Friday, 11 January 2008

Student shot four times in house robbery

January 11 2008 at 06:29AM

By Barry Bateman

A 24-year-old Tuks marketing student has become the latest victim in a series of violent house robberies across the city, bringing the number to at least four since Saturday.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning Chris Borchardt was shot four times at the Maroelana home he shares with his father and sister.

He survived and is recovering in Pretoria Academic Hospital. His pet Staffordshire terrier, Lara, was hit in the stomach by one of the bullets. She is recovering at an animal clinic.

He called his sister Rene to bring towels

On December 28, Tanzanian high commissioner Emmanuel Mwambulukutu was beaten unconscious when armed men raided his farewell party at a friend's Garsfontein home. He is still in hospital.

Fred Picton-Turbervill, 46, was shot dead on Saturday during a robbery at his home in Waterkloof Ridge.

On Sunday CSIR biosciences co-ordinator Nelson Morewane Mampuru, 37, was shot dead execution-style after two gunmen robbed his home in a security complex in Equestria.

Later that evening, Charles Holmes, 47, was shot three times at his Monavoni home. He is recovering in Kalafong Hospital.

Borchardt said three men gained entry to their home after his father, George, got up at about 2am to let the dogs out.

"While he was locking up, the guys stuck a gun through the security gate and ordered him to open up.

"One of them held my dad in the kitchen while the other two took his torch and searched the house," he said.

Borchardt said he woke up with the bright light from the torch in his eyes. "Initially I thought it was my dad, but then I saw two men who weren't supposed to be in the house.

"I charged at them. I managed to get about two metres from them when one guy started shooting," he said.

Borchardt was hit in the hip, left elbow, right leg above the knee and the left leg, shattering his femur.

"I crawled to a light and switched it on to show that I was injured and wasn't going to do anything. They casually walked into the room and took my laptop and two cellphones," he said.

Borchardt said that after the men left, he called his sister Rene to bring towels so he could stop the bleeding.

Firemen from nearby Hazelwood fire station stabilised him until an ambulance arrived.

He said crime in the Brooklyn/Waterkloof area was high, but in their area they had the Hazelwood, Alphen Park, Maroelana, Ashlea Gardens Security Initiative.

"The only solution to crime in this country is if everyone carries their own firearm. If we all have weapons criminals will think twice before using theirs," he said.

The FF+ has called for an urgent safety summit to be held in Pretoria.

This article was originally published on page 1 of Pretoria News on January 11, 2008


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