Saturday, 29 December 2007

Four men rob home on Vaal Rand

27/12/2007 13:07 - (SA)

Johannesburg - Vaal Rand police are searching for four men following a house robbery at Hartebeesfontein at De Deur, south of Johannesburg.

Captain Shado Mashobane said four armed men stormed into a house after the owner - Susan Venter, 49 - who was with her family at the time, opened the door to let her dog out on Wednesday at about 21:00.

"The men armed with 9mm pistols went into the house demanding cellphones, jewellery and cash."

Mashobane said two shots were fired when the dog tried to attack the robbers but no one was injured.

"The suspects ran away, disappearing into the darkness, along with the items and a mere R150. Venter estimated the items to be worth R4 500," he said.


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Anonymous said...

I have noticed that when one resists an attack the bastards flee and one stands a chance to survive.
Lessons to be learnt, arm yourself, know how, and when to use your firearm. Take up a shooting sport to become proficient with your gun.
If you are within the law resist with everything you have when attacked, do not simply roll over and die.