Tuesday, 6 November 2007

We will never leave SA: crime victims

November 06 2007 at 09:24AM

A German man, who shot two of the three men attempting to hijack his vehicle, on Tuesday said he would never leave SA because it was his home.

"I have been robbed before and my son has been robbed three times, and once had an AK47 pointed at his head... but even while there is too much crime in the country, we still love it.. and would never leave," the German man's 61-year-old wife said.

She did not want to be named for fear that the hijacker that escaped would return to kill her.

The couple have been living in Durban's Pinetown suburb since 1973 and were attacked on Sunday night.

Police spokesperson Captain Debbie O' Brien said it was an unusual twist of events.

The couple was returning home from a friend's house when their vehicle was blockaded at a T Junction on Sandhurst Road in New Germany.

"One guy came to my window and began banging on it... another two went to the driver's side and shouted at my husband to open up," the wife said.

"My husband refused to open and asked what they wanted... there was no warning. The hijacker just pulled out a gun and shot my husband," she said.

The bullet struck him in the arm.

The gunman then reached through the shattered window and switched off the car.

The hijackers demanded cellphones and money.

"I took my cellphone and gave it to him and he ripped by husband's watch off."

The woman said the gunman then stepped back and that was when her 67-year-old husband took control of the situation.

"He pulled out his gun - which was in the holster on his side - and just began firing... they ran like rabbits," she said.

Police and emergency services were alerted.

The wounded hijacker and victim were taken to separate hospitals.

Police said the hijacker had been transferred from RK Khan Hospital to City Hospital and was in a critical condition.

On Tuesday morning, Pinetown police's Inspector Solomon Mbele said there was no change in his condition.

The second wounded suspect fled to a nearby home for assistance, saying he had been hijacked and shot by someone.

"The family rushed the man to clinic - not knowing he was a hijacker.

"When they returned home, detectives informed them of events that had transpired," Mbele said.

Police went to the clinic but Mbele said the man was not found.

A third man fled the scene uninjured.

"I am still not at ease staying at home alone," the wife said. - Sapa


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