Tuesday, 30 October 2007

'I pleaded for my life'

Pretoria businessman Andre Badenhorst has told how he pleaded for his life when robbers threatened to shoot him in the head. (Alet Pretorius, Beeld)

29/10/2007 23:10 - (SA)

Virginia Keppler, Beeld

Pretoria - "They wanted to shoot me in the head. I tried to ward them off with my hands and pleaded for my life."

André Badenhorst has described how he pleaded with two robbers who'd attacked him at his shop in Die Wilgers at about 10:00 on Saturday morning.

Shortly before the attack, an accomplice had posed as a client and bought cement from Badenhorst.

He said the robbers attacked just after his workers had gone off to deliver the cement at a house in Nellmapius, east of the city.

"They smashed my knees, broke my ribs and tied my hands with plastic ties," Badenhorst said.

"I was alone in the office when three men in a BMW stopped outside. The man who had ordered the cement stayed in the car while the other two came running in.

One of them had a big, thick stick in his hand and the other one had a pistol.

"They began hitting me and demanded money.

Offered to go to the bank

"I gave them R5 000 and they took my TV, my watch and all the other valuables they could lay their hands on.

"They threatened to kill me. I begged them not to take my life. I said we could even go to the bank so that I could give them more money," Badenhorst said.

He said while he was being beaten up, he kept thinking of his wife Ina, 51.

The robbers also wanted to steal Badenhorst's car, but they couldn't get it started. "So they fled with the car keys."

Badenhorst said his workers later told him that they'd seen the same BMW at the house where they went to deliver the cement.

"According to my workers, thee men jumped into the BMW just as they arrived at the house with the cement.

Plans to close business

"I told the police about it and even gave them the address, but up till now, they haven't been there," Badenhorst complained on Monday.

He plans to close his business, because he's afraid he might be attacked again.

"I've had several break-ins, but this was the last straw.

"This may have been my last chance to get out alive.


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