Monday, 19 November 2007

Cry of Silence - "The Cultbury Story"

Description from Afrikanerboetie, the author of this video:

The following is based upon a true story, not recommended for viewers younger than 16. While I was on a research trip, I had the oppertunity to spend some time with a very brave young girl. It gave me the oppertunity to present her story to you. Under certian circumstances I was not able to give you the full story, due to the fact that I am not a monster, and promised her that her name will not be revealed, in fear of other reasons. I am a boer and my word is my bond. And every Afrikaner knows that means I will take her name to my grave. Cry of silence is my contribution to her. We all can stand to listen to what our children have to say, we must think seriously of ending this, or take drastic actions to prepare ourselves for War, if needs be.
Please contribute, not with money, but with your spare time, to give to those that really are in need of help, you can do this by simply making your voice heard and forcing your own goverments to take notice.
Thanks for taking the time to watch her story and God Bless.


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