Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Mom shot in heart - for cell

29/01/2008 07:26 - (SA)

Virginia Keppler, Beeld

Pretoria - The principal of a crèche was killed by a single bullet in the heart after three armed robbers overpowered her and her family in their home.

The robbers fled on Saturday from the house in Aquila Street, Waterkloof Ridge, with only a cellphone.

Rinda Abraham's husband, Eric, 60, and two of their sons, Reggie, 35, and Christo, 34, tried in vain to keep their mother alive while waiting for an ambulance.

The death of Rinda Abraham, 55, principal of the Kleutermaatjies Crèche in Centurion, follows that of Fred Picton-Turbervill, 46, of Aries Stret, Waterkloof Ridge, who was shot in the head in front of his wife and children earlier this month. He died a few hours after the attack.

A weeping Eric Abraham said on Monday: "I'm never going to get my poppet back."

Dog grazed by bullet

Christo and a friend, Theunis Claassen, 34, were sitting chatting in the TV room when the robbers struck.

Christo said: "Someone stuck his head through the sliding door and said we must remain quiet and calm.

"Another two followed him. Two of them were armed."

Christo's dog went for one of the robbers, and another fired a shot that grazed the dog on its upper muzzle.

Another shot was fired and hit the TV and DVD player.

Christo said: "One of the robbers stood in front of Theuns and me, pointing his firearm at us, while another one stood at the DVD player trying to remove it."

Meanwhile, Christo's parents had been woken by the shots. His mother ran down the passage, calling his name.

Reggie, 35, in bed by this time, also came out of his bedroom.

He said: "I went back into my room to get my firearm.

"Suddenly, there was a robber in the passage, who had been hiding behind my mother. He grabbed her by the neck and shot her in the heart," said Reggie.

Christo also saw his mother being shot. "Her last words before collapsing were, 'Christo, I've been shot'," he said.

The robbers then fled with Christo's cellphone.

Killed for cellphone

Eric Abraham said: "I know life has to go on, but for me it has come to a standstill. The dear Lord alone knows why they had to kill her for a cellphone."

The Abrahams's youngest son, Eric jnr, 30, said his mother's death was the saddest thing ever to have happened to him.

"I miss my mom," he said, sobbing.

Police spokesperson Prince Mokhabela said they were investigating the killing.


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