Wednesday, 30 January 2008

How to beat Global Apartheid

By Albert Brenner.

January 27, 2008 01:00 PM EST

Imagine a place where the colour of your skin will be the main reason why you would be refused permission to move from A to B. Further imagine a place where those at point B have spent billions in trying to keep you at point A. They've erected spiked walls, thousands of miles of barbed-wire fences and patrol their borders 24/7 just to make absolutely sure that you cannot enter their domain, not even in the dead of the night. That they don't want you there is heart-rendingly evident every time you see another group of your brothers turned away or another shanty town being erected on the borders by your kin who, like you, must seemingly stay forever on the fringes of the developed world. And then you ask yourself the question; aren't we all equal…..a brotherhood of man? If so, why can't we just simply tear down these artificial race barriers….to live as one!?

Now you would probably answer all excitedly; "Yes, but we did. Apartheid is dead!" And right you would be, were it Apartheid South Africa that was described in the above paragraph. But it was not. It was simply a description of the everyday world we live in. What, in effect, is the difference between Europe's treatment of Africans and Apartheid's treatment of Africans? Isn't the former also doing its utmost to keep Africans away from them – just like the latter did? Let us be brutally honest here; apart from occasionally granting the odd African (or two) political asylum, the EU is definitely not living according to the multi-culti dictum she forced on Apartheid whites namely……to Open All Borders Now! In short; substitute white areas during Apartheid with Europe (or Canada) and substitute Apartheid homelands (tribal areas/reservations) with Africa….then what do you get? Global Apartheid.

Seriously, why can't any (or every) African simply just pack up, ship over to Europe (or Japan, for that matter) and live there forever? Aren't we a 'brotherhood of man'? Doesn't the planet belong to all of us…in equal measure?

Now you'd most probably argue that the difference lies in the fact that Europe belongs to Europeans and that they therefore have the right to allow or refuse entry to anyone they deem fit or unfit. Granted; possession is 9/10s of the law, but is possession 'inviolable' or indifferently acquirable? For example, do white Americans and black South Africans have the same claim/right to ownership of their respective countries as, say, the Swedes or Japanese have? If your answer is yes then you don't discern between inviolable and acquirable ownership because neither the white Americans nor black South Africans were the original owners of 'their' counties (Native American Indians and the San Bushmen were, respectively).

Now, seeing that you agree that ownership can be settled (acquired) through the barrel of a gun (or the tip of a spear), as is the case with white America (and Australia) and black South Africa, why then the moral outcry about Apartheid South Africa? Why is the Law of Conquest allowed for the former but not the latter? In other words, why are white Americans and black South Africans regarded as the rightful owners of 'their' respective countries - even though they had 'stolen' the land by nearly wiping out all the original inhabitants - but white South Africans are seen as illegal 'evil' aliens with absolutely no claim to any ownership whatsoever….even though they had settled vast areas before the blacks did?

Well, maybe it is because the Law of Conquest only applies to those who have applied it to the last bloody letter. For to really conquer a physical territory means to physically kill all those who oppose you until your safety/survival is guaranteed by sheer numbers. This never happened in South Africa…..despite Desmond Tutu's Nobel Peace Prize for claiming so. Roughly equal in number to the white population (1million) in 1910, the black population literally exploded to reach 40 million a century later (courtesy of 'evil' Western health-care, nutrition, education, etc). The white population only increased to 5 million during the same period.

Demographically doomed, white South Africans paid the ultimate price (suicide) for not having been as ruthless as the white settlers of America or the black settlers of South Africa had been. Being the nice guy in Darwin's Zoo is not very wise if you want to survive, now is it? But then, white America will be in the same boat in 2050, and Europe will not last longer than a few centuries more. Mind you, if Africa continues to double in population every 25 years then she could control the whole world by 2200 - because who can possibly outvote 100 billion! To add to Orwell; we are all equal, but some are more equal….because they are more.

Global domination through procreation; this could be the solution Afro/Black-supremists have been looking for because Global Apartheid, like Apartheid South Africa, can only be beaten by barricading the ballot-box with your bullocks.

Source:The Conservative Voice

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David Ben-Ariel said...

Race Matters

Anonymous said...

Africans don't want to move to the developed world for the land, they want to move there for the economic circumstances - which where created by the current inhabitants. If all are equal, why don't they create the same economic circumstances in their current countries?