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White South Africa Responds To Anglo-American "War On Terrorism"

THE HNP (Herstigte Nasionale Party) has written a letter to the Ambassador of Great Britain, raising pertinent points regarding their nation’s support, both moral and material, for terrorists operating against South Africa over a long period. To the British Ambassador they wrote, “We, as representatives of the Afrikaner people, still cannot understand why your country harboured communist terrorists in London for over three decades ...“

Another letter to the United States Ambassador follows in full.

Dear Sir,

Re: Acts of terror against the American people.

We, the HNP, have publicly condemned the acts by terrorists on the WTC in New York, including the Pentagon, on Tuesday, September 11, as atrocious deeds, and we declared that this situation could have been prevented if action was taken against terrorism in the Western world on a more consistent basis since the 1970’s.

We have noted the reaction of the American politicians who are taking a strong stand against terrorism. As representatives of the Afrikaner people we know what you have to contend with, as we have experienced the onslaught of terrorist attacks on our country for three decades, since the beginning of the 1970’s.

We did, however, also experience America’s ambivalent attitude during the communist war that was waged against the RSA, and at times your active and direct political support for the ANC-SACP terrorist movement.

Communist war against order and civilisation

You will recall that the campaign of terror conducted by ZANU, ZAPU, SWAPO, and the ANC-SACP in Southern Africa (movements your government supported in many ways) were also backed by the Soviet Union, Cuba, Red China, and other communist countries, e.g. the DDR.

The aims of these terrorist movements were quite clear: to destroy law and order, and the basis of civilisation in Rhodesia, South West Africa and the Republic of South Africa [RSA]. The results are now clearly seen in Zimbabwe, where property rights are destroyed and the lives of white farmers are threatened on a daily basis.

Need we remind you that in South Africa, since the take over of the government by the ANC-SACP-COSATU alliance in 1994, 1100 farmers have been murdered in the most savage and brutal manner. This is an ongoing war against the Afrikaner people. While terrorism is being waged against the farmers in Southern Africa, what is your government’s position on this?

Your indifference now stands exposed, as you are reacting to your own situation and the US government is asking the world to support the US.

Communist goals

During the period 1970-1990 the US sided with terrorist movements that can only be described in the same terms you are using to characterise your enemies. ZANU, SWAPO and the ANC were operating from London and the United States as an “international force of terrorism”.

The aim of the communist program in Southern Africa was clear. In his book “The Three Faces of Revolution,” Dr. Fred Schwarz states this briefly: “Communist proposes a revolution to seize power. They believe this revolution will need to be violent in most cases . . .“(p39) In South Africa the communist programme led to savage deeds by the ANC-SACP such as necklacing (burning opponents to death).

The death toll in Black-on-Black violence in the period 1980-1996 in the province of Natal alone is estimated at 20,000. It clearly was a war of terror carried out by the very people you supported, not only a war against “apartheid” but certainly also a war against innocent Black people who opposed the communist movement.

In your support for the Black revolutionary movements in Southern Africa, you were prepared to portray these movements as “freedom fighters” - and you imposed sanctions and other punitive measures against our country to isolate the RSA, thereby directly contributing to the success of the revolutionary war pursued by the ANC-SACR

The American government and people probably need to be reminded that Nelson Mandela’s movement, the ANC-SACP and MK, planted bombs and landmines in restaurants, shopping centres, and public places in order to kill innocent citizens of this country. You turned a blind eye to this, and regularly condemned South Africa for taking tough measures against the terrorists, and for attacking bases in the countries who sheltered them.

You went further. The American government continued to put pressure on South Africa to negotiate with these terrorist movements, especially during the 1980’s and the early 1990’s, even though, in the words of Dr. Chester A Crocker: “A wholly new dimension was added when the Soviets and Cubans intervened militarily in 1975 to install a Marxist regime in Angola, and then developed close military ties with Mozambique, Zambia, and the anti-South African guerrilla movements SWAPO and the ANC”. See Dr. Crocker’s book, High Noon in Southern Africa, 1992, (p35).

While enforcing severe sanctions against South Africa, you increased your financial aid to countries such a Zimbabwe and Mozambique who harboured the terrorist movements against our country, and had meetings with terrorist leaders in Washington - e.g. Mr George Schultz’s meeting with Oliver Tambo on 28 January 1986. The stance you are taking now against international forces of terrorism and the measures your country has announced, fully justifies the actions South Africa took to protect itself against the onslaught of SWAPO and the ANC.

However in the light of our experience of US duplicity, we urgently request you to confirm that the United States is prepared to demonstrate a consistent attitude and policy, i.e. that you are consistent in your rejection of terrorism perpetrated against free peoples, and civilised societies, wherever that may occur.

A spokesperson of the US embassy in South Africa, Judy Moon, stated in an interview on E-TV on Thursday 13 September 2001, that “everyone has to work together to stop terrorism” and that nations and governments who harbour and assist these terrorists “should be isolated from the world community”.

Mr. Colin Powell also declared: “We [the US] will hold accountable any country who acts as hosts to these terrorists.” He said on CNN that the US is prepared to go after the perpetrators of terrorist deeds, not only those directed against the United States, but against civilisation, no matter where.

If this is indeed your intention, the Afrikaners of South Africa would like to know whether you are prepared to denounce the terror being perpetrated against farmers in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

To show its consistency the US government should state its official position with respect to the atrocious deeds of terror directed against the farmers of South Africa in which some 1100 farmers (and the members of their families) have died since 1994. These are unmistakable acts of terror directed against civilisation, by people who have clearly chosen the Boer farmers as their targets of preference.

We therefore demand:

• That the US government openly and unequivocally condemn the ongoing attacks on the farmers in South Africa as unacceptable deeds of terrorism;

• That the US government calls for the cessation of the infamous policy adopted by the ANC/SACP regime on so-called “land reform”, as this policy only serves to encourage the terrorists to attack white farmers in South Africa;

• That the US government explicitly repudiate the editorial published in the New York Times on March 31, 2001, in which it was openly suggested that the attacks on the farmers in South Africa were justified, because of the treatment received by black workers on these farms - as such false propaganda can only encourage acts of violence and terror against the white farmers and their families in South Africa.

If the United States government wants to be seen as a credible force against terrorism in the world, and as a nation who is prepared to stand for civilised values, your position on the above demands should be urgently clarified.

We await your answer.

L.J. van der Schyff

(Courtesy ‘Trumpet Magazine’)

Source:The Ensign Message

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