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The nerve of Nelson Mandela

By Emanuel McLittle

All men are not created equal. There is but one single explanation for the 6,000 years of strife, the spilling of an ocean of blood, the sacrifice of light years of progress, and the basis for the current global power struggle. All of this is the result of at least two unalterably opposing types of souls, one vicious and animal like, the other enlightened and human, fighting. Both are wrapped in an immortal struggle to dominate one planet.

The goal of any confidence game is to create a sense of doubt about the obvious. Sociopaths, the leaders of more than three billion of the earth's people, operate through the veins of nations, its political structure. But the swindling of retirees out of their savings, or the smooth tongue needed to motivate others to commit immoral or illegal acts is child's play compared to the international drama currently being acted out on the world stage. Let there be no doubt, the draw stings that open and close the intermission curtain, the lighting to control perception (the media), the actors whose lies boggle the mind, all hang from a ventriloquist's string. They want to fool us all.

Even when the plot is hidden, the international players reveal enough for us to figure out the motive, as well as who is pulling their strings. This said, let us focus on Nelson Mandela, who recently emerged from retirement, at 85-years-old, to play a pivotal role in yet another scrimmage between the two great sides. Today the stage is set in the Middle East. The names are only coincidental. In every age there was an American viewpoint and an Iraqi viewpoint, with every man and woman in the world on one side or the other.

Mandela's job is to use his reputation as a persecuted black man, freed from a dungeon in the dessert, in 1990. His very presence impugns a conviction. White people, all white people, locked him away for 26 years of his life. He was branded a hero for all the dark people of the world for opposing white domination.

International brokers, his soul brothers in "high places," took control of Africa's wealthiest nation, placed a living martyr on its throne to reign over an idea far beyond the borders of South Africa. People of color, in this case, the Iraqis, are said to be the perpetual victims, Mandela implies, of nation-thieves, white, western Christians out to rule the world, a desire of their own hearts.

Mandela was strategic. South Africa was merely the staging ground for the false guilt used all around the world, for various scrimmages. Mandela's impact on the rest of the world is psychological and works like a silent weapon. When Mandela speaks, as he did recently, when he accused, "America of introducing chaos in international affairs," it is a strategic chess move. With little to no experience in politics, except the killing of whites and rival Zulu tribesmen, Mandela has no legitimate claim to greatness. There are no intelligent papers penned by Mandela. Others wrote all the speeches he delivered. His thoughts belong to others. He solved none of South Africa's internal problems. He is of average intelligence and has no money other then what was given to him for his role in South Africa's fall. So, how did he become a hero?

Mandela is called one of the world's "tallest" statesmen even before he emerged from his prison cell. Fellow Marxists around the world who created Mandela now want him to use his racial capital to influence President Bush, who is smart enough to refuse to take Mandela's telephone call. It did not take a lot of nerve for Mandela to show his face after reigning over the destruction of South Africa's prosperity. To accuse America is his true nature. Like billions of his soul brothers, Mandela is incapable of creating and building anything. His type waits for others to create and built. Then they infiltrate and take over. I believe apartheid, set aside in 1992, was a feeble, unjust and unworkable attempt, on the part of white South Africans, to separate from the dissimilar personalities obvious in the two rivaling types of humans.

South Africa is now the AIDS capitol of the world, with 55 percent of its black population testing HIV positive, according to the U.N. South Africa also leads the world in violent crime. There are more murders and rapes (per capita) in South Africa than anywhere on the globe. To cover up, Mandela and his successors have created new forms of censorship in order to hide the mess. South Africa's Jesse Jackson, Desmond Tutu, recently asked for American aid, following the mass exodus, since 1994, of more than half of South Africa's commercial farmers. This has cut food production down by 60 percent. The reason for the mass fleeing is the near 1,500 murders of small and large white farmers by black thugs carrying military weapons, possibly distributed by the ANC.

The U.S. media is silent about South Africa's killings and rapes, where white women and even small white children are intentionally infected with the AIDS virus. To suppress the truth about their brethren, world wide, is their job. There are deep and vital reasons why the news is twisted by the elitists.

Western liberals claim that the leopard-like carnage we see in South Africa is due to pent up rage, for years of apartheid. But I disagree. I propose that humans are not created equal and that what we are seeing in South Africa is the evidence that at least some men are endowed with the souls of vicious animals. Like Saddam Hussein, billions of people are dark in nature, murderous without flinching and seem gratified by horror. I further propose that this is not based on race or national origin. In fact more than half the world may belong to this race. Most are not black.

The real reason for the so-called third world is the mentality of the third world. The left says that education; the removal of poverty and the elimination of racism will make men equal in prosperity. But if that were so, America and England would be a heavenly paradise. This is where the most educated people in the world live, work and play. No, education is not the key. Wealth is not it, nor is racial equity. It is spirit gifted with some degree of illumination, without which one cannot see which way to go. No, it is not IQ. It is Spirit. Entire continents like Africa, with 2,000 varieties of vegetables, roots, fruits, legumes and grains, to say nothing of the immense wealth in minerals, diamonds and gold would not have a third of population starving, continuously. Africa could be among the wealthiest continents in the world. But it is not. The spirit is not there. It is here, in America. And everyone knows it. Does that mean that we do not make terrible political misstates? Certainly we do. Nevertheless, that has not stopped heaven's gift basket from falling on us.

Mandela presided over great wealth earned by others and still he left South Africa in chaos. He helped to reduce a wealthy nation to near poverty status. He stands next to Saddam and defends Iraq not because he believes so much in Iraq's cause but because they are brothers in the truer sense that FOX, CNN or ABC can comprehend. Saddam and Mandela are of the same heart and they know it. All of the evil of this world know each other.

North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, most of Europe, Asia, Syria, and the majority of the UN Security Council, are all on Saddam's side, no matter their rhetoric. This treatise is not entirely about Mandela. It is about redefining the real nature of our current global conflict, with Iraq in the middle at this time. All the political deviants know each other. It is the people of good-will who are strangers. This is also about every other conflict we have ever had, since a man with one world view bludgeoned his brother, who had a different world view, to death. The friction is eternal. The stakes are higher than ever. No more wooden clubs. Now comes the threat of atomic weapons. Prophets predicted their use. This is the time to know for sure, what side you are on.

© 2002 Emanuel McLittle - All Rights Reserved

Source:Free Republic

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