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Diocletian's "Problem-Reaction-Solution" in South Africa

By Mike Smith - Cape Town, 1 February 2008

Diocletian was a repressive Roman emperor who came to power in 284 AD who believed that order could only be maintained if there were strict control on the personal freedoms of the population. He further introduced extreme taxation despite the fact that he, by 301, had defeated the Germans and the Sassanids and there were no more reason for his tyrannical rule.

The Emperor needed a new enemy to regain the support of his pseudo-slaves. He hated Christians, because the Christians publicly condemned his ritual sacrifices. So he gradually started persecuting them. Diocletian's vice-emperor, Galerius, didn't have a hard time in persuading him that if a Palace were just to burn down, Diocletian could really accelerate his crusade against the Christians. Just by coincidence, twice within sixteen days toward the end of February, Diocletian's palace in Nicomedia burned. The Christians were immediately blamed.

And so genocide started. A monumental crackdown occurred as Diocletian issued four edicts against the Christians. Christian assemblies were forbidden. Bibles were confiscated and burned, and churches were destroyed. Christians were torn limb from limb in the arena, the animals goaded on by a mindless population who had accepted at face value the guilt of the Christians.

Some people call this the “Problem-Reaction-Solution” method. It works like this:

A government wants to achieve something, but they know if they just go for it, they will run into trouble with the population. So they first create a “Problem” which is followed by a major outcry from the public that “Something must be done” (the Reaction), which in turn is followed by the “Sollution”, provided by the government.

This tactic has been used for hundreds of years. And many conspiracy theorists have written about it. Even today we see it. Let us look at an example. For instance:

If a government wants to control all the oil and opium trade from the Middle East, they simply apply Diocletian’s method. Invading sovereign countries are illegal, but if you can somehow blame those countries for housing terrorist organizations (that you created and supported) and blame them for terrorist acts in your own country (without concrete proof), then the public will support your tyranny. You provide the solution. Invasion of sovereign countries follows and the sheep supports you 100%.

Today we can look at unarming civilians for instance. The government cannot disarm civilians en-masse. Questions will be asked and people will hide their weapons. But if some unforeseen, emotionally charged deaths should occur, such as a school shooting by a “Lone-nutter” or a kid shooting up a squatter camp with Daddy’s rifle, then there will be an outcry from the public that “Something must be done”. Promptly you supply the solution; a ban on all weapons.

In South Africa there are and were many examples of Diocletian’s “Problem-Reaction –Solution” tactics. The British wanted their hands on the mineral wealth of the two Boer Republics, so they blamed the Boers for everything they could in order to justify a genocide against this tiny nation of farmers.

Another example: say for instance the biggest fear of a Black Government is a White Right-wing backlash. What do they need to do? Plant a few bombs in Black areas; blame it on a Right-wing organization (that you created) and you can keep the All Alleged Accused in prison for four years without a trial (as with the Boeremag). Better still…the public will support you.

If you want to impose a Communist government onto the people, you need to destroy the capitalist economy, but openly doing so is going to cause a massive outcry from the public. So in order to destroy the economy, you have to break the back of it, namely electricity. Create an “Electricity Crisis” (problem), The public cries, “Something must be done” (the Reaction), blame businesses for consuming too much electricity and tell them to scale down (the solution). Down the drain Economy goes.

Crime is another example. Crime has so many facets that it should be in a section on its own, but let’s examine some issues.

Firstly. You cannot imprison or hang people without a trail. So you create a crime problem. The public screams, “Something must be done!”, and you provide the solution; imprisonment without trial and the death penalty.

Secondly, if you want to get rid of your opposition (the Whites), you cannot just drive them into the sea. There will be an outcry and they might fight back. You cannot justify a war against them, so what to do? Blame the Whites for the most terrible word in human history, “Racism” and wage war on them without a declaration of war. With no declaration of war against them, the whites are not allowed to fight back as soldiers. Killing of 3000 White farmers and thousands more Whites in their homes by blacks are now called, “ Ordinary crime” by the president. Vigilantism is against the law and the Whites have to rely on the police to stop the “Crime”, but the government employs the Police. So the killing continues with nobody lifting a finger to stop it. Whites refuse to believe that a war is being waged against them.

More Whites have died in the years under ANC rule than in British concentration camps. More Whites have died since the ANC took over than in all the years they have planted bombs as a terrorist organization, including the soldiers on the Namibia/Angola border.

The first few years after the 1994 election, the ANC and NP ruled together in a coalition. So the ANC has actually only been in power for ten years. Ten years it took them to redudce a prosperous first world country to the rubbish it is now. Compared to the almost 30 years it took other African countries to go through the same, it looks as if the ANC is going for a record.

Anybody can see that under ANC/Communist rule, the crime will not get better. Electricity, roads and other infrastructure are only sliding backwards into the abyss. Housing and jobs for the poor masses will never be created. Only the totally naïve and stupid believes the promises and lies of the ANC.

We therefore need to look at the ANC very carefully and see if we can predict future situations modeled on Diocletian’s principle. What are the ANC’s future “Problem –Reaction-Solutions”?

To answer that question we should look at what the ultimate aims of the ANC/Communists are. They want to rule forever. They want to get rid of all and any opposition that might ever prevent them from ruling forever.

There are roughly four million whites living in nice houses in South Africa. There are 40 Million blacks that demand houses from the government on a daily basis. Blacks live ten people in a house, no problem. Why should the government spend money on building houses for blacks when there are millions of houses standing already? There is only one problem…whites live in these houses. All they have to do is:


A Problem – Urbanize Blacks en masse to create a housing shortage. (Done already)

There will be...

A Reaction – An outcry from Blacks that demand houses.(Done already)


A Solution – Blame the whites for something horrible (e.g. the death of a beloved black leader) to trigger genocide against them and either kill them all or drive them out of the country.

All black problems will be solved when the last White is out of Africa. Black Power, FOREVER!

In order for whites to survive, they will have to become aware of the tactics and methods of the enemy. Is it not time that whites start adopting these Diocletian methods themselves? How can Whites use Diocletian’s “Problem-Reaction-Solution” to their own advantage? What does blacks consider as “problems” and can we create some for them to the point where there is an outcry “that something must be done”? Can we then supply them with the “Solution” in order to achieve our own goals?

Yes we certainly can, but in order to do so, we need to define what our goals are. What is it that we want to achieve? Many people are still divided on this issue. Some say we should push for an independent homeland for ourselves in the Cape, some say the entire South Africa is ours already. Some want the old Boer Republics reinstated. Some wants to rule alongside blacks in a type of Federation. Some whites simply want to leave.

It is clear to me that most whites in South Africa already have a common goal, they just don’t know it yet. All the people above, from the Boer Republicans to the emigrants, have the same goal, Freedom from oppression!

The problem is that whites can never be free unless they rule over themselves. Whites can never be free from oppression unless they live in their own country. Whites can never be free unless they are free to speak and sing their own languages in their own churches and schools. Whites should be able to pay taxes to themselves and look after their own in their own hospitals. Whites should be able to employ and be employed by their own, free from Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment. Whites should be able to build their own cities and towns and name them after their own leaders. Whites should be able to erect their own monuments for their own heroes and not be forced to worship idols of terrorism.

How can we ever achieve all these things unless we have our own country? Every time I close my eyes I see one thing in front of me and one thing only; a beautiful country, a place where we can be ourselves and be truly free! This should be our common goal. Our tactics will follow our strategy and our strategy will determine our tactics. The end will justify the means.

None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free. - Johan Wolfgang von Goethe

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