Friday, 29 February 2008

Reactive and petty versus savage genocidal racism

When a video surfaces depicting a couple of White South African students playfully humiliating some willing Black participants in a college initiation ritual, acts similar to those repeated countless times each year in dormitories of every western country in the world, all hell breaks loose with images plastered on front pages and projected on TV's all over the world with headlines like "Repugnant Bastards" and "It's War!", you might say that it is perfectly understandable to be outraged, and rightfully so. But why does the world make such a big fuss about childish racist pranks while at the same time ignoring the asymmetrical genocide being committed against the White minority of South Africa?

But first lets ask what made the “repugnant bastards” do it? The answer is in the video: “... at the end of the day, this is what we think of integration.”, said one actor. They are unhappy about the integration policy by the government, that forces students from minority groups to integrate with the majority Black groups in campus dorms. Cloaked under “nation building”, this policy is actually deliberately intended to indirectly alienate and drive away the minorities from these institutions. None of the racial groups, especially the majority Black groups want this integration and where it has been implemented, unsurprisingly it has been to the detriment of the minorities, where there has been serious intimidation and abuse (even rape) of members of the minority groups. Hence the reactive petty racist protest by these White students.

Each time something like this happens, governments, media and human rights groups all over the world fall over one another to condemn the evil White “repugnant bastards”. Why? Two reasons. The aim for some, including the ANC, is to direct attention away from the ethnic cleansing of the White minority that is taking place right now in South Africa. The crimes of racism are so lopsidedly stacked at their own feet that they have to make a big deal when, once in a while, a White person is nasty to a Black person. When you have successfully demonised a certain group you can do with them what you like. Just take the innocent civilians of the German city of Dresden who were bombed mercilessly and unnecessarily by the allied bombing raids after the Second World War had already ended. To this day the people of Dresden are attacked by groups like “No tears for Krauts” when they commemorate their dead. Basically in the eyes of the world the murder of these innocent civilians was justified because they were portrayed as monsters who deserved death.

The other reason is guilt and deniability. Uphold the myth at all cost. Now that it is becoming clear that South African Blacks were better off under Apartheid, and that Nelson Mandela and the ANC are the real racist murdering terrorists, the world does not want to know about the real atrocities being committed by the same people they supported, because then they would have to admit that they backed the wrong team. So they knowingly and falsely continue to praise and promote the “rainbow nation” to the world as being the model of African Democracy and Black achievement, when in fact South Africa is the fastest deteriorating country in the world (apart from Zimbabwe which is already at rock bottom), and setting the stage for the next big genocide. What happened to “Never again”? Is it impossible for Blacks to be guilty of racial hate crimes? Do White South Africans really deserve to be exterminated? In the end the victor writes the history books and perhaps they will succeed to wipe the White tribe of Africa completely out of the history books, like the British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand cover-up of their Boer genocide of 1901.

So this is why you will never hear about or see on TV the mutilated corpses of countless innocent White South African men, women and children of all ages, who were raped, tortured and executed in their own homes simply because they are White.

How do you hide a genocide in this information age? How does a majority wage a race war against a minority and remain free from criticism? Easy! Call it crime. When a Black gang attacks a White family in their own home, torture, rape and execute family members, then leave with a cellphone, the supporters of the myth call it crime, and “crime happens all over the world and is caused by poverty/Apartheid”. Why don't the Blacks just declare war on the Whites and get it over with you might ask. Well if you declare war against someone, they are allowed under international law to defend themselves and the Blacks know from experience that they do not stand a chance fighting a war against the White tribe of Africa. So in this undeclared war the Whites are not allowed to defend themselves.

Funny enough, the only people honest about their intentions are the actual perpetrators themselves. Nelson Mandela told us what he wanted his followers to do with the Whites when he sang his MK pledge song about killing Whites. Mzukizi Gaba (ANC) was open and honest when he said “When Mandela dies we will kill you Whites like files”. The Black student protesters and Peter Mokaba were sincere when they chant(ed) “Kill the boer, kill the farmer” and “One Settler, one bullet”, and Jacob Zuma warned us when he sang “bring me my machine gun”. So it makes one wonder why the world still supports these murderers.

Brutal home invasions by mostly young AK47 and panga wielding Blacks against defenseless White families are now a daily occurrence in Mandela's “rainbow nation”.

What follows are some recent examples of savage genocidal Black-on-White racism, stories you will never see on TV. After reading these stories you should ask yourself if it is merely crime and why they are not shown on the 6 o'clock news alongside this story about the racist White students.

This is but the tip of the iceberg. For 500+ more examples of savage genocidal Black-on-White racism, please visit

Men on trial for boiling-water death

"The trial of two men who allegedly killed their victim by repeatedly pouring boiling water over her head..."

Murder shocks Bushveld town

"The 65-year-old wife of a missionary in the Bushveld town of Mokopane (previously Potgietersrus) was murdered in her house on Saturday."
"The attackers slashed her throat."

Robbers shoot top student in spine

"A Pretoria student's dream of being a doctor lies in tatters this morning after a gang of armed robbers shot her in the spine during an armed robbery."
'I could see the hatred in his eyes and knew he was going to kill me'

Robber empties gun on top matric

"Razelle Botha, 18, one of the top pupils at Waterkloof High School last year, was at her home in Norval Street, Moreletta Park, at 21:45 on Monday night when the robber shot her in the arm, chest, stomach, lung and spine."
"I can't imagine how anyone can empty their gun on a child," said a heartbroken Kobie Botha, Razelle's mother, at hospital on Tuesday."

Mom found raped, strangled

"Elize Havenga, 26, was found raped and strangled in bushes next to the road, a few hundred metres from the Rietfontein smallholding where she lived."

'She was gentle, refined'

"The decomposed body of Jana de Korte, 81, was found in her garage on Tuesday afternoon, a week after she was last seen."
"She was apparently raped and beaten to death."
"Three men, aged between 16 and 18, were arrested at the Paarl Magistrate's Court at about 11:30 on Wednesday morning."

'Violent start to 'new life'

"Barely four months after she found her murdered fiance's body, a young woman was assaulted and raped in her flat in Lydenburg, Mpumalanga."

'Mom shot in heart - for cell'

"The principal of a crèche was killed by a single bullet in the heart after three armed robbers overpowered her and her family in their home."

'Pregnant woman beats off rapist'

"A pregnant woman decided to strike back when an armed robber tried to rape her in front of her fiance and other guests during a robbery in Menlo Park."

Brutal murder shocks town

"Senior superintendent Erika Heunis, 36, was apparently raped before she was beaten to death with stones. There were supposedly three attackers, but by late on Tuesday police still refused to reveal any facts."

Breast op saves woman from rape

"For almost two hours the family lay helplessly tied up - their hands behind them and their legs bound - while the men tortured them, and sexually assaulted and threatened to rape Linda."
"I thought he was going to rape me, but the missing breast bothered him a lot."
"I think this is the reason why he did not rape me, and I am so grateful for that."

Robber kills man after invading 'fortress'

"A Waterkloof woman and her four young children watched in horror as an armed robber shot her husband in the head during a house robbery on Saturday night."

'Farmer shot at 'point blank range'

"He was shot once, point blank in the forehead."

Woman, 70, fends off horror attack

"For an hour-and-a-half two men played a game of cat and mouse with her, pouncing on her, strangling her, releasing her, and then striking again. They could no doubt have killed her, but instead chose to drag out the ordeal."

Police 'shocked' by crime spree

"They didn't ask anything, they just started shooting," said Van der Kooi."

'We are an evil nation'

"Beeld reported on Monday about the attack during which 70-year-old Hettie Janse van Rensburg's fingers were cut off with garden shears. Her husband, Theuns, 72, was left for dead after he had been beaten over the head with a bush knife."

Robbers cut off mom's fingers

"Robbers used pruning shears to lop off four fingers of an elderly Limpopo woman and her husband's life is hanging by a thread after he was repeatedly struck on the head with a panga."

Prof sees husband gunned down

"Slabbert said: "There was no reason for the man to shoot my husband. He could have just run off."

Wife lay next to dead husband for 30 hours

"Beaten and semi-conscious, Martina Stocker lay next to her husband's bloody corpse for more than 30 hours. She and her husband Jürgen fell prey to a gang of robbers at their Bryanston home"

79-year-old Afrikaner farmer Jan Voster, 'chopped to shreds by panga'

Beeld reports: 79-year-old Afrikaner retired farmer Jan Voster of Nelspruit was "chopped to shreds by panga-wielding Black attackers on Nov 22 2007.

Killers laugh at jail term

"They're dead now. What are they worrying about?" said one of the men to the other."

Daughter tied to dying dad

"I begged them to take everything and go so that I could take my father to hospital, but they shook him, laughed and said he was okay."

'I pleaded for my life'

"They wanted to shoot me in the head. I tried to ward them off with my hands and pleaded for my life."

64yr-old murdered in Pta

"A man who was described as "gentle" was murdered shortly before his 65th birthday after his nose and mouth were taped shut with masking tape, and he presumably suffocated."

'Is my mom OK?!'

"A woman in Lynnwood Manor, Pretoria, was assaulted, robbed, raped and shot dead in her home on Tuesday afternoon..."

'Shoot the white bitch'

A businesswoman has been raped by two men who kidnapped her, then threatened to "shoot the white bitch".

By Kwaaitjie die Kabouter.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Robber kills elderly woman

27/02/2008 14:24 - (SA)

Johannesburg - A 65-year-old woman was shot and killed in her house in Greylingstad, Mpumalanga police said.

Superintendent Abie Khoabane said a 27-year-old man entered Maria Gouws' house on Main Street through an open front door at around 09:40 on Monday.

She was alone and the children who lived with her were at school.

The man fired a shot which struck Gouws in her chest. She managed to flee out of her house but collapsed about two metres away and died of her wounds.

Nothing was stolen from her house.

Neighbours heard the shot and alerted police and paramedics.

Police used tracking dogs and found a suspect 500m from the house under a railway bridge where he was arrested.

A 9mm pistol was recovered that was positively linked to a house robbery where it had been stolen.

The 27-year-old would be appearing before the Balfour Magistrate's Court on Wednesday on charges of murder, said Khoabane.


Samaritan's last food mission

27/02/2008 19:31 - (SA)

Pietermaritzburg - British voluntary charity worker Lyle Andrew Stephens, 28, was shot and fatally wounded while taking food to an orphanage near Hillcrest in February 2006, the High Court here was told on Wednesday.

Gang members pulled the unconscious Stephens from his car, left him at the roadside and then drove off in it, said Stephens' colleague, Justin Roberts.

Judge Ron McLaren heard that Roberts, also a British charity worker, was in Stephens's car when a gang member shot at them.

Mthethowakhe Zuma Nzama, 26, of Hillcrest, pleaded not guilty to the crimes, but a prisoner who is serving a life sentence and 15 years' jail for the same crimes, Frans Khemisa, 27, told the court that Nzama had been in the gang.

He said another gang member, Nico Zikhali, was the gunman.

Nzama was still at large when Khemisa stood trial.

Roberts said that while Stephens was driving to the orphanage, four men approached the car. A man fired two shots at the car and he and Stephens ducked to avoid the bullets.

Taxi drivers wouldn't help

Stephens drove on, but shots were fired and Stephens was hit.

Roberts was told to get out of the car and gang members got into the car, throwing Stephens from the vehicle.

The gang drove off. Roberts said that he tried flagging down two taxi drivers, but they did not want to get involved.

A bakkie driver put Stephens and Roberts in the back of his vehicle and drove to a TB clinic, but they were told that the clinic was not equipped to deal with Stephens' condition.

They drove towards Botha's Hill when they were overtaken by paramedics who connected Stephens to life-support equipment.

An ambulance took him to a hospital - Roberts said he was told that Stephens had died.

The trial continues.


Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Metrolede sak glo op motoris se huis toe en teister gesin

Feb 26 2008 08:54:16:847PM - (SA)

Aletta Otto

Middelburg. – ’n Verkeersman van dié dorp het glo ’n egpaar, hul 14-jarige seun en die huishulp aangerand en hul hond geskiet.

Die beampte het ook glo, nadat hy die hond geskiet het, in Engels aan die vrou gesê: “Ek wonder wie is volgende.”

Vier aanklagte van aanranding en van crimen injuria en betreding is deur die Botha-gesin van Middelburg teen die beampte ingedien.

Insp. Lize Coetzee, polisiewoordvoerder, het bevestig dat die beampte (wie se naam om regsredes weerhou word) aanklagte van roekelose en nalatige bestuur, bestuur onder die invloed van drank, verset teen arrestasie, korrupsie, omkopery en regsverydeling teen mnr. Peet Botha (54) ingedien het.

Botha het gesê hy is Saterdagaand net ná 18:00 deur die verkeersbeampte van die pad getrek toe hy op sy selfoon gepraat het.

Hy het aan Botha gesê hy moet saam met hom polisiestasie toe omdat hy “ruik na drank”.

“Ek het gesê dit is reg – ek sal saamgaan – maar ek wil net my voertuig by die huis gaan los. My huis is net ’n paar blokke weg,” het Botha vertel.

Botha beweer die beampte het agter hom aangery tot by sy huis. Kort daarna het hy glo sy sirene aangesit.

Daar het nog verkeersvoertuie bygekom en beamptes het glo probeer om Botha van die pad af druk.

Volgens Botha is hy kort daarna erg deur die beamptes aangerand. Een beampte het hom aan sy enkels gegryp en op die gras omgedop. Die ander beampte het hom agter die kop geskop, op die bors geskop, en geslaan, het Botha gesê.

Sy seun, Chris (14), is glo in die gesig geslaan. Die gesin se huishulp, mev. Linah Skhosana (54), is deur die gesig geslaan.

Mev. Trudie Botha (41), Botha se vrou, het glo vir die beampte gevra wat hulle doen, toe een haar met die elmboog op die bors geslaan het en glo vir haar gesê het, “F***off, white bitch, f***off”. Die lid het glo die hond deur die blad en skouer geskiet.

Botha is op R500 borgtog vrygelaat.

Volgens mnr. Willie Fouché, munisipale bestuurder van die Steve Tshwete-munisipaliteit, is hy bewus van die voorval.

“Ek weet dat die beampte een skoot geskiet het wat ’n hond getref het. Die saak is nou hangen-de en die reg sal sy gang gaan.”


Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Bure sien hoe gewonde bejaarde by deur uitstrompel en inmekaarsak

Feb 26 2008 12:56:11:950AM - (SA)

Buks Viljoen

Greylingstad. – Nog ’n bejaarde is gister koelbloedig in Mpumalanga vermoor.

Die 65-jarige mev. Ria Gouws is in haar huis deur ’n gewapende man oorval en in die bors geskiet.

Bure van Gouws het die skoot in haar Mainstraat-huis gehoor klap en na buite gehardloop.

Hulle het gesien hoe die swaar gewonde Gouws by die voordeur van haar huis uitstrompel en sowat 2 m van die tuinhekke inmekaarsak.

Sy in kort daarna dood.

Volgens supt. Abie Khoabane, woordvoerder van die polisie in die provinsie, het die aanval op Gouws omstreeks gister 09:30 plaasgevind.

Die huis se voordeur het glo oopgestaan en die moordenaar het ingestap.

Die booswig het Gouws, wat alleen in die huis gewoon het, in die eetkamer verras.

Die skoot het haar in die bors getref en vermoedelik deur haar hart getrek.

Die moordenaar het gevlug sonder om enigiets te steel.

Die 27-jarige verdagte is sowat 40 min. later aangekeer waar hy skaars 500 m van Gouws se huis af onder ’n brug weggekruip het.

Die polisie het ’n 9 mm-pistool by hom gekry.

Khoabane sê hulle vermoed die wapen is vroeër in die naburige woonbuurt, Val, gesteel.

Intussen is mnr. Org Muller (76) wat Vrydagnag op Malalane deur rowers in die maag geskiet is, eergister teen 21:00 dood.

Muller, sy seun George en vriende was besig om saam met vriende rugby te kyk op hul plaas buite die dorp toe hulle deur vier rowers aangeval is.

Muller sr. kon daarin slaag om twee van die aanvallers te wond voordat hulle gevlug het.

Albei die gewonde rowers, wat Mosambiekers is, is later op die N4-deurpad naby Malalane aangekeer.

Muller, ’n diabeet, is in die Nelspruit Medi-Clinic behandel.

Sy toestand het Sondagmiddag skielik versleg.

Hy is in die waakeenheid dood.


Robbers shot 'without warning'

25/02/2008 10:01 - (SA)

Buks Viljoen, Beeld

Malelane - At least five people, including three robbers, were wounded in two unrelated shooting incidents in the Lowveld at the weekend.

A social outing with friends turned into a nightmare for the Muller family of the farm Bahudi about 2km outside the town when they were attacked by four armed robbers.

Org Muller, 76, was still in the intensive care unit of Nelspruit Medi-Clinic on Monday after he had opened fire on the robbers and was subsequently shot in the stomach.

"My family is so badly traumatised after the attack that we spent Sunday night in a hotel in Nelspruit," said George Muller, 40, Org's son.

George said he and his father were braaiing at about 21:00 while his family and friends were watching a rugby match on television.

"The next moment four attackers appeared out of the dark and started shooting at us without warning."

Org told his family to hide inside the house while he shot at the robbers.

"One of them turned around and shot at dad, wounding him in the stomach."

Henko Celliers, one of the guests, was wounded in the arm during the shoot-out.

The robbers fled. About 45 minutes later the police found two suspects along the N4.

Both were wounded.

The police determined they were from Mozambique.

In an unrelated incident a robber was shot at least nine times at Uitsig Estate outside Nelspruit. He is in critical condition in Themba Hospital.


Thursday, 21 February 2008

The Songs They Sing

Artist: Zubz
Song: Get Out!

Tell the oppressor get out
And tell my people to fight
For real you need to watch out
Because you ...feel the gun blast (Machine gun sounds)
You know you really need to watch out
Because that condescending tone you drop when you talk to me could get your head blown serious
Don't mistake my kindness for weakness just like your forefathers

I'll blind you with *Heat quick (*Heat = Gun)
Understand I'm gonna get this panga to your neck
Take what is mine and I'll rob you tomorrow

Take my time'
It's payback
Tell my people to fight
and tell the oppressor get out
'cause I know my rights
You need to watch out
'cause we hate to fight

... like corner pit bulls you make us bite
The uninvited guest, we embraced him and placed ...
Now it's time to get out 'cause he violated
We gave him power and our people he annihilated
Give him the warning and grab the gun
Make sure that it's done right

There's no denying the past
But the future's in our hands right now in our grasp
Listen, they got the best of us before
Now it's time to turn the tables so we settle the score

It's for the brave living, the hate taken, the raped woman, the slave labour
The sustenance of every African is of true wealth on black man's land
There needs to be a precedent set
if freedom is ours, why is there no evidence yet?
If the majority vote, why so minority rule?
Why don't they teach knowledge in college and schools

I'll tell you why
It's about power held by the greedy and controlled by the cowards
well, I've got a message to all the fake jacks
power to the people, it's time we take it back
Tell the oppressor get out
tell my people fight
'cause I know my rights
it's not all white people that's racist,
and not all white people perpetuate the imbalance
so not all white people need to be addressed.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Killer 'must enjoy family life'

18/02/2008 21:52 - (SA)

Pretoria - A High Court judge ruled on Monday that a murderer and robber did not deserve life imprisonment because of his disadvantaged background and poor schooling.

Acting Judge Legodi Phatudi sentenced 35-year-old Jeffrey Mogatla of Mamelodi East to 40 years' imprisonment, of which he effectively has to serve about 19 years.

He was found guilty of the December 2000 murder and robbery of Mariana Bothma, at the time the director of the old Technikon Pretoria.

Bothma was shot dead in the driveway of her Lynnwood home, shortly after the flying squad arrived at the house to investigate a robbery in progress and a shootout ensued.

Phatudi emphasised the seriousness of types of crimes, which became more prevalent every week.

However, he said Mogatla's age, the fact that he had children and four mouths to feed, came from a disadvantaged background, never went to high school and was unskilled constituted mitigating circumstances.

The judge said Mogatla could be rehabilitated in jail and one day enjoy a life with his family.

He found that Mogatla had been part of a gang of three men who broke into the home of Bothma and her friend, Anneline Stroebel, held both women at gunpoint and robbed them of a handbag, jewellery and a cellphone.

The court accepted forensic evidence that the bullet which had entered Bothma's chin, killing her almost instantly, had been fired by one of the robbers and not by the police, as suggested by defence counsel.

The robbers also had fired shots inside the house.

Mogatla was arrested at the end of 2006 on the strength of fingerprint evidence.

Print showed he was part of gang

Judge Phatudi said Mogatla's evidence that he had not been involved in the murder or robbery and that his thumb print was found at the house only because he had previously worked there as a gardener was not reasonably, possibly true.

Mogatla's fingerprint was found on the inside of a window frame where the robbers had gained entry into the house, which was indicative that he had been part of the gang that attacked the two women.

Stroebel, who earlier testified how she had tried to fight off the attackers with her crutch, expressed relief that one of her friend's attackers would at least spend time behind bars.

She only hoped he would also identify his co-perpetrators.

Bothma had been a remarkable friend, who moved in with her when she contracted cancer and became paralysed. She said Bothma, ironically, always had championed the cause of the disadvantaged when she was alive.


Kookwater oor vrou (68) uitgegooi: Man beken skuld, sê hy is jammer

Steyn gister by die Johannesburgse hooggeregshof. Foto: Alan Murdoch

Feb 18 2008 10:34:17:013PM - (SA)

Magdel Fourie

Sonder om in te gryp het hy toegekyk hoe sy medebeskuldigde ’n 68-jarige vrou van Johannesburg ure lank met kookwater martel.

Só het Isaac Mako (45), ’n konstruksiewerker van Alexandra, gister in die Johannesburgse hooggeregshof skuld beken op die grusame moord op me. Sandy Staats van Craighall Park op 20 April verlede jaar.

Mako, geklee in ’n vlootblou windjekker, het in die beskuldigdebank geluister hoe adv. William Karam, sy regsverteenwoordiger, sy bekentenis aan die hof voorlees.

Staats, ’n afgetrede haarkapper wat 60% brandwonde in die aanval opgedoen het, is tien dae ná die rooftog in die Chris Hani Baragwanath-hospitaal weens orgaanversaking dood.

Mnr. Sibusiso Phakhati (34) word saam met Mako aangekla.

Aangesien Phakhati skuld ontken, sal hy eers later verhoor word.

Die hof het gister in Mako se eie woorde gehoor hoe hy, Pha­khati en “Phakhati se vriend” per taxi van Alexandra na Craighall Park is en die aand omstreeks 20:00 by Staats se oop skuifdeur ingestap het.

Hulle het eers téén twee ander wonings besluit omdat dié te sigbaar of te goed beskerm was.

“Ons het toe met messe in ons hande by die gang afgestap gekom en twee vroue in die badkamer gesien gesels,” lui Mako se verklaring.

Hulle het Staats en haar vriendin, wie se identiteit weerhou word om haar te beskerm, gegryp, na die slaapkamer geneem en daar gedwing om op hul mae op die mat te gaan lê.

Albei is daarna vasgebind, waarna die mans aangedring het op hul geld en juwele.

Volgens Mako het Staats gesê dat hulle niks het nie, waarna Phakhati hom toe “toenemend vererg het”.

Uiteindelik het Phakhati die kamer verlaat en teruggekeer met ’n ketel in sy hand.

Mako het vertel hoe Phakhati dit daarna in die slaapkamer ingeprop en aangeskakel het.

“Ek het nie toe geweet wat sy bedoeling daarmee was nie, en omdat hy so geweldig kwaad was, het ek ook nie gevra nie.”

Phakhati het die ketel uitgeprop en die kookwater oor Staats se rug uitgegooi, het Mako verklaar. “Ek was geskok oor wat hy gedoen het, maar ek is jammer om te sê ek het niks gedoen om dit te stop of om myself nié daarmee te assosieer nie.”

Phakhati het nóg twee keer kookwater oor Staats uitgegooi terwyl sy angswekkend gegil het.

“Ek het geweet sy is magteloos om daarteen te veg,” het Mako gesê. “Maar ek is jammer. Ek het niks gesê of gedoen nie.”

Die mans het kort hierna gevlug, waarna Mako dieselfde nag op die aangrensende erf gearresteer is.

Toe het hy enige kennis van die aanval ontken. Maar toe hy later hoor Staats is dood, het hy besluit “om alles te erken”.

“Ek vra om verskoning aan die familie vir my gruwelike optrede,” het hy sy verklaring afgesluit.

Mako het ook daarin onderneem om vir die staat teen Pha­khati te getuig.

Staats se vriendin, me. Penny Steyn, het gister by die hof vertel hoe sy net ná die aanval na die huis laat kom is en by Staats op die deurweekte mat gesit het terwyl paramedici haar vriendin behandel het.

“Sy het net verskriklik geruk en gestotter,” het Steyn gesê.

Phakhati se saak sal op 17 Maart hervat word.

Mako sal na verwagting vandag gevonnis word.


‘Onsinnigheid’ laat regter haar aan moordsaak onttrek

Feb 18 2008 10:50:09:770PM - (SA)

Elise Tempelhoff

Vereeniging. – ’n Regter het haarself gister hier aan ’n saak onttrek omdat sy haar werk “ernstig opneem” en “snags met ’n skoon gewete” aan die slaap wil raak.

Regter Kathy Satchwell het gister gesê sy kan nie die saak aanhoor waarin twee mans tereg staan op ’n aanklag van moord op kapt. Anna-Marie Potgieter (39) nie, onder meer omdat sy een van die beskuldigdes se pleitverduideliking as “onsinnig” beskou.

Satchwell het gister weer eens geweier om die pleitverduideliking te aanvaar van mnr. Justice Arthur Anthony (25), wat skuld op aanklagte van moord en roof ontken. Anthony erken egter dat hy ’n begunstiger van die moord was, omdat hy die moordenaar gehelp het om Potgieter se naakte lyk onder takke op ’n vullishoop te versteek.

Mnr. John Johannes Tiisetso Dhlomo (20) het ook skuld op die twee aanklagte ontken. Luidens Anthony se pleitverduideliking het hy in die straat by die huis geloop waar die oorledene kort tevore vermoor is. Die moordenaar het hom glo toe gevra om hom te help om die lyk te verwyder.

Hierop het Satchwell gesê dis baie vreemd dat iemand so iets van ’n “vreemdeling wat toevallig verby stap” sal vra.

“Ek speel nie speletjies hier in die hof nie. Ek kom hof toe met ’n oop gemoed, sonder vooroordele. Ek bring ook geen gevoelens jeens die aanklaer of die advokate vir die verdediging saam met my nie. Ek wil nie hê die beskuldigdes moet voel hulle kry nie ’n regverdige verhoor nie.”

Die saak sal nou deur ’n ander regter verhoor word tydens die volgende sitting van die rondgaande hof op 28 Julie.

Potgieter se twee susters, mee. Lorraine Holzhausen en Bessie le Roux, het albei in trane uitgebars toe Satchwell haar aan die saak onttrek het.


20 j. vir moord op technikon-direkteur

Feb 18 2008 10:17:39:503PM - (SA)

Jeanne-Marié Versluis

’n Duimafdruk wat op ’n vensterraam gekry is, het meegebring dat die eienaar van dié afdruk gister lank tronk toe gestuur is vir die moord op ’n direkteur van die destydse Technikon Pretoria.

Waarnemende regter Legodi Phatudi het Jeffrey Mogatla (35) van Mamelodi-Oos gister in die Pretoriase hooggeregshof 20 jaar tronk toe gestuur op aanklagte van moord, roof, en die onwettige besit van ’n vuurwapen en ammunisie.

Die tronkstraf word terugwerkend ingestel van 24 November 2006, toe Mogatla in hegtenis geneem is. Nóg 20 jaar tronkstraf wat hom opgelê is, is vir vyf jaar opgeskort.

Mogatla is skuldig bevind aan die moord op me. Mariana Bothma in die vroeë oggendure van 5 Desember 2000.

Bothma (47) is volgens ballistiese getuienis in die ken geskiet terwyl sy vooroor gebuk het.

Haar lyk is in die oprit van haar vriendin se huis in Rodericksweg, Lynnwood in Pretoria gekry. Die vriendin, me. Anneline Stroebel, is beroof en Stroebel se hond is in die been geskiet.

Stroebel het gister ná die vonnisoplegging gesê geregtigheid het geseëvier.

Mogatla se duimafdruk is aan die binnekant van ’n vensterraam by die huis gekry. Mogatla en sy makkers het die huis deur dié venster betree.

Phatudi het gesê die duimafdruk plaas Mogatla op die misdaadtoneel. Hy was een van die aanvallers.

Dit is nie duidelik of Mogatla die .45-pistool waarmee Bothma doodgeskiet is, by hom gehad het nie. Die aanvallers het egter ’n gemeenskaplike oogmerk en gesamentlike besit van die wapen gehad.

“Hy (Mogatla) was daar of het geweet dat die ander ’n vuurwapen en ammunisie gehad het.”

Mogatla se regsverteenwoordiger het ter versagting van vonnis aangevoer die beskuldigde kom uit ’n “voorheen benadeelde gemeenskap”, het slegs st. 5 (gr. 7) agter sy naam en is ongeskoold.


‘I saw the worst of humanity’

Indomitable: Seventeen-year-old Jamie Paterson, a prefect at Roedean, has refused to allow the attack to break her spirit, and says she has seen the best of humanity as the community rallied around her family. Picture: James Oatway

Henriëtte Geldenhuys

Published:Dec 09, 2007

Now her family face a difficult decision: Do they stay in a country where they will never feel safe?

Seventeen-year-old Jamie Paterson was asleep when five “psychopathic sadists” invaded her family’s Johannesburg home.

She was dragged out of bed. As four of them terrorised her mother, father and nine-year-old brother, the fifth pulled her into a bathroom and raped her. Then he told her matter- of-factly that he was HIV-positive.

But the feisty teenager is fighting back and a week after the rape managed to play her matric flute exam.

“We saw the worst of humanity,” she told the Sunday Times on Friday, “but then afterwards we saw the best of humanity as everyone banded together to support us.”

So far two HIV tests have come back negative. Now she wants her family’s story to be a warning.

“I’m not ashamed of what happened. I am a victim of a crime. It’s not my fault. It could have happened to anyone.”

South Africans are increasingly unsafe in their own homes despite — and sometimes because of — the high walls, alarm systems, armed security guards, electric fences and other extraordinary measures they take to protect themselves.

Police statistics released this week showed a 7% increase in house robberies over the past six months and a staggering 29.3% increase in business robberies.

Armed robbers roam free and only 10% of them are ever caught.

This is despite the fact that there are an average of 330 aggravated robberies in South Africa every day — about 120 000 each year.

Commissioner Chris de Kock, the head of police statistics, says “wanton violence and mindless cruelty” is prevalent in house robberies.

De Kock said house robberies and business robberies touched the “very essence of personal privacy and security of every individual in South Africa”.

And the crimes make newspaper headlines, creating an “international image of South Africa which is not conducive to investment and tourism”.

Among the most shocking house robberies reported this year:

# An attack in Mpumalanga last Sunday in which robbers cut off four of 70-year-old Hettie Janse van Rensburg’s fingers with pruning scissors;

# An attack in September in Craighall Park, Johannesburg, by a trio of robbers in which the homeowner, Mike Thompson, was stabbed 14 times, shot in the chest and in the back of the head before being dumped in his swimming pool;

# An attack in April, in which two- year-old toddler Tsahai Okiekwe was shot in the head and killed. The gang of four murdered her because she started crying;

# Another attack in April in which 68-year-old Sandy Staats was tortured and so badly burnt with boiling water that she died in hospital a week later;

House robberies occur predominantly in Gauteng and KwaZulu- Natal.

Gauteng accounted for nearly half of all house robberies committed between April and September this year: 3568 out of a country-wide total of 6 711. Just over a quarter of house robberies — 1648 in total— happened in KwaZulu-Natal .

Each of the other provinces reported fewer than 400 house robberies during the six month period with the Free State recording 75 and the Northern Cape just three.

Now, like so many other crime victims, the Paterson family are facing a difficult decision: do they flee South Africa, leaving behind friends and family, or do they stay in a country where they will never feel completely safe?

Their assailants were all in their teens or early 20s . Five of them stormed the house at 10.20pm on October 2. A sixth waited outside in a getaway car.

They tied the family up and then, for an hour and a half, they terrorised them.

“The robbers were full of bravado,” Jamie’s father — Alan Paterson, professor of anatomical pathology at Wits University — recalled this week. “They enjoyed every bit of the attack. It was brutal.”

Throughout, Jamie was convinced the men were going to kill them.

“I feel so much anger and hatred,” she said this week. “An indescribable fury for what they did to us and how cruelly they treated us, as if we were not human.

“And how they damaged us all for the future.”

Jamie — a prefect at Roedean High School — was separated and led away by one of the thugs.

When he had finished, the rapist locked the bathroom door, telling Jamie he was doing so to “protect” her from his cohorts who would almost certainly also rape and then kill her.

Meanwhile, the men threw a duvet over Alan Paterson’s head, and beat his wife Bronwyn, a former Pact ballet dancer, into a near coma.

Paterson could only listen to her screams as the robbers pistol- whipped her and then stabbed her in the back of the head and neck with a pair of scissors.

“All the time they kept shouting at her: ‘You f***ing white bitch.’ ”

The thugs broke three of her ribs, smashed her nose and tore off a part of her ear.

“The violence against my wife and daughter was incredibly cruel. There was no need to hurt them. We co-operated fully.”

The robbers fled with the family’s two cars, jewellery, medals, cameras, television sets, a DVD player, speakers and a microwave.

“Everybody is incredibly traumatised,” Paterson said. “The emotional wounds will take a long time to heal.”

Nevertheless, the family were determined not to let the attack destroy their lives. A week later, nine- year-old Angus played his piano exam, and Jamie played her matric practical flute exam, even as she fought off the possibility of an HIV infection.

For four weeks, Jamie was on a cocktail of anti-retroviral pills . Two days after she finished the course, she wrote the rest of her matric exams.

“After two weeks [of anti-retrovirals], she could barely walk. She had muscle pain, she was constantly nauseous and tired. She had a rash from head to toe,” her father said.

According to her mother, “she was so ill that my husband had to carry her to school at times”.

Said Paterson: “I don’t have a great deal of faith in our leaders. Crime is so bad, it’s low-level warfare. I don’t see a solution. There is no real will to deal with crime, education or health.

“I want my family in an environment where they feel safe, where they can walk into a city and not live behind walls and fences. [South Africa] is a sick society and rape is a pastime.”

Source:The Times

Jamie's story

Date: 17-02-2008

Producer: Diana Lucas
Presenter: Derek Watts
Researcher: Quereshini Naidoo
Genre: Abuse

"I've been to the worst place imaginable and I've come back."

Jamie Paterson: 'I knew the minute the light went on in my bedroom. I could just sense the violence and the aggression with the people. I knew from that minute that we were in big trouble.'

Derek Watts (Carte Blanche presenter): 'At the end of last year 17-year-old Jamie Paterson, a matric student, seemed to have it all. Academically bright, musically gifted, part of a close and loving family, a great future ahead of her. But what happened on the night of October 2nd was to test every shred of her courage, inner strength and determination.'

Jamie: 'I don't remember anything else except this fear and then my mom came into the room with two guys and said, 'Get out of bed and co-operate'.'

Minutes earlier two armed robbers had managed to manoeuvre themselves through the small cottage pane window, surprising Jamie's mother, Bronwyn.

Bronwyn Paterson (Jamie's mother): 'There was someone standing where you are now - just here ... put a gun to my head and the one behind him went like this. And then the two of them grabbed me and marched me here and said, 'Open the front door'. And I opened the front door and three more came in.'

Jamie: 'I went out into the passage and one of them had my brother and I took him and snatched him away and pulled him against me. They walked us down the passage and I remember saying to the one guy, 'Please don't hurt us. Don't hurt us'. My father was lying on the floor tied up. And they made us kneel down and I wrapped my arms around my brother and I just held him. And I kept my head down and I said to Angus, 'Don't look at their faces'.'

Bronwyn was stabbed in her neck, beaten into a near coma, then thrown onto the floor of the lounge where her husband Alan was lying with a duvet over him. In full sight of nine-year-old Angus

Angus Paterson (Jamie's brother): 'And my mother ... the overwhelming memory that I will have for the rest of my life is getting up and seeing my mother. Her face was just was just'

Bronwyn: 'I kept on saying, 'I've given you all I have' and he said, 'You're lying, you're lying' and that's when they really started seriously kicking me. They threw me on the ground and bashed me across the face, pulling me up by my arms tied behind my back, throwing me back on the bed and then hitting me again.'

Jamie: 'I was lying down and I could hear them undoing the TV and then throwing it across and then something fell on me. I thought it was the TV, but it was my mother. And then I looked up. And then they dragged her away again and the carpet was covered in blood. They kept saying to my father, 'We are going to kill you, we are going to kill you now'.'

Derek: 'As the man of the house, you must have felt pretty helpless.'

Alan: 'That was probably the worst thing of all. I could do nothing. You think to yourself in abstract form I would fight, but you have a man at the other end of the room with a gun, you have your wife behind you held by two other men with guns.'

Jamie: 'My brother was shaking and would reach this crescendo. You keep thinking maybe it's over because it builds to a climax and then calms down. Then it started again and the one guy was saying, 'I love you guys, God loves all of us, so I love everyone. It's just money. I don't want to hurt you guys but my friends are going to kill you'. Angus and I were just talking to him. We were trying to get him to relate to us on some level.'

Alan: 'She was bargaining her flute, she was bargaining her matric badge. She was doing it, almost knowing what was going to happen to her was almost inevitable

Jamie: 'He said to me 'I'm HIV positive. But you're young, I don't want to ruin your life. So if you could just give me gold. I want gold, money and I want your gun.' I said to him, 'We don't have it.' He hit me around the head and said, 'No, you have a gun, don't lie to me'.'

Bronwyn: 'They started to fight over her and I knew she was going to be raped.'

Jamie: 'And then he took me into the bathroom and locked me in and raped me there. Afterwards he climbed out of the window and I sat there in the shower for about 15 minutes. I couldn't hear my family and I had this horrible feeling I was going to be the only one left.'

Derek: 'After being raped in the bathroom and climbing out of the window to find her father dazed and in total shock, her mother beaten to a pulp - Jamie knew there was one thing she needed to do, and that was to get her mother to a hospital as soon as possible. She woke up the housekeeper's boyfriend who had his own car.'

Derek: 'I'm just amazed you could deal with all this happening.'

Jamie: 'It's not easy, but what other choice do you have?'

The Patersons had experienced the worst of humanity. But in the days and months following they were also to see the best: friends and strangers offered not just help but places to stay, to nurse their wounds and for Jamie to study for her Grade 12 examinations.'

Derek: 'Apart from friends and family, the schools have been tremendous support: The Ridge in the case of Angus, and for Jamie, Roedean has been a wonderful source of inspiration.'

Mary Williams (Headmistress, Roedean School): 'She has a focus, she has a direction and certainly she has always achieved what she has set out to achieve. Don't ever be fooled by her very fragile physical appearance.'

It was to Mary Williams, the Headmistress of Roedean, that Jamie spoke about her decision not to hide behind whispers and rumours about the rape.

Mary: 'She wanted her matric class to know and she wanted the staff to know.'

Derek: 'There must be pros and cons about being so open and honest about it.'

Mary: 'You know, I think in each case - and certainly this is not an isolated case - there are many young men and women in schools who are subjected to the devastation of an attack like this. It is a very personal choice.'

Derek: 'The stance you've taken - being open about it - do you think it has helped you through in a way?

Jamie: 'I think it's helped me absolutely to be open about it because then you receive everybody's support. That is where I feel I am lucky because I have got that support system and so many women don't. I 'm really glad I did it.'

And the Paterson's best defence was not to let the barbaric actions of the five thugs destroy them.

Bronwyn: 'We decided we were going to go on and do what we do best as soon as we can.'

Alan: 'We sat down together and we actually toasted survival. We had survived.'

Bronwyn: 'I am not saying it was easy. You have a choice: you either do it or you don't do it. And what do you do afterwards if you haven't done it?'

A week later Angus played in his piano exam, Jamie, fighting off the possibility of HIV with a cocktail of nauseating anti-retrovirals, had her music practical, the first of her finals. Nell Williams, Jamie's music teacher, helped pick up the pieces.

Nell Williams (Music teacher, Roedean School): 'They do compositions. She had stuff on her computer. Her history project, her music history project ... that was lost. Some of her compositions were dirtied. They had blood on them so we had to redo her compositions. Through it all she just put her head down and she did it. I know sitting across from me she was fighting nausea, she was scared and she just carried on and did it.'

Derek: 'Jamie had worked hard throughout her school career and she was expected to do well in her matric. But after the ordeal, the HIV drugs, her family were more than a little apprehensive and concerned before the results were announced.'

Derek: 'You have got to say that to get seven distinctions after the night that she went through is just fantastic.'

Nell: 'The seven distinctions are wonderful. But it actually goes beyond that, to have such courage and the refusal to be a victim and you actually just take charge of what you have to do.'

Mary: 'Bad things do happen to good people. We know that. But if you give up hope, if you simply just give up, there's nothing, there's no future.'

Jamie's mom's ear had been torn, two ribs broken, neck stabbed, nose shattered into seven pieces. Her body has healed but internally she's angry.

Bronwyn: 'As for our security company I hold them culpable. I am very angry. I feel the way they [the criminals] came in was in full view of the street, through those cottage pane windows. They loaded our cars in the driveway in full view of the street with all our belongings. There was no patrol car in sight. They drove straight out through the booms with all our belongings. They know our comings and goings ... we have lived here for 30 years.'

Derek: 'Coming back home after all those weeks?'

Angus: 'It was nerve racking but in the daytime I'm fine with it. It's at night in this place that really I'm jittery. Every single little noise that you hear freaks you out. When your dog barks, even if she's barking at nothing, you curl up and ask your parents if [they] can just go check that out.'

Derek: 'Whether we talk about it over dinner parties or brood about it silently, what has happened to the Paterson's encapsulates just about every one of our thoughts and fears. Is the situation getting better or worse? Is it worth the trade-off of living in this beautiful country despite the dangers? Should we stay or go? And not all of us have the luxury of that decision.'

Alan: 'We've had house breakings. We have had smash and grabs. There's nothing new. If they had taken things again we would have said 'Oh God, again!'. This was very different, this was gratuitous, awful violence.'

Jamie: 'That is what is so sad. I was so full of optimism before and I had planned my future in this country. I'm not going to stay here. I'm not going to stay in a country where I don't feel safe.'

Jamie and her family are not unique. There are thousands of stories like theirs and worse untold. Jamie hopes that by speaking out, her ordeal will have some meaning.

Jamie: 'Coming out of all of this, out of this interview will help others. I've been to the worst place imaginable and I've come back.'

Source:Carte Blanche

Monday, 18 February 2008

Robbers break dogs' necks

17/02/2008 22:38 - (SA)

Hilda Fourie, Beeld

Pretoria - Armed robbers who tied up a young couple from Doornpoort with cellphone-charger and hairdrier cables, and threatened to rape the woman, first killed their two dogs to stop them barking.

They broke their necks.

Ryan Birkenbach, 27, and Frances Kaplan, 26, were overpowered by three robbers in their house in Dovea Avenue, early on Saturday morning.

They moved into the house last Monday.

Frances said: "Charlie, our Maltese, was barking incessantly.

"Ryan went out to quieten her down.

"Usually she puts up a tremendous fuss when she gets a smack, but she didn't do anything. She just kept on barking. Five minutes later, she went quiet."

"That's when we heard something fall inside the house."

Ryan got up and walked into the barrel of a gun in the passage.

Forced her on to bed

The robber and his two accomplices, one armed with a pick, forced Ryan back into the room. Frances dived down the side of the bed.

One of the robbers grabbed her by her shorts and forced her on to the bed.

"I thought I was going to find what it was like to be raped. I wet myself without even noticing. I think that scared them off," said Frances.

The robbers tied up their hands and feet with a cellphone-charger cable and cable from the hairdrier.

They threatened to rape Frances if Ryan didn't show them where the laptops and cellphones were.

With his feet tied up with the hairdryer cable, Ryan had to hop through the house to show them where things were.

Before the robbers left they pulled a duvet over the couple's faces.

"When they pulled the duvet over my head I waited for the shot to go off. I thought, today they're going to shoot us," said Ryan.

Two dogs dead on the grass

After a few minutes, they hopped to the street, screaming, and were found by neighbours who untied them and called the police.

They went to look for their dogs, one an eight-week-old Rottweiler, and found them dead on the grass.

Frances said: "Charlie tried to warn us about the robbers. The dogs are our heroes."

They said members of Tshwane metro police and Sinoville police station were exemplary.

After their experience, Frances is going to work at the police crisis centre and Ryan is planning to join the reservists "so that we can help people who have experienced something similar".

Captain Jan Legoabe confirmed the robbery.


Musiekvideo verkla oor 'haatspraak teen wittes'

Feb 17 2008 08:45:58:343PM - (SA)

Sanri van Wyk

Die VF+ sal nie toelaat dat haatspraak en materiaal wat geweld teen minderheidsgroepe aanwakker, uitgesaai word nie.

Daarom, sê mnr. Wille Spies, VF+-LP, het hy namens die party ’n haatspraak-klag teen die musiekvideo Get out van die hiphop-kunstenaar Zubz (Ndabaningi Mabuye) by die Uitsaaiklagtekommissie (UKKSA) ingedien.

Die lirieke beeld wit mense uit as die onderdrukker en moedig geweld teen die groep aan, hoewel aan die einde van die liedjie genoem word dat nie alle wittes rassiste is nie en dus nie gewelddadig teen alle wittes opgetree moet word nie.

Enkele lirieke – vrylik vertaal – lui: “Verstaan dat ek hierdie panga teen jou nek gaan druk. Vat vandag wat myne is en ek sal jou môre beroof. Dis terugbetaaltyd.

“Sê vir my mense hulle moet baklei. En sê vir die onderdrukker om weg te gaan.”

Die hip-hop-kunstenaar Zubz is in Zambië gebore, het in Zimbabwe grootgeword en hom later in Johannesburg gevestig.

Die musiekvideo van die liedjie, sê Spies, is Saterdag 12 Januarie net ná middernag op SABC 1 uitgesaai.

Mulder sê hy het die klag verlede Maandag by die UKKSA ingedien.

“Die rede hoekom ons ’n bietjie lank gewag het om die klag in te dien, was dat dit lank gevat het om die lirieke te transkribeer en die klag gereed te kry,” het Spies gesê.

Oor die rede waarom hy die klag ingedien het, sê Mulder: “Ons wil verhoed dat dié tipe uitlatings uitgesaai word.

“Ons kan dit nie bekostig in Suid-Afrika nie.

“Vryheid van spraak is belangrik, maar as dit geweld teen minderhede aanpor, gaan dit te ver,” het Mulder gesê.

Mulder sê die UKKSA het reeds ontvangs van die klagte erken en wag nou op die SAUK se reaksie.

Mnr. Kaizer Kganyago, SAUK-woordvoerder, sê daar is nie veel wat hy kan sê voordat die UKKSA-paneel die klagte aangehoor het nie.

“Dit is ’n saak vir die vervaardigers van die musiek,” het hy gesê.

Rapport het gister berig mnr. Collin Mokgaotsi, woordvoerder van Outrageous Records, het gesê Zubz wil nie kommentaar lewer voordat die UKKSA ’n uitspraak oor die klag gelewer het nie.


Man stabbed in the head

February 18 2008 at 09:31AM

A 79-year-old man was stabbed in the head by an intruder at his home in Umhlanga on Monday, KwaZulu-Natal police said.

Inspector Michael Read said the man, Theuns Enslin, had opened the back door of his home in Flamingo Lane to let his dog out when he saw four men in his yard at 5.25am.

"A struggle ensued between the suspects and the victim and Enslin was stabbed on his head," said Read.

The men fled, taking a bag of tools.

Enslin was taken to a local hospital and is reportedly in a serious condition.

Police are investigating. - Sapa


Paar beroof, honde se nekke omgedraai

Mnr. Ryan Birkenbach (regs) en me. Frances Kaplan vertel van drie rowers wat hulle die naweek in hul huis in Doornpoort in die noorde van Pretoria oorval het. Die rowers het hul twee hondjies se nekke omgedraai. Foto: Theana Calitz

Feb 17 2008 08:07:35:283PM - (SA)

Hilda Fourie

Gewapende rowers het ’n paartjie van Doornpoort, in die noorde van Pretoria, se twee honde nek omgedraai voordat hulle met selfoonlaaier- en haardroërdrade vasgemaak en die vrou met verkragting gedreig is.

Mnr. Ryan Birkenbach (27) en me. Frances Kaplan (26) is in die vroeë ure van Saterdagoggend deur drie rowers in hul huis in Dovealaan oorval.

Hulle het verlede Maandag in dié huis ingetrek.

“Charlie, ons Maltese poedel, het aanhoudend geblaf,” het Kaplan vertel.

“Ryan het uitgegaan om haar stil te maak.

“Gewoonlik gaan sy vreeslik te kere as sy pak kry, maar sy het niks gedoen nie. Net aanhoudend geblaf. Vyf minute later was sy stil.

“Dit is toe wat ons iets in die huis hoor wat val.”

Birkenbach het opgestaan en hom in die gang in ’n geweer se loop vasgeloop.

Die rower en sy twee makkers, van wie een ’n pik in die hand gehad het, het Birkenbach terug in die kamer ingedwing. Kaplan het langs die bed ingespring.

Een van die rowers het haar aan haar broekie gegryp en op die bed gedwing.

“Ek het gedink nou gaan ek weet hoe dit voel om verkrag te word. Ek het myself onbewustelik natgemaak. Ek dink dit het hulle afgeskrik,” het Kaplan gesê.

Die rowers het die paartjie se hande en voete met selfoonlaaier- en haardroërdrade vasgemaak.

Hulle het gedreig om Kaplan te verkrag indien Birkenbach hulle nie wys waar die skootrekenaars en selfone is nie.

Birkenbach moes met die haardroër om sy voete deur die huis hop om die rowers alles te wys.

Net voordat die rowers geloop het, het hulle eers ’n duvet oor die paartjie se gesigte getrek.

“Toe die duvet oor my kop is, het ek gewag vir die skoot om te klap. Ek het gedink vandag skiet hulle ons,” het Kaplan gesê.

Ná ’n paar minute het hulle al skreeuende na die straat gehop waar bure hulle losgemaak en die polisie gebel het.

Hulle het toe hul hondjies, van wie een ’n agt weke oue rottweiler is, begin soek en dood op die gras gevind.

“ Charlie het probeer om ons teen die rowers te waarsku. Die hondjies is ons helde,” het Kaplan gesê.

Volgens die paartjie het die lede van die Tshwane-metropolisie en die Sinoville-polisiekantoor hulself uitstekend van hul taak gekwyt.

Na dié voorval gaan Kaplan by dié polisiekantoor se krisissentrum werk en Birkenbach by die reserviste aansluit “sodat ons mense kan help wat ook deur so-iets is”.

Kapt. Jan Legoabe, polisiewoordvoerder, het die voorval bevestig.


We're useless, says cop after hijacking

February 18 2008 at 06:31AM

By Shaun Smillie

"Listen, we can't help you. Go to the newspapers."

This was the advice of a police officer to a motorist who just minutes earlier had stabbed an armed would-be hijacker in the neck.

And that is just what Matt, who did not want to be named, did on Friday. He told The Star of how, in the space of a week, he had become a victim of crime twice, and on both occasions, after resisting his attackers, was failed by the law.

Matt said he was driving in Biccard Street, Braamfontein, on Friday morning when he stopped at a set of traffic lights. A week earlier, he had been a victim of a smash-and-grab not far from there. Still shaken from the experience, Matt said he had placed a Leatherman tool, with the blade unfolded, next to his seat.

"Suddenly, there was a man at the window with a gun. He told to me to get out."

With cars all around him and no one coming to assist him, Matt said he ran his hand down the seat belt until he found the Leatherman.

"I grabbed the Leatherman and swung with all my might. The blade just went in, and I then turned the blade."

The hijacker fired a shot. Fortunately the bullet missed Matt's arm and struck the console just below the car radio.

Matt, who had cut his thumb in the process, then sped off.

He believes he stabbed the robber in the neck. Initially, he thought the man had run off with the Leatherman still stuck in him. However, he later found the bloodstained knife in the back of his car.

Shortly after the attack, Matt went to a nearby satellite police station to report the incident.

"I wanted them to put up a notice or something, to warn people that hijackings are happening in the area.

"But the police officer told me that 'The police are useless, we can't help you. You must go to the newspapers'."

The police officer, an inspector, also told Matt to call on the government to start policing the city centre properly.

Matt claims the police officer didn't advise him to open a case, and he eventually left.

Police spokesperson Superintendent Thembi Nkhwashu said Matt should approach the station commander at Johannesburg Central police station to lay a complaint.

"It is important that he opens a case so that we can investigate. If it happened like this, it would be unacceptable behaviour by the police officer."

Following this advice, Matt reported the incident to Johannesburg Central police station on Friday. He also laid a complaint through the police's hotline.

A week before the attempted hijacking, Matt was the victim of a smash-and-grab in Simmonds Street in the CBD. He was text-messaging a friend when someone grabbed his phone.

"I pulled him into the car and punched him in the face."

The man broke free and fled. Matt gave chase, but wasn't able to catch the thug. When he got back to his car, he discovered he had been given a R500 parking ticket.

"The police officer gives me a ticket, but surely he had seen what happened and should have assisted me."

Joburg metro police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar said Matt should explain what had happened to a public prosecutor and possibly get the fine revoked.

This article was originally published on page 2 of The Star on February 18, 2008


Men on trial for boiling-water death

Baldwin Ndaba

February 18 2008 at 08:33AM

The trial of two men who allegedly killed their victim by repeatedly pouring boiling water over her head was due to start in the Johannesburg High Court on Monday.

The state alleges that Isaac Moka, 46, and Sibusiso Phakathi, 35, both of Alexandra, north of Joburg, committed their sadistic attack in a house in Buckingham Avenue, Craighall Park, on April 20 last year.

They are charged with murder, housebreaking with intent to rob, two counts of robbery with aggravating circumstances, and the illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.

On the advice of the police, homeowner Sandy Staats' friend - whose identity is known to The Star - has chosen to remain silent about their brutal ordeal, but is expected to take the stand only if the accused deny the charges against them.

The two were allegedly enraged when they thought the 68-year-old Staats had lied to them about there being no guns on the property.

Staats died 10 days later at Chris Hani-Baragwanath hospital as a result of burns, pneumonia and renal failure.

Staats and the friend were in the house when the armed robbers stormed in and demanded money and guns.

Despite the sadistic nature of the attack, details were not released by the police - not even to the local community policing forum.

Details emerged only when news of Staats' death became known.

Last year, Penny Steyn, a friend of the dead woman, told The Star that the robbers grabbed the two women and tied their hands behind their backs.

Their ankles were also bound before they were dragged to the bathroom.

"They put something over their heads and tied ropes around their necks. They then demanded money, guns and jewellery."

The accused apparently went berserk when they found bullets in one of the drawers in the house, after Staats had said she had no firearms.

"Sandy told them she had handed the guns to the police and then offered them her credit cards. She also told them where her jewellery was," Steyn said.

The men then boiled some water and carried it to the - bathroom, where they repeatedly poured it over Staats, in full view of the other woman.

One of the neighbours became aware of the drama after hearing Staats' dog barking.

"The neighbour tried to contact Sandy, but didn't get a reply on her cellphone. She then alerted the police before ringing the doorbell.

"Police arrived and surrounded the house. They noticed one of the robbers jumping over the neighbour's fence and arrested him," Steyn said.


Saturday, 16 February 2008

Vriende by vulstasie deur 5 mans geskiet

Feb 16 2008 12:30:23:147AM - (SA)

Virginia Keppler

Twee vriende se Valentynsdagvieringe het byna in die dood geëindig toe hulle deur vyf gewapende mans by ’n vulstasie in Hatfield, Pretoria, aangeval is en een met ’n pistool op hulle losgebrand het.

Mnr. Rowan Bourbon (27) is in die regterskouer geskiet.

Dié koeël sit nog in sy linkerbors vas en gaan nie nou verwyder word omdat dit nie ’n gevaar vir hom inhou nie, het sy dokter gesê.

Mnr. Arno Olivier (26), Bourbon se vriend, is in die maag geskiet. ’n Noodoperasie is gister op hom uitgevoer. Albei mans word in die Pretoria Akademiese Hospitaal behandel.

Olivier sou vandag sy 26ste verjaardag met familie en vriende vier.

Volgens Bourbon het die voorval omstreeks 03:45 plaasgevind nadat hulle van Valentynsdagvieringe af gekom het.

Hulle het by die Engen-vulstasie op die hoek van Duncan- en Burnettstraat in aparte motors vir hul wegneemetes by die Vetkoek Maleis gewag toe die verdagtes in ’n liggroen Renault ook daar stilgehou het.

“Ek het buite die motor gestaan en met my meisie deur die venster gesels. Twee van die mans het uit hul motor geklim en met Arno begin praat en dit het gou in ’n argument ontaard.”

Kap. Colette Weilbach, polisiewoordvoerder, het gesê die ander drie verdagtes het ook uit die motor geklim en na die slagoffers gestap.

“Een van hulle het ’n skokstok gehad,” het sy gesê.

“Die volgende oomblik het een van die mans ’n pistool uitgepluk en ’n skoot in die grond afgevuur. Toe skiet hy Arno in die maag.”

Bourbon het gesê hy het in sy motor gespring en begin agteruit ry toe die man skielik langs sy motor verskyn het. “Hy het sy wapen op my gerig en my deur die venster geskiet.”

Bourbon het weggejaag met Olivier agterna, maar Olivier het enkele meters van die vulstasie af sy bewussyn verloor.

“ ’n Ooggetuie het Arno gehelp en ook sy ma met sy selfoon gebel.

“Ek kan nie glo iemand kan jou skiet vir niks nie. Hulle het ons nie eens probeer beroof nie,” het Bourbon gesê.

Hy vrees nou dat die mans hulle weer gaan probeer aanval.

Weilbach het gesê beeldmateriaal van die kringtelevisiekamera by die vulstasie is nie duidelik nie aangesien dit nog baie donker was. “Die nommerplaat wat ons het, is ook vervals.”

Volgens Weilbach is die Brooklyn-polisie se spesiale taakspan besig om die voorval te ondersoek. Hulle het glo reeds waardevolle inligting.

Dié span het onlangs mnr. Fred Picton-Turbervill (46) en mev. Rinda Abraham (55), wat albei in hul huise in Waterkloofrif, Pretoria, doodgeskiet is, se moordenaars opgespoor en gearresteer.


Friday, 15 February 2008

Veg om sy lewe ná skote

Feb 15 2008 12:42:27:187AM - (SA)

Amanda Roestoff

Krugersdorp. – ’n Veiligheidswag wat ’n vrou in Kenmare van ’n moontlike verkragting gered het, is drie keer geskiet.

Mnr. Johan Brits, ’n wag van EPR-sekuriteit, veg tans om sy lewe in die Krugersdorpse private hospitaal.

Hy is Vrydag in die bolyf en been getref toe hy op ’n bende afgekom het wat besig was om ’n huis in Longfordstraat te beroof.

Oomblikke voordat die rowers hom geskiet het, het een van die skurke mev. Martie Pieterse (47) se broek van haar lyf afgeruk en gedreig om haar te verkrag.

Pieterse en haar man, Danie (49), is Vrydag omstreeks 22:00 deur twee rowers oorval kort nadat hulle met hul nuwe CL200 Mercedes-Benz tuisgekom het.

Toe daar te lank getalm is om in die huis in te gaan, het die alarm afgegaan.

Mnr. Pretorius is oor die kop geslaan en gedreig dat as hy nie die alarm afsit nie, sal sy vrou geskiet word.

Die egpaar is na die hoofslaapkamer gedwing, waar mnr. Pieterse “magteloos met ’n pistool teen sy kop” op sy knieë gedwing is, terwyl die rowers vuurwapens, nog geld en bankkaarte geëis het.

Mev. Pieterse is na die kombuis gedwing om na die kluissleutels te soek.

Sy is rondgepluk en aangerand toe ’n derde verdagte die huis binnegestorm het.

Rowers het buite in drie wegkommotors gewag terwyl hul makkers die huis geplunder het.

Mev. Pieterse is na haar seun se kamer gesleep en op ’n bed neergegooi.

Twee mans het haar vasgedruk en aan die keel gegryp om bankkodes uit haar te dwing.

“As jy die verkeerde nommers gee, sal ek jou verkrag,” het ’n rower haar toegesnou.

Toe een sy broekgordel losmaak en haar langbroek aftrek, het sy “net daar besluit, vandag sal jy my nie verkrag nie!”

Sy was glo vasbeslote om met alle mag te baklei, toe Brits glo net betyds op die perseel opgedaag en die rowers na buite gehardloop het.

Hulle het vanuit die tuin op hom begin skiet.

Mnr. Pieterse het sy rewolwer op ’n wegsteekplek uitgehaal en is agterna toe hy skote gehoor klap het.

Hy het Brits in die oprit gesien lê en gedink dis sy seun wat by die huis opgedaag het, toe Brits geskreeu het: “Ek’s geskiet. Ek’s geskiet.”

Pieterse, wat nie verder in die voorval beseer is nie, het sy rewolwer op die rowers “skoongemaak”, toe dié op hom begin skiet.

Die rowers het met drie selfone op vlug geslaan.

Kapt. Jacob Raboroko, polisiewoordvoerder van Krugersdorp-gebied, sê die rowers is steeds soek.


Thursday, 14 February 2008

Man in hof ná oue in kaappoging sterf

Feb 14 2008 07:21:33:003AM - (SA)

Francois du Plessis

’n Jong man sal vandag weens die moord op ’n 80-jarige vrou in die hof verskyn nadat hy haar vermoedelik tydens ’n mislukte kaping vroeër vandeesweek doodgeskiet het.

Die man (21) het na bewering die vrou, volgens berigte me. Myrtle Kagan, twee keer deur die venster van haar motor geskiet toe hy haar eergisteroggend voor ’n onderneming op die hoek van Johannesburgweg en Weinbergstraat in Lyndhurst, Johannesburg, wou kaap.

Sy is na die Milpark-hospitaal gehaas waar sy later aan haar wonde gesterf het. Polisie wou teen gister nog nie haar identiteit bevestig nie.

Die aanvaller het met leë hande gevlug.

Volgens supt. Thembi Nkwashu, polisiewoordvoerder, het die verdagte hom omstreeks 21:50 die aand saam met sy ma by die Sandringham-polisiestasie aangemeld.

Hy sal na verwagting vandag op aanklagte van moord en poging tot motorkaping in die Wynberg-landdroshof verskyn.


Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Rower-koeël eis 12-jarige

'n Vriendin van die familie hou een van die meisietjies vas wat vermoedelik ook in die motor was. Foto: Felix Dlangamandla

Feb 12 2008 11:50:22:820PM - (SA)

Leané du Plessis

’n Kosblik het gisteroggend op die bloedbevlekte agtersitplek van ’n motor gelê nadat ’n skrander 12-jarige meisie van Fairland, Johannesburg, op pad skool toe deur ’n dwaalkoeël uit ’n rower se pistool getref is.

Emily Williams, ’n gr. 7-leerling aan die Trinityhouse Preparatory School in Randparkrif, is dood terwyl haar ma in spitsverkeer met haar hospitaal toe probeer jaag het.

Die drama het omstreeks 07:00 begin toe mev. Tony Williams haar motor, ’n brons BMW X3, in die oprit van mnr. Andrew Sanders se huis in Kesselstraat getrek het om dié se dogter, Alison (12), vir skool op te laai, sê insp. Bokkie Keulder, polisiewoordvoerder, gister.

Emily, haar sussie, Sophie (10), asook twee ander leerlinge, het op die agtersitplek gesit en wag.

Hulle was onbewus daarvan dat rowers sowat ’n uur tevore op dié huis toegeslaan en die inwoners – mnr. Sanders, Alison, haar ouma en hul huiswerker – in die huis vasgebind het. Die rowers was besig om huisware van die huis na die motorhuis te dra.

Williams het onraad vermoed en die Sanderse se veiligheidsmaatskappy ontbied nadat sy een van die rowers buite die huis gewaar het, sê Keulder.

“Sy het hom gevra wie hy is, waarop hy net omgedraai en terug in die huis ingestap het.”

Oomblikke later het twee lede van die veiligheidsmaatskappy Chubb opgedaag. ’n Skietery het tussen hulle en die rowers uitgebreek. Emily, wat links agter in die motor gesit het, is deur ’n dwaalkoeël in die kop getref, sê mnr. Mark Stokoe, woordvoerder van Netcare 911.

Insp. Karen Jacobs, polisiewoordvoerder, sê Williams het dadelik weggejaag, vermoedelik na die Wilgeheuwel-hospitaal in Roodepoort. Op pad daarheen het sy by ’n Shell-vulstasie in C.R. Swartrylaan gestop, waar paramedici wat op pad was na die huis waar die voorval plaasgevind het, noodbehandeling op Emily toegepas het.

Volgens Stokoe het Emily vermoedelik gesterf voordat sy die hospitaal bereik het. Die polisie het bevestig die dwaalkoeël was van een van die rowers afkomstig.

Keulder sê al vier rowers, almal tussen die ouderdom van 25 en 30, is vasgetrek – drie kort ná die skietery in die bure se tuin en die vierde verdagte gistermiddag.

Die vulstasie was die grootste gedeelte van die oggend met polisiebande afgesper. Vriende en familie het die ontroosbare Williams en die ander meisies, wat saam met haar ’n saamrygeleentheid gekry het, bygestaan.

Mev. Williams moes by tye deur vriende regop gehou word.

Haar man, Roger, het kort ná 08:00 op die toneel aangekom.

Dr. Herbie Staple, hoof van Trinityhouse, het gesê die skool is platgeslaan.

“Wanneer jy ’n leerling verloor wat só talentvol en betrokke by die skool is, word dit soveel meer gevoel. Sy was die soort meisie waarheen mense met hul probleme kon gaan. Ons lewens is leeg met haar heengaan.”

Emily was ’n top10-akademiese leerling in haar skool.

Mnr. Hilton Scott, adjunk-hoof, sê sy is die derde leerling in vier maande wat dié skool verloor.


Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Three sentenced for farmer's murder

February 11 2008 at 01:40PM

Three men were sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of an 85-year-old farmer from Devon, Germiston police said on Monday.

"Vusi Musi Masilela 23, Lucky Mbonani 26, and Sizwe Dlamini 23, were sentenced to life imprisonment for murder, 15-years for housebreaking and theft, and eight-years for possession of fire-arms and ammunition," said Captain Steady Nawa.

The three broke into farmer Simon Hutting's home in Devon in December 2005.

Hutting was hit on the head with a hard object and strangled.

His body was found by a helper the following day. His revolver and an undisclosed amount of Kruger Rand Coins were stolen.

All three men were arrested two days later. - Sapa


Monday, 11 February 2008

Murder shocks Bushveld town

11/02/2008 08:06 - (SA)

Hilda Fourie and Marietie Louw-Carstens, Beeld

Mokopane - The 65-year-old wife of a missionary in the Bushveld town of Mokopane (previously Potgietersrus) was murdered in her house on Saturday.

Reinette Meyer, 65, and her husband pastor Faan Meyer were scheduled to leave this week to do missionary work in Malawi.

Superintendent Mohale Ramatseba said Meyer was overpowered in her home at about 15:00 on Saturday. She was at home alone.

The Meyer home is near a bush which divides the town from Sekgagapeng.

Pressed panic button

"The attackers slashed her throat. Before she died she managed to press the panic button," Ramatseba said.

They were not sure of the number of people involved in her death. Apparently nothing had been stolen.

Pastor Meyer heads up the Kompas congregation in town. It is an independent congregation.

In spite of his wife being murdered Meyer delivered his sermon to the congregation on Sunday night.

A witness said at the scene that Pastor Meyer was in Burgersfort doing missionary work at the time of the killing.

Guards from Strikeforce security services struggled to get access to the house afterwards.

According to a security guard at the premises who did not want his name published, the Meyer's home looked like a prison.

They called Meyer's daughter Jana. She unlocked the door and found her mother seated on a chair between the bathroom and the main bedroom.

She was already dead.

According to the eyewitness Meyer had been stabbed all over her body, numerous times. There was a deep gash where she had been stabbed in the neck. The main neck artery had been severed.

The witness said there was a lot of blood on the curtains, carpet and other places that she appeared to have touched.

Other witnesses said that the Meyers' gardener had been arrested after blood was found on the soles of his shoes.

Meyer was well-loved

DNA-testing would be done to see if it matched Meyer's blood.

The police could not yet confirm if the man had been arrested.

A post mortem will be done early next week.

An eyewitness said crime was a problem in Mokopane, but the attacks had never before been as brutal as this.

Someone close to the family who also did not want to be named, said the people of Mokpane all loved Meyer.

"Everyone in Potties has been shaken up by this.

"It was shock to all of us. She never harmed anyone."


Bejaardes loop onder rowermes deur - vir R30

Feb 10 2008 11:42:18:510PM - (SA)

Daleen van Manen

Sannieshof. - 'n Bejaarde vrou het gisteroggend haarself en haar man met pepersproei teen 'n gewapende rower probeer verdedig toe die man hulle in hul huis oorval het.

Mnr. Dawid Ras (83) en sy vrou, Sarie (78), is herhaaldelik met ’n mes in die hande en arms gesteek voordat die rower met ’n skamele R30 gevlug het.

Mnr. Ras het kort ná 08:00 vuil wasgoed na die waskamer buite die huis geneem en was op pad terug toe mev. Ras deur die kombuisvenster die gemaskerde rower agter haar man sien.

“Sy het pepersproei gegryp en die rower daarmee gespuit, maar sy gesigbedekking het gekeer dat die gas hom verblind,” het insp. Carina Fourie, polisiewoordvoerder, gesê.

Die rower het die egpaar by die huis ingedwing terwyl hy hulle gesteek en geld geëis het.

“Mev. Ras het net sowat R30 in haar beursie gehad. Die rower het die geld gegryp en gevlug.”


Sendeling se vrou grusaam tuis vermoor

Feb 10 2008 11:42:13:200PM - (SA)

Hilda Fourie

Mokopane (Potgietersrus). – Die 65-jarige vrou van ’n sendeling van dié Bosvelddorp is eergistermiddag in haar huis vermoor.

Me. Reinette Meyer (65) en haar man, past. Faan Meyer, sou vandeesweek op ’n sendingtog na Malawivertrek het.

Supt. Mohale Ramatseba, polisiewoordvoerder, het gesê Meyer is eergister omstreeks 15:00 in haar huis oorval. Sy was alleen by die huis.

Die Meyers se huis grens glo aan ’n bos wat die dorp van Sekgagapeng, ’n swart woonbuurt, skei.

“Die aanvallers het haar keel afgesny. Voordat sy dood is, het sy nog die paniekknoppie gedruk,” het Ramatseba gesê.

Hy het bygevoeg hulle weet nie hoeveel mense by Meyer se dood betrokke is nie.

Niks is skynbaar gesteel nie.

Past. Meyer is die leier van die Kompas-gemeente in dié dorp. Die gemeente is onafhanklik. Ondanks die moord op sy vrou het Meyer steeds gisteraand vir sy gemeente gepreek.

Volgens een ooggetuie op die toneel was past. Meyer ten tyde van die voorval in Burgersfort besig met sendingwerk.

Veiligheidswagte van die Strikeforce-veiligheidsdienste het gesukkel om by die huis in te kom.

Volgens ’n veiligheidswag op die toneel wat nie sy naam genoem wou hê nie, lyk die Meyers se woning soos ’n “tronk”.

Hulle het Meyer se dogter, Jana, gebel. Sy het die huis oopgesluit en op haar ma afgekom waar sy op ’n stoel tussen die badkamer en hoofslaapkamer sit.

Sy was reeds dood.

Volgens die ooggetuie het Meyer verskeie steekwonde aan haar liggaam gehad. Een was ’n diep steekwond aan haar nek. Haar slagaar is glo afgesny.

Die ooggetuie het gesê daar was baie bloed op die gordyne, op die mat en ander plekke waar Meyer skynbaar gevat het.

Die Meyers se tuinwerker is volgens ooggetuies in hegtenis geneem nadat bloed glo op sy skoensole gevind is.

DNS-toetse moet bepaal of dit wel Meyer se bloed is.

Die polisie kon nog nie bevestig dat die man in hegtenis geneem is nie.

’n Nadoodse ondersoek sal vroeg vandeesweek gedoen word.

Die ooggetuie het gesê misdaad is ’n probleem in Mokopane, maar dat die aanvalle nog nooit só grusaam was nie.

Iemand na aan die familie wat ook nie sy naam genoem wil hê nie, het gesê Meyer was baie geliefd onder die mense in Mokopane.

“Almal in Potties is geskud.

“Dit is ’n skok vir ons almal. Sy het niemand niks gemaak nie,” het hy gesê.

Meyer laat ook twee ander kinders agter.


Werkers help toe inbrekers vrou gryp

Feb 10 2008 11:42:11:903PM - (SA)

Hilda Fourie

Sy is deur skurke aan haar voete gegryp en by ’n bos ingesleep.

Me. Ona van Niekerk (46) het vandat twee mans haar gister omstreeks 01:00 by haar huis in Skietfontein, noord van Pretoria, oorval het, nie vir ’n oomblik ophou skreeu en stoei nie.

Nie eens nadat die mans haar met ’n stuk gereedskap oor die kop geslaan het nie.

Volgens Van Niekerk se man, James (46), was sy vrou se gille haar redding.

Van hul plaaswerkers het ondersoek gaan instel en die mans afgeskrik. Die mans het gevlug.

“My vrou was alleen by die huis want ek werk in Pretoria en ons kinders was uit vir die aand,” het mnr. van Niekerk gesê.

“Ons het twee buitekamers aan die kant van die huis. Ona het gehoor hoe ’n deur klap. Sy het uitgegaan om te gaan kyk of dit die kinders is.

“Die kamers se deure was oop.

“Sy het die ligte aangeskakel en gesien al die kaste is uitgegooi.

“Toe sy by die kamer uitloop, het die mans haar oorval. Sy kon losruk en het na die voordeur gehardloop en gegil.

“Hulle het haar aan die voete gegryp en in die bos ingesleep.

“Daarna het hulle haar met ’n stuk gereedskap oor die kop geslaan en haar mond probeer toedruk.

“My vrou het steeds aanhou gil en stoei.

“Die plaasvolk het haar gehoor en nader gehardloop om te help. Die mans het toe my vrou gelos en weggehardloop,” het mnr. Van Niekerk gesê.

Volgens hom het van die plaaswerkers werkers op ’n nabygeleë kleinhoewe waar die Van Niekerks se kinders was, gebel en vertel wat aangaan.

Hulle het hul na hul ma gehaas.

Me. Van Niekerk was gister nog te getraumatiseerd om met Beeld te praat.

Mnr. Van Niekerk het gesê hy is sy plaaswerkers ewig dank verskuldig.

“Die skurke sou my vrou verkrag het as hulle (die werkers) nie daar aangekom het nie.

“Dié werkers sal hul lewe vir ons gee. Hulle was my vrou se redding,” het mnr. Van Niekerk gesê.

Insp. Matthews Nkoadi, polisiewoordvoerder, kon nie die voorval bevestig nie.


Saturday, 9 February 2008

Where's Minto's HART?

Mr. John Minto, as NZ's 89th voted history maker, I wonder if your fellow countrymen know, that to this day, you have not spent one second in the country you became famous for helping to "liberate". I have lived in New Zealand for seven years and I still don’t fully understand all of its complex social issues, but you can speak with authority about South Africa? I don’t think so.

Do Kiwi's know that your 1980’s Springbok tour protests were orchestrated and run by The Workers Communist League, whose real agenda was to destabilise and “liberate” Aotearoa the same way the South African Communist Party did South Africa? From what I hear they nearly succeeded in starting a civil war during these protests.

Back to South Africa, the Congo, Angola, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and others were harbingers of things to come, but you decided to ignore African history (do you know African history?), at not your own, but others peril, and sided with the ANC, who used, in true African style, hate, limpet mines and petrol-and-tyre necklaces to achieve their goals.

Now that Azania, sorry, South Africa is doomed, and people are starting to ask questions, you have decided to distance yourself from your ANC mates, why, because "they are not real Communists" (your words). Was Mugabe a real Communist? How many failed post-colonial African countries, one-man, one-vote, one-time “Dictocracies” (sic) does it take?

Why so quick to burn your bridges, because when New Zealand's time comes you will surely need the Azanian Communist Party to return the favour. It appears that you have already angered the regime as they have recently denied your claim (ouch!) that they nominated you for the OR Tambo award that you so nobly turned down.

Fortunately for you Mr Minto, it appears that the majority of Kiwi’s are blissfully unaware that the future of their little island in the middle of nowhere is just as uncertain as that of South Africa. That the same forces are mobilising there, and that in the blink of an eye, things can change dramatically. They should just look at South Africa, and our current global zeitgeist. But perhaps not everyone has been fooled. I hear close to forty thousand Kiwi’s are leaving the country each year.

You should think twice before visiting Azania Mr. Minto, because apart from the high risk of being robbed, raped, tortured, murdered, or all of the above while over there, simply because one is white, it also appears that you have few friends left there, black and white.

By Rudi Prinsloo.