Thursday, 18 October 2007

Robber: I'll get help

18/10/2007 08:39 - (SA)

Hilda Fourie, Beeld

Pretoria - Armed robbers shot an estate agent in Chantelle, north of Pretoria, after she threw a cereal bowl at them.

Sanet Oosthuizen, 45, found herself looking down the barrel of a gun when she arrived home at 07:00 on Monday morning, after dropping off her children, Jolene 12, and Thysie, 10, at school.

Her eldest daughter Jacqueline, 20, was still sleeping when two robbers apparently broke into their home through a window.

"Suddenly the door opened and there was a man, pointing his pistol at me," Jacqueline said.

"He told me to get up. I slipped my cellphone, which was under my pillow, into my pants."

Another robber entered carrying a knife, and they pulled her out of the room. They were at the stairs, going to the ground floor, when her mother arrived home.

One of the robbers restrained Jaqueline, while the other went down to wait for Sanet.

"I think the robber was more scared than me. He kept saying 'Don't worry, keep quiet, then I won't hurt you.'"

"My mom had brought my sister's cereal bowl from the car. When she saw me and the robber at the stairs and the other one in front of her, she threw the bowl at him."

"She turned around and crossed her arms over her chest. That's when the robber shot her."

Oosthuizen was shot in the back. The bullet passed right through her, and hit her right middle finger.

The robbers jumped into her Ford Ranger, crashed into the garage door and sped off. One apparently said, "Don't worry, I'll call an ambulance."


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