Saturday, 9 February 2008

Driveways are not a safe place

Driveway victim: Clive Drude is recovering in hospital after being attacked right outside his house. Photo: Ian Landsberg, Cape Argus

February 08 2008 at 12:03PM

By Niémah Davids

Police have warned people to be on guard when pulling into their driveways after two incidents this week where an armed gang opened fire on unsuspecting motorists as they arrived home.

At around 11am on Wednesday a gang shot and wounded Clive Drude in the hand and shoulder as he arrived at his Heron Street, Pinelands home.

In the second incident on the same day, a 74-year-old woman and her 37-year-old daughter arrived at their home in Ringwood Drive in Parklands at about 11.20am from a nearby shopping centre.

The women were still in the vehicle when they were approached by two suspects who robbed them of their handbags. One suspect fired a shot hitting the daughter in the left leg.

Police do not consider the two incidents to be linked.

In the first incident, Drude had arrived home shortly after having withdrawn money at an ATM. Recovering in hospital, Drude told the Cape Argus how he saw his "life flashing by" as he was shot.

"It all happened so quickly. One moment I was getting out of the car, the next thing I knew I was surrounded by three men.

"I don't know where they came from," he said.

Drude said none of his attackers "said a word" as they approached.

Drude said the entire attack lasted only a few minutes, "but it felt like an eternity".

Throughout the attack, Drude's wife, Ellen was inside their home.

Police spokesperson Bernadine Steyn urged drivers to be "extra alert" and to check their driveways and streets when leaving or entering their premises, to switch off car radios and to concentrate on surroundings.

If anyone noticed a vehicle that might be following them, they should drive to their nearest police stations.

Anyone with information on the Table View incident can contact Inspector Conrad Leggett on 021 521 33 00.

Anyone with information on the Pinelands incident can contact Constable Elton Delport on 021 506 2148.


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