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Criminal Conditioning in South Africa

Mike Smith - 11/7/2007

The leading expert on the subject of Killology today is Lt-Col. Dave Grossman. Grossmann found that there were many books written on (and research done into) the psychology of man’s creative spirit, namely sex or “Sexology”, but very little research existed about the psychology of man’s darker side, that of killing a fellow human being. Lt-Col Grossmann is the author of several books and a well-respected lecturer and adviser on the subject of “Killology”. In his book “On Killing – The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society”, Lt-Col. Grossman explores this darker side of man in much detail. His conclusions are startling and it points out that there might still be some hope for humanity simply, because we are not suppose to kill our own species.

Lt-Col. Grossman found that soldiers in the two World Wars (from all sides) had a firing rate of 15% -20%. In other words, 80% of all soldiers never fired their rifles and only about 2% aimed to kill, the rest deliberately missed their targets. He further found that most kills were from artillery or other “Long Range” weapons such as sniper rifles. The soldiers, who did kill their enemies up close, suffered terrible trauma for years afterwards.

He says that, if we look at two deadly species such as Piranhas and Rattlesnakes, we can see that inter-species killing is rare. Piranhas fight each other by slapping their tails and Rattlesnakes wrestle each other. When soldiers have to kill other soldiers on the battlefield, something happens that stops them. A psychological blockage sets in that makes it extremely difficult for one human being to kill another up close. This blockage is even stronger when soldiers have to kill civilians. Given those incidents such as My Lai happens, it is still extremely rare for soldiers to kill civilians.

Lt-Col. Grossman further found that man would rather kill at a distance. Ever since the invention of the club until the Atomic bomb, man has been looking at ways of killing at a distance rather than having to experience the trauma of looking his enemy in the eye and shoving a bayonet through his body. The evolution of the club, into the spear, then the bow & arrow, the rifle, artillery and finally dropping bombs from planes and pressing buttons to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles, are all man’s search to avoid killing up close and having to experience the psychological trauma of killing a fellow human being up close.

Lt-Col. Dave Grossman also found that it is extremely difficult to train soldiers to kill and that it is only through modern training methods of simulating actual combat that soldiers are able to fire automatically at their enemies in combat situations. Most importantly however, is not so much the training given to these soldiers, but the psychological conditioning performed on them. After the Second World War, they found that “Johnny can’t kill” and in order for him to kill, propaganda and psychology needed to be used to de-sensitize him. In order for him to kill, the soldier needs to be thinking he is killing “Japs, Krauts, Kaffirs” or whatever, but not humans. The enemy needs to be dehumanized and hated. Secondly, the soldier needs to be conditioned to have a “Pavlovian response” to killing other humans. Thirdly, the soldier needs to be able to deny his actions, by saying to himself that, “he only acted on orders, the enemy deserved it, etc”.

In subsequent wars after World War II such as Vietnam, the US invasion of Panama and The Falklands War, the firing rate of soldiers were around 90-95%, but still only about 50% would aim to hit their target.

Very notable from his research is that Grossman avoids racial differences and concludes that his observations can be found across all racial groups.

If this is true and if we apply Lt-Col. Grossman’s research to the current violent situation in South Africa, then a few interesting questions needs to be asked.

We currently see in South Africa a murder rate of 55 per day and around 18,000 – 20,000 a year. Most of these murders are black-on-black or black-on-white murders. We have seen more than 3,000 white farmers murdered (by blacks) in the last ten years alone. Most of these murders are not simple kills, but are accompanied by gross torture lasting hours or days. Whites especially are tortured to death with boiling water, horrifically raped and cut into pieces. Often nothing is stolen from the homesteads or homes of the victims.

Now the question needs to be asked: “Are blacks more predisposed to killing their fellow human beings?”

If the answer to the above question is “No”, and if Lt-Col Grossman’s research states that it is only through specialized training and conditioning that it becomes easier for humans to kill other humans, then surely the blacks are being conditioned to kill!

Now the question arises. What methods of training and conditioning are used to make it so easy for blacks to kill other blacks and....whites? Not just killing them, but killing them up close and personal, torturing them for hours.

Most importantly…WHO is doing this conditioning? Who is conditioning blacks to kill whites in South Africa?

If blacks are the same as other human beings and not predisposed to kill easier than other races, then it should be just as difficult for them to kill fellow human beings, regardless of ethnicity or colour.

The only other explanation for the high rate of black-on-black and black-on-white murders, then should be psychological conditioning.

In South Africa we know that the culture of the nine different black tribes certainly lends itself to this kind of conditioning. Blacks slaughter animals in their back yards on a daily basis. Everything from chickens, goats, sheep and cattle are butchered in full view of children on a daily basis. Black children also see a lot of alcohol and drug abuse amongst the adults. Domestic violence is common and personal disputes are solved with physical violence, often leading to death. By the time a black child in South Africa reaches adolescence, chances are he or she has seen multiple human killings at the hands of other humans. This leads to a perpetual cycle of violence and killing through cultural conditioning.

Is cultural conditioning the only explanation for blacks having a far higher rate of killing than other ethnic groups?

Certainly many Afrikaners grew up on farms and have also seen the slaughtering of animals from a young age. I was about four when I saw my father slit the throat of a sheep for the first time. My mother was an ace butcher and could sort out anything from Jack Rabbits and Porcupines to a Koedoe with surgical precision better than any man, yet she was the most gentle woman one could imagine. I learned from a very young age that meat does not come from pretty little white packages with a branch of parsley on top in the supermarket.

Likewise the Muslim community in South Africa regularly has ritual slaughters called "Korban", where the children are encouraged to view the ritual slaughter of sheep prior to religious festivals. Yet, in South Africa, Muslims are some of the most peace-loving people, despite sometimes growing up in coloured townships resembling ghetto conditions where gang violence is common and street murders frequent. South African Muslims are highly respected business people and professionals who contribute immensely to the GDP of the country, but were forced to live in coloured areas under Apartheid.

Most Afrikaner and English speaking white males between the ages of 35 and 60 served in South Africa's bush war on the Namibian/Angolan border as conscripts. Although there are incidents of PTSD amongst these men, most of them are today successful business people and professionals who will tell you that the two years they spent in the South African Defense Force, were the best years of their lives (not that they would want to repeat it though). Most of these ex soldiers look back on their service with a huge smile and wish their sons could also go and do two years tour of duty. Many will tell you that before the "Army" they were on a one way road to prison, and the military saved them. Most of these men have killed in battle, yet they are not murderers, but productive citizens of a country.

The reasons for the successful re-integration of our soldiers are still somewhat of a mystery to most people. At the time, the SADF was the only army in the world who conducted training under operational conditions. They treated their soldiers with respect. Our dead were never (as far as practically possible) left on the battlefield and were buried in their home towns in full military honours.

Our brave were given medals as appreciation and acknowledgment for their deeds. Basically we treated our servicemen as heroes. Each and every one, from the cook to the Special Forces Operative was a hero and a cog in a gigantic hero machine.

If you treat your soldiers like that, they don't mind risking their lives and dying so much. In fact, they find glory in death.

Why then were the SADF so successful against their Marxist terrorist opponents? They never lost a battle in 30 years against the Communist forces of Cuba, Russia, East Germany and the local Angolans, despite being outnumbered 20:1.

Let us look at how the enemy of the Afrikaners treated their soldiers. The Communists treat their soldiers badly. They hardly feed them, torture their own and basically rule through fear. The dead are left to rot on the battle field. Communist tactics are one of numbers. No matter how many die, it is all justified in the end. I remember how we use to bury their dead for them. Sometimes in mass graves, but at least it was more dignified than to leave them on the battlefield to rot and be eaten by hyenas or vultures. Today we are vilified for that.

Another Communist technique is to fight only until the resistance becomes strong and to then flee. Communists are cowards, but the way they were treated by their superiors and the way they treated their dead, had a major impact on the morale of their soldiers. It can be seen from the way we engaged them in the bush of Southern Angola.

These Marxist terrorist would, for instance, engage us on patrol and all their AK-47's were set to "Automatic". Within a second their thirty or fifty round magazines would be emptied and mostly over our heads, showing an extreme lack of training. They would then throw down their weapons and scatter away, mostly until they reached a village and could blend in with the locals. Our losses where minimal and most of our soldiers who were shot, had head wounds, proving that our enemies were aiming way too high. We would find that their dead bodies would have seven full magazines on them, yet they only emptied the first one and then threw the weapon down and ran away. They obviously panicked and were not trained properly. Sending untrained soldiers to war is like sending cattle to a slaughter house.

Therefore, knowing how blacks operate under combat conditions, I can agree to some extent with Lt-Col Grossman. They are just as scared to kill a fellow human being as Whites, Chinese or Latinos, but judging from the way they are killing today in a supposedly "Peaceful Society" in South Africa, I have to conclude that these blacks in South Africa are systematically being conditioned to hate whites and kill them off as if they were vermin. Somebody or some organisation is spreading messages of hatred towards whites amongst the black population of South Africa. All the signs of classical conditioning are there, we just need to ask ourselves, "Who is behind it all?"

I have my personal opinion as to who these head shrinkers are, but I will leave it up to the reader to comment.

Source:Global Politician


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