Thursday, 18 October 2007

'They're busy hurting her...'

17/10/2007 23:15 - (SA)

Hilda Fourie, Beeld

Pretoria - A security company called Gideon Odendaal of Pretoria at 16:39 on Tuesday afternoon to inform him that there were problems at his home in Lynnwood Manor.

Odendaal, who was in the Western Cape, phoned home but nobody answered. He then tried to call his wife Kathy's cellphone number, but she didn't answer.

The domestic worker eventually answered her cellphone and all she was able to say was "They're busy hurting her."

Soon after that, Kathy Odendaal, 51, was murdered in her house in Farnham Street by armed attackers who had first raped her.

Lynnwood residents 'upset'

She was also assaulted and robbed.

Gideon Odendaal took the first available flight home.

Members of the police forensics unit were fine-combing the Odendaal home on Wednesday morning for leads.

While the police were conducting their search, Marlize Odendaal, the victim's daughter, arrived at the house.

She was in the Kruger National Park when her mother was murdered.

Marlize sat on the pavement outside and just stared at the house.

"It's terrible, what happened to my mother," she said.

Odendaal said Lynnwood had been hit by a recent crime wave, and the residents were furious.

Their anger had been fuelled by a Tshwane metro council decision a while back, turning down their request to become a gated community.

Odendaal said people were living in fear in their own homes.

"The council said our application to become a security neighbourhood, was apartheid.

"It has nothing to do with white or black. It's about our safety.

Odendaal said the residents were preparing a court case against the council.


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