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Reactive and petty versus savage genocidal racism

When a video surfaces depicting a couple of White South African students playfully humiliating some willing Black participants in a college initiation ritual, acts similar to those repeated countless times each year in dormitories of every western country in the world, all hell breaks loose with images plastered on front pages and projected on TV's all over the world with headlines like "Repugnant Bastards" and "It's War!", you might say that it is perfectly understandable to be outraged, and rightfully so. But why does the world make such a big fuss about childish racist pranks while at the same time ignoring the asymmetrical genocide being committed against the White minority of South Africa?

But first lets ask what made the “repugnant bastards” do it? The answer is in the video: “... at the end of the day, this is what we think of integration.”, said one actor. They are unhappy about the integration policy by the government, that forces students from minority groups to integrate with the majority Black groups in campus dorms. Cloaked under “nation building”, this policy is actually deliberately intended to indirectly alienate and drive away the minorities from these institutions. None of the racial groups, especially the majority Black groups want this integration and where it has been implemented, unsurprisingly it has been to the detriment of the minorities, where there has been serious intimidation and abuse (even rape) of members of the minority groups. Hence the reactive petty racist protest by these White students.

Each time something like this happens, governments, media and human rights groups all over the world fall over one another to condemn the evil White “repugnant bastards”. Why? Two reasons. The aim for some, including the ANC, is to direct attention away from the ethnic cleansing of the White minority that is taking place right now in South Africa. The crimes of racism are so lopsidedly stacked at their own feet that they have to make a big deal when, once in a while, a White person is nasty to a Black person. When you have successfully demonised a certain group you can do with them what you like. Just take the innocent civilians of the German city of Dresden who were bombed mercilessly and unnecessarily by the allied bombing raids after the Second World War had already ended. To this day the people of Dresden are attacked by groups like “No tears for Krauts” when they commemorate their dead. Basically in the eyes of the world the murder of these innocent civilians was justified because they were portrayed as monsters who deserved death.

The other reason is guilt and deniability. Uphold the myth at all cost. Now that it is becoming clear that South African Blacks were better off under Apartheid, and that Nelson Mandela and the ANC are the real racist murdering terrorists, the world does not want to know about the real atrocities being committed by the same people they supported, because then they would have to admit that they backed the wrong team. So they knowingly and falsely continue to praise and promote the “rainbow nation” to the world as being the model of African Democracy and Black achievement, when in fact South Africa is the fastest deteriorating country in the world (apart from Zimbabwe which is already at rock bottom), and setting the stage for the next big genocide. What happened to “Never again”? Is it impossible for Blacks to be guilty of racial hate crimes? Do White South Africans really deserve to be exterminated? In the end the victor writes the history books and perhaps they will succeed to wipe the White tribe of Africa completely out of the history books, like the British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand cover-up of their Boer genocide of 1901.

So this is why you will never hear about or see on TV the mutilated corpses of countless innocent White South African men, women and children of all ages, who were raped, tortured and executed in their own homes simply because they are White.

How do you hide a genocide in this information age? How does a majority wage a race war against a minority and remain free from criticism? Easy! Call it crime. When a Black gang attacks a White family in their own home, torture, rape and execute family members, then leave with a cellphone, the supporters of the myth call it crime, and “crime happens all over the world and is caused by poverty/Apartheid”. Why don't the Blacks just declare war on the Whites and get it over with you might ask. Well if you declare war against someone, they are allowed under international law to defend themselves and the Blacks know from experience that they do not stand a chance fighting a war against the White tribe of Africa. So in this undeclared war the Whites are not allowed to defend themselves.

Funny enough, the only people honest about their intentions are the actual perpetrators themselves. Nelson Mandela told us what he wanted his followers to do with the Whites when he sang his MK pledge song about killing Whites. Mzukizi Gaba (ANC) was open and honest when he said “When Mandela dies we will kill you Whites like files”. The Black student protesters and Peter Mokaba were sincere when they chant(ed) “Kill the boer, kill the farmer” and “One Settler, one bullet”, and Jacob Zuma warned us when he sang “bring me my machine gun”. So it makes one wonder why the world still supports these murderers.

Brutal home invasions by mostly young AK47 and panga wielding Blacks against defenseless White families are now a daily occurrence in Mandela's “rainbow nation”.

What follows are some recent examples of savage genocidal Black-on-White racism, stories you will never see on TV. After reading these stories you should ask yourself if it is merely crime and why they are not shown on the 6 o'clock news alongside this story about the racist White students.

This is but the tip of the iceberg. For 500+ more examples of savage genocidal Black-on-White racism, please visit

Men on trial for boiling-water death

"The trial of two men who allegedly killed their victim by repeatedly pouring boiling water over her head..."

Murder shocks Bushveld town

"The 65-year-old wife of a missionary in the Bushveld town of Mokopane (previously Potgietersrus) was murdered in her house on Saturday."
"The attackers slashed her throat."

Robbers shoot top student in spine

"A Pretoria student's dream of being a doctor lies in tatters this morning after a gang of armed robbers shot her in the spine during an armed robbery."
'I could see the hatred in his eyes and knew he was going to kill me'

Robber empties gun on top matric

"Razelle Botha, 18, one of the top pupils at Waterkloof High School last year, was at her home in Norval Street, Moreletta Park, at 21:45 on Monday night when the robber shot her in the arm, chest, stomach, lung and spine."
"I can't imagine how anyone can empty their gun on a child," said a heartbroken Kobie Botha, Razelle's mother, at hospital on Tuesday."

Mom found raped, strangled

"Elize Havenga, 26, was found raped and strangled in bushes next to the road, a few hundred metres from the Rietfontein smallholding where she lived."

'She was gentle, refined'

"The decomposed body of Jana de Korte, 81, was found in her garage on Tuesday afternoon, a week after she was last seen."
"She was apparently raped and beaten to death."
"Three men, aged between 16 and 18, were arrested at the Paarl Magistrate's Court at about 11:30 on Wednesday morning."

'Violent start to 'new life'

"Barely four months after she found her murdered fiance's body, a young woman was assaulted and raped in her flat in Lydenburg, Mpumalanga."

'Mom shot in heart - for cell'

"The principal of a crèche was killed by a single bullet in the heart after three armed robbers overpowered her and her family in their home."

'Pregnant woman beats off rapist'

"A pregnant woman decided to strike back when an armed robber tried to rape her in front of her fiance and other guests during a robbery in Menlo Park."

Brutal murder shocks town

"Senior superintendent Erika Heunis, 36, was apparently raped before she was beaten to death with stones. There were supposedly three attackers, but by late on Tuesday police still refused to reveal any facts."

Breast op saves woman from rape

"For almost two hours the family lay helplessly tied up - their hands behind them and their legs bound - while the men tortured them, and sexually assaulted and threatened to rape Linda."
"I thought he was going to rape me, but the missing breast bothered him a lot."
"I think this is the reason why he did not rape me, and I am so grateful for that."

Robber kills man after invading 'fortress'

"A Waterkloof woman and her four young children watched in horror as an armed robber shot her husband in the head during a house robbery on Saturday night."

'Farmer shot at 'point blank range'

"He was shot once, point blank in the forehead."

Woman, 70, fends off horror attack

"For an hour-and-a-half two men played a game of cat and mouse with her, pouncing on her, strangling her, releasing her, and then striking again. They could no doubt have killed her, but instead chose to drag out the ordeal."

Police 'shocked' by crime spree

"They didn't ask anything, they just started shooting," said Van der Kooi."

'We are an evil nation'

"Beeld reported on Monday about the attack during which 70-year-old Hettie Janse van Rensburg's fingers were cut off with garden shears. Her husband, Theuns, 72, was left for dead after he had been beaten over the head with a bush knife."

Robbers cut off mom's fingers

"Robbers used pruning shears to lop off four fingers of an elderly Limpopo woman and her husband's life is hanging by a thread after he was repeatedly struck on the head with a panga."

Prof sees husband gunned down

"Slabbert said: "There was no reason for the man to shoot my husband. He could have just run off."

Wife lay next to dead husband for 30 hours

"Beaten and semi-conscious, Martina Stocker lay next to her husband's bloody corpse for more than 30 hours. She and her husband Jürgen fell prey to a gang of robbers at their Bryanston home"

79-year-old Afrikaner farmer Jan Voster, 'chopped to shreds by panga'

Beeld reports: 79-year-old Afrikaner retired farmer Jan Voster of Nelspruit was "chopped to shreds by panga-wielding Black attackers on Nov 22 2007.

Killers laugh at jail term

"They're dead now. What are they worrying about?" said one of the men to the other."

Daughter tied to dying dad

"I begged them to take everything and go so that I could take my father to hospital, but they shook him, laughed and said he was okay."

'I pleaded for my life'

"They wanted to shoot me in the head. I tried to ward them off with my hands and pleaded for my life."

64yr-old murdered in Pta

"A man who was described as "gentle" was murdered shortly before his 65th birthday after his nose and mouth were taped shut with masking tape, and he presumably suffocated."

'Is my mom OK?!'

"A woman in Lynnwood Manor, Pretoria, was assaulted, robbed, raped and shot dead in her home on Tuesday afternoon..."

'Shoot the white bitch'

A businesswoman has been raped by two men who kidnapped her, then threatened to "shoot the white bitch".

By Kwaaitjie die Kabouter.


Anonymous said...

Creed of the white kid

We are sorry that our ancestors were intelligent, advanced and daring
enough to explore the wild oceans to discover new countries and
to conquer and develop these.

We are sorry that those who came before us took you out of the bush and
taught you that there was more to life than beating drums and
chasing animals with sticks and stones.

We are sorry that they planned, funded and developed roads, towns,
mines, factories, airports, all of which you now claim to be your
long deprived inheritance so you have full right to change and rename
these at your discretion.

We are sorry that our parents taught us the value of small but strong
families, to not breed like rabbits and end up as underfed,
illiterate shack dwellers living in poverty.

We are sorry that when they provided you with schools, you decided they
looked better without windows or in piles of ashes. We
happily gave up those bad days of getting spanked in our all white
schools for doing something wrong, and much prefer these days of freedom
where problems can be resolved with knives and guns.

We are sorry that it is hard to shake off the bitterness of the past
when you keep on raping, torturing and killing our friends and
family members, and then hide behind the fence of "human rights" with
smiles on your faces.

We are sorry that we do not trust the government. We have no reason to
be so suspicious and short sighted seeing that there has never
been a case where any of these poor hard working intellectuals were
involved in any form of corruption or irregularities.

We are sorry that we do not trust the police force and although they
have openly admitted that they have lost the war against crime and
criminals, we should not be so negative and just keep on hoping for the

We are sorry that we basically flung open our border posts, and now left
you competing for jobs against illegal immigrants from our
beautiful neighboring countries. All these countries that have grown so
strong after kicking out the "settlers", you should follow their
excellent example and grow big and strong like them!

We are sorry that we don't believe in witchcraft, beetroot and garlic,
urinating on street corners or trading woman for cattle, maybe
we just grew up differently. So sorry that when we are forced into
sharing the same establishments, sometimes we lose our temper, that is
totally uncalled for.

We are sorry that your medical care, water supplies, roads, and your
electrical supplies are going down the toilet because skilled
people who could have planned and resolved these issues had to be shown
away because they were of the wrong ethnic background and now have to
work in foreign countries where their skills are needed more.

We are so sorry and should really try harder to be more tolerant and
learn to get along with EVERYBODY around us, one big happy family.

The Dumb White Kid

David Ben-Ariel said...


Anonymous said...

Why did the cleaners drink the piss? They partake of their own choice. Maybe it is because they are used to muti-murders in their own culture. I do not know why they did it, but I will not drink piss unless a gun is held to my head - which could happen in South Africa, as I am white.