couldn't run. The spirit was willing, but the body unable. I kept stumbling. It must have been pure fear."


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