Monday, 7 January 2008

The revolver just went 'click'

06/01/2008 23:17 - (SA)

Philip de Bruin, Beeld

Johannesburg - A robber fired three times from a distance of 30cm at Rudo Kemp of Northcliff, Johannesburg - and each time the revolver just went "click" next to his head.

The fourth and fifth shots did go off, but both missed 18-year-old Rudo.

Rudo spoke for the first time to Beeld about the incident when he surprised two burglars at his parents' home early last Sunday.

The two robbers apparently took a kilogram of Vienna sausages from the Kemps' fridge, warmed them up in the microwave and ate them before they began to plunder the house.

Rudo's parents were on holiday in Stilbaai when the drama unfolded.

He went to a braai at a friend's house on Saturday, and returned home about 01:00 on Sunday.

Something was wrong

"When I opened the inter-leading door from the garage to the rest of the house, I immediately realised that something was wrong.

"Lights that had been off, were on.

"I ran upstairs, but then realised the robbers could still be in the house, because some of our things had been piled together on the top floor, ready to be carried off.

"I ran back and fetched my dad's gun. I put it into my pocket and went back upstairs. One of the robbers was hiding behind a wall at the top.

"He held his revolver close to my head, about 30cm away, and pulled the trigger three times. The gun failed to go off.

"I didn't think of anything - just trying to survive. I ran down the passage and he fired a fourth time. This time, the gun did go off and the shot hit the wall.

"Meanwhile, the second robber started firing at me with a pistol, also hitting the wall.

"I ran into a room, locked the door and heard them outside.

Fired shots through door

"I fired two shots through the closed door. I presume that's when they ran off. I used my cellphone to call the neighbours and the police.

"It was the longest minutes of my life, waiting in that room for the police. I just sat there and sweated and shook.

"When everyone had gone off at 04:00 that morning and I got into bed, I thought about the three shots at my head for the first time.

"I realised for the first time how close I had been to death."

The robbers made off with jewellery and cash.


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