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It's elementary, my dear Watson

Date Posted: Tuesday 13-Nov-2007

It is always fascinating to watch the drama unfold when Reason and 'Church' clash. This time round James Watson (of DNA/RNA fame) dared to cross the De-Rationalized Zone of scientific inquiry to cast doubt on certain blatantly feel-good assumptions underpinning the lop-sidedness of Western multi-culturalism. His critique basically boiled down to questioning the irrational assumption that all the races have exactly the same skills and abilities (even in the 100-meter sprint), irrespective of the geographical and historical variables that fostered their development.

Given the wide acceptance of Darwin's Theory of Evolution, Watson's critique should actually have been just another standard scientific thesis that could've been proven or disproven by empirical testing. But lo and behold, the 'Church' of our time will not have its 'scientific authority' undermined…even if the evidence is clear for all to see.

After the 'Church' threatened to ostracize him from the fickle PC science community and emotion-addicted Oprahverse (popular culture), Watson immediately recanted – thereby following the time-honoured tradition of chickenhood among top proponents of the natural (hard) sciences. It is really interesting to note that while people like Galileo and Watson chickened out even though they could see the evidence with their own eyes; people (philosophers) like Socrates and Giordano Bruno were willing to sacrifice their very lives solely for the sake of a principle. Socrates took the hemlock voluntarily just to prove that the 'Church' can never have sole dominion over the question 'Why?', and Bruno embraced a fiery end solely for the innate human right to say 'No!' to the 'Church'.

Be that as it may, Watson really should've stuck to his guns because, seen from any reasonable point of view, he didn't do anything untoward. All science starts with problems, as Karl Popper explained. And the problems experienced when trying to integrate black populations into modern societies are clear for all to see. For example, 70% of all black babies in the USA are born out of wedlock and blacks are responsible for 59% of all the crime in the USA despite making out only 12% of the population. Monetary support equaling the Marshall Plan is pumped into America's inner-cities every 4 years just to keep them alive. The abovementioned are hard scientific facts.

These problems pale in comparison however to what is currently happening in South Africa, where one can witness first-hand the tragic collapse of, erstwhile, First World institutions like the criminal justice & health care systems and the infrastructure at the hands of the black government. Following from the above examples, and innumerable others, it is glaringly obvious that the current dogma of the 'Church' – that all the races are absolutely equal in all their abilities – is seriously struggling to find validation when confronted with hard empirical evidence.

That there is a problem cannot be doubted anymore; and to burn top scientists like Watson on the pyre of multi-cultural feel-goodness will definitely not solve anything…. and neither will 'mothering' or singing away the problem except, of course, if we can convince Brangelina and Madonna to each adopt 100 million black babies. Bono's U2 White Guilt crooning about 'The Saints that are (not) Coming' will also not provide any lasting solutions because the leaders of many African nations recently willingly restarted the debt cycle by voluntarily signing away their independence to fuel the insatiable appetite of the amoral Chinese… to make a quick buck. Whether a Chinese rock band called 'U3' will one day succeed in selling 'Yellow Guilt' to adults by emotionally blackmailing the democratically elected governments of sovereign nations while making millions of dollars by pandering to the whimsical emotional lives of pubescents, is rather unlikely. But then, stranger things have been spawned in Oprahverse.

Having been blessed with one of the best brains on the planet, Watson should've taken cognizance of the fact that one must be very wily when challenging the 'scientific authority' of the 'Church' so brazenly. His scientific doubt would've been much better served if he had had the extra gray matter to package his critique in such a way that it would've appeared to be indispensable to the 'Church's' fight against the latest 'Universal Evil' namely, Global Warming. Maybe if he had asserted that only intelligent people are able to save the planet from a man-made climate-induced Armageddon within the next 10 years, he would've been able to leave the PC Papal Chambers with only a blush and a slight burning sensation below the waistline. Hell, I think even old Galileo himself would've been able state with more testicular fortitude that our planet was not the centre of the Universe, had he added that the Pope was the centre of all Existence…even before the Big Bang (pun intended)!

But alas, Reason once again had to kneel before the dogma of the do-gooders of our age who still believe that man is a tabula rasa. And one actually cannot blame a run-of-the-mill empiricist like Watson for being completely out of his league in the ballgame of universal ideas and a-historical ideals. What poor old Watson could never even have phantomed in his most positivistic dreams was the fact that his Double Helix discovery was infinitely less complicated than the Double Standard Hypocrisy comprising the lop-sidedness of Western multi-culturalism.

He should've realized by now that, for example, whites and blacks are not even equal in death. When whites kill whites everything is still normal and when blacks kill blacks (e.g. the Rwandan genocide) everything is still acceptable. But once the killing transcends the colour line all reason and fairness flies out the window faster than the white smoke (or Oscar/Nobel Prize) heralding in the reign of the next PC Pope. When blacks kill whites, like the 2000 white farmers brutally tortured and slaughtered since Mandelatopia descended from La La Land, it is deliberately ignored (or spin-doctored away) lest the 'Church's' eternal wisdom appear flawed. It is as if the lives of whites have even less value when they have been killed by blacks. This is in stark contrast to the value that is added to the lives of blacks who have been killed (or threatened) by whites. One only has to compare the Rodney King and the Jena Six beatings to understand how fundamentally different the value attributed to life is between blacks and whites. Thou shalt not kill…except if s/he is white!

Another sterling example of the Double Standard Hypocrisy of Western multi-culturalism is the rationale underpinning Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment. Blacks are as fast as pigs in Palestine to claim preferential treatment for the fact that Westerners initially refused them the keys to Rome (slavery, colonialism, Apartheid, etc) but they conveniently forget that they had no universal a-historical claim to Roman citizenship in the first place. Rome was built on/by the blood and sweat of Westerners while blacks were still doing the Iron Age spear-chucking thing in Darkest Africa. It is therefore completely unfair to demand the juiciest bits of Roman society at the expense of those who had the unique moral rectitude to make you part of something you never even could’ve conceived of in your wildest dreams. It is like demanding a top scholarship at an elite university overseas even though you didn't even have a kindergarten back home.

Be that as it may; there can be no doubt that the whole drama surrounding Watson's naive attempt to challenge the 'Church' of our time stinks to high heaven. And what is even more disconcerting is the fact that the majority of Westerners actually fervently follow this folly. Have we no pride anymore in our achievements as a completely unique civilization? Are we to sacrifice ourselves, our hard-won knowledge and experience, (like Jesus) for the sake of 'Others', who are as directionless as a fart in a hurricane solely because we have willingly forsaken our quest for the Truth…and nothing but the Truth, so help us God? It truly is elementary, my dear Watson.

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Posted By: Albert Brenner
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