Tuesday, 16 October 2007

'We'll rape your wife'

Morne van Wyk and Sune recall how they were attacked. (Alet Pretorius, Beeld)
15/10/2007 22:35 - (SA)

Hilda Fourie, Beeld

Pretoria - "Give me your gun or I'll rape your wife."

As former police spokesperson Morné van Wyk lay next to his wife Dalene on the floor of the entrance hall in their Garsfontein, Pretoria home, these words echoed in his ears.

Armed robbers struck at about 18:30 on Sunday, holding up and robbing the Van Wyks and their two children, Jacques, 11, and Suné, 7.

While the family lay on the floor with their hands bound with neckties, the robbers kicked them and called them names that Van Wyk didn't want to repeat.

Was denied gun licence

"One's training starts going through your head. Are you going to intervene and challenge or are you going to co-operate?

"You don't think of yourself, you think of your family. That's when you become humble, and start to beg and plead," Van Wyk said.

He was no longer a police officer, and now worked for a security company.

Jacques was asleep when the robbers stormed the Van Wyk home as he was resting ahead of the Rugby World Cup semi-final that was due to start later that evening.

Dalene Van Wyk and her daughter Suné were busy in the kitchen.

Morné said the dogs began to bark loudly.

When he went out of the back door to see what was wrong, he walked straight into a gun.

He and the two women in his life were then tied up with neckties and told to lie in the entrance hall.

Chased after them

The robbers went to wake up Jacques, got him out of bed and said he should show them where the safe was.

Van Wyk didn't have a firearm because his application was rejected about a year and a half ago.

"They (the officials who considered his application) said my motivation of self-defence was not sufficient."

The robbers ransacked the house within 12 minutes and got away in Dalene's Toyota Corolla.

Van Wyk chased after the robbers in his bakkie, following them to Nellmapius Street, east of Pretoria.

He lost them at one stage because he didn't have a firearm or a cellphone with him, and he didn't want to confront them.

Inspector Paul Ramaloko confirmed the incident. He said a case of armed robbery was being investigated.


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