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South Africa: What Future Is There For Whites And Other Minorities?

Mike Smith - 7/15/2007

What future is there for whites and other minorities in South Africa? It is not just whites who will disappear under the ANC/Communist rule, but all minorities - Coloureds, Indians and smaller black tribes.

I decided to take stock and maybe come up with a solution or a rescue plan to save the whites of South Africa. My approach will be two fold. First, we will look at the current path we are on and secondly, what path we should be on.

The path we are on

In my mind it is clear and there is no doubt that if we carry on the way we do at the moment, the Republic of South Africa will be heading down the same road as Zimbabwe. In a few years from now, we will be just as desperate and destitute as the people of Zimbabwe are now.

Some people may disagree with this. The liberals have faith in the blacks - they believe that blacks need some guidance and training to turn South Africa around. The Left wants to look at Botswana as an example. The Liberals think there is a future for South Africa and …for Africa. These same liberals believe that South Africa is a "Young Democracy", give it time, and all will be right in the end.

Now I have traveled extensively in my life, especially into Africa and I am not a naïve Liberal. I am also not easily convinced by the politically-correct ideology.

On the other end we have the Conservatives and Right-wingers. They are usually just as naïve, if not worse. They try to convince me that a new version of General Koos de la Rey will rise up to lead the Afrikaners to restore South Africa to its former state; the way it was prior to the "Great Afrikaner Betrayal" of 1994, when the known as "The New South Africa" came into existence under Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

These poor deluded souls read the prophecies of Nicholas (Siener) van Rensburg, as an appendix to the Revelations of St. John in The Bible. Some see it as even more accurate than The Bible. After a few drinks they sing "Die Stem" and "De la Rey, De la Rey". Then they talk about the braai, trying to convince their mates about how to solve all the "problems" in South Africa.

The "problems" they solved are normally listed as:

Too many Blacks

Whites can’t stand together

Whites don’t have any good leaders

The youth is useless

After enough talking they go and sleep it off just to wake up the next day wading through the nebula of a bad hangover trying to find their trousers. Welcome to reality!

The reality in South Africa, let's take stock

South Africa is run by a Marxist regime. They are hell bent on having major black tribes dominating politics and the economy, and will not stop until they have achieved their goals. It is the same thing every other African country has tried to achieve. The inevitable result is:

Total destruction of the economy

Total destruction of food production


Total destruction and collapse of infrastructure

Substandard education

The eradication of all possible resistance, whites and other minorities through forced emigration, famine or genocide.

A pure Communist state

Zimbabwe-style Communist dictatorship is what the ANC is planning long-term for South Africa. Whether you think it is stupid is totally irrelevant to them. The aim is to stay in power forever. They do not care what they destroy or how many people they brutally kill in the process.

Now some deluded artists like Steve Hofmeyer, et al reckons, "No way!" or "Over my dead body".

Well Steve, I have news for you - that is exactly what is going to happen. They are going to take your beloved Pretoria and your beloved Loftus Rugby Stadium and destroy it. They are going to kill your children, rape and kill your wife in front of you and then hack you to death with machetes. Just like everywhere else in Africa!

This is what's going to happen to every single white family, liberal or conservative, who will not leave the country. They can deny, but deep down, they know it is the truth. They just don’t want to admit it to themselves, because it is just too horrible to imagine.

I am a realist and I speak the truth. Denial of the truth does not make the truth any less accurate. It remains the truth. Twenty or thirty years from now there will not be a single white person left in South Africa. They will all have either immigrated or been killed in a Rwanda-style genocide.

Now some will say, "The West will never allow it; they will send troops and rescue us. They will give us asylum". Yes, keep telling yourselves that. When Mugabe drove out 60,000 white farmers, Britain wouldn’t allow them in. Which country wants 60,000 asylum seekers on their doorstep? No one! Now tell me, which country is going to take in four million whites?

The solution

There is, however a solution. One can listen to it or discard it as unachievable, but if you do not qualify for immigration and if you are serious about remaining and surviving in South Africa, you may have no choice. General De La Rey will come back. The Boer will again have Generals and heroes, but there are a few things we must do first.

War goes through a process. First, the civilians need to want the war. That want must be strong enough for the Civilian leaders to act on it. The civilian government then instructs the generals to go to war. Generals are only assistants of the civilian government. Once the General starts the fight, civilian government must stay out of it.

We need to acknowledge reality. AIDS is not going to kill all the blacks and we will never outnumber them. Apartheid South Africa is gone. We will never get it back. The Boer Republics are gone and not going to be restored. The West is not going to help us in genocide; if anything they will side with the blacks and say that we deserved it.

Militarily if you are outnumbered you should defend and fight with your back to the wall. Siege warfare is the most difficult of all for the attackers and should only be used as a last resort. Siege warfare causes the enemy will take many casualties and still not win.

Now start thinking about Bloodriver - classic example of a concentration of numbers and siege warfare. Whether it is political or military warfare, concentration of numbers is your only way to success if you are under siege. Terrain also plays a big role in siege warfare.

So what do we need to do? White people need to start a "New Great Trek". We need to trek back to the Cape. Why the Cape?

First, the Blacks have no historical claim to the Cape. The Hotentots who were the original inhabitants, died out from smallpox in the eighteenth century. Current coloureds are mixed from Malaysians, Indonesians, Whites and Hottentots.

Second, the mountainous terrain makes access difficult. Access on a military scale (tanks, trucks, etc) is only possible through a few mountain passes and back roads. The passes and bridges can be blown up to control access. If it ever comes to a war, that is what we will have to do to defend.

Third, the Cape has two major harbours, Cape Town and Saldanha. The Cape is militarily strategic and very important to the Western World, so they might assist us. Further, the Cape has fertile soil and lots of water. So we will have plenty of food.

Some may argue that the Cape has no minerals, and all the gold and diamonds are up north. People won't just leave their houses en masse and look for jobs in the other part of the country.

Those are all true, but let us think it through. The problem is people's fear of the unknown. Let's look at the original "Great Trek" of our ancestors, including the English who trekked with the Dutch (it's a myth that it was only the Dutch who trekked).

Our ancestors faced dangers and unknowns worse than we ever would. They faced no infrastructure, lots of dangerous natives, wild animals, and little medicine. The only available good had to be hunted for. Our situation is a lot better than theirs, but we still don't want to trek. Why?

It is because we are "materialistic and cultural clingers". We cling to our houses in Waterkloof Ridge and Sandton, we cling to Loftus and the Voortrekker Monument. We cling to the names of Pretoria and Potchefstroom. We cling to the statue of Paul Kruger. We cling to our way of life and that is going to be our downfall. We need to learn to let go. Yes, it may be seen by some as admitting defeat for a proud people, but it will not be a real defeat. Letting go and trekking back to the Cape is a strategic withdrawal, not defeat. If you are not willing to do that, then things are not bad enough for you yet.

Forget Loftus; we will build a new Loftus in the Cape. Forget the Voortrekker monument; we will build a grander one! Forget that nice house in Sandton, we will build better ones in the Cape. Forget about what political party you vote for in Gauteng, it's useless anyway, and you canvote for them down in the Cape, if you so choose. Let go of your farm; it's lost! We will "Saam Farm" in the Cape on Kibutzes. Forget the gold and diamonds. Without the whites, the blacks will never get it out the ground anyway. We will start new "Gold Mines" in the Cape in the form of tourism and businesses.

White people of the north, our future is in the "New Great Trek" back to the Cape. It's either staying here in Transvaal and Freestate to get exterminated, or we trek back. Most of us (95%) can't immigrate, but we can make it work in the Cape. You know why? Because we are white! Not only are we going to make it work, but we are going to prosper! We and whites from the Cape can create funds to help people relocate. Whites in the Cape can help with temporary accommodation. We can stay by family or friends. We must just be prepared to take the step. We need to help each other. Once we have numerical superiority in the Cape and Political power, we declare our independence. Furthermore, we need to be prepared to defend the Cape with our lives because the ANC are not going to let us have it without a fight and it will be our last stand on this continent. We also need to ally with the coloureds because they are next in the extermination queue. Forget about the pedantics of politics. This is about survival.

It would be a new Boer South Africa, maybe much smaller, but safer and sustainable. At least we will be safe and free from ANC oppression. In our new South Africa, we will not have Affirmative Action or Black Economic Empowerment. We will have a proper police force, a functioning justice system, politicians that can govern properly without corruption and the death penalty for seriously violent crimes. We will have proper schools with mother tongue education, proper universities that actually teach, neighbourhoods where our kids can play without fear of crime, and farms where we can grow beautiful crops without the fear of being attacked.

What is it going to take to get our wheels rolling South? It took a genocide of 6 million Jews to get them to create the state of Israel. But we don't have 6 million people! Are we going to wait for our own holocaust before we begin the trek back? Time will tell.

Do not be afraid of the numerical difference we would face in a full blown war. Israel has only 6 million Jews and they are surrounded by 200 million hostile Arabs, yet they are holding out. Our ancestors were vastly outnumbered at Bloodriver and they survived. We held out against the Communists with only about 3,000 soldiers on the Angolan border, we can do it again. History is full of outnumbered armies who survived and defeated their aggressors.

Let us start finding solutions for the problems we face. Let us start identifying the leaders of our "New Great Trek". We need new Piet Retiefs, Andries Pretoriuses and Sarel Cilliers'. There is a lot to think about and plan. I do not have all the answers, but I have faith in my white brethren. I have been known to be a good listener too, so if anyone has any more suggestions; speak up. I am convinced that we can make a plan when we really have to. Let us get the proper planning in place so long.

General De la Rey and others will rise the day we need them the most!

Source:Global Politician


Anonymous said...

To Rudi Prinsloo

I agree with a bit of the things mentioned in your long read, however reading further it leaves me with the impression that you want an old South Africa were Once again your so called white brethren rule, leaving us again with an apartheid system. Remember that since the New SA whites are not the only ones affected negatively. Your plans of a fully white ruling is delusional, what seems as minority(coloureds and indians)is not. Many of us will stand together with the white folk against a full black ruling, But we will still not TRUST the BOER.

Indian in Arms(Cape Town)

Yaba said...

Start to have more children, u should of think of that a long time agao..