Thursday, 21 February 2008

The Songs They Sing

Artist: Zubz
Song: Get Out!

Tell the oppressor get out
And tell my people to fight
For real you need to watch out
Because you ...feel the gun blast (Machine gun sounds)
You know you really need to watch out
Because that condescending tone you drop when you talk to me could get your head blown serious
Don't mistake my kindness for weakness just like your forefathers

I'll blind you with *Heat quick (*Heat = Gun)
Understand I'm gonna get this panga to your neck
Take what is mine and I'll rob you tomorrow

Take my time'
It's payback
Tell my people to fight
and tell the oppressor get out
'cause I know my rights
You need to watch out
'cause we hate to fight

... like corner pit bulls you make us bite
The uninvited guest, we embraced him and placed ...
Now it's time to get out 'cause he violated
We gave him power and our people he annihilated
Give him the warning and grab the gun
Make sure that it's done right

There's no denying the past
But the future's in our hands right now in our grasp
Listen, they got the best of us before
Now it's time to turn the tables so we settle the score

It's for the brave living, the hate taken, the raped woman, the slave labour
The sustenance of every African is of true wealth on black man's land
There needs to be a precedent set
if freedom is ours, why is there no evidence yet?
If the majority vote, why so minority rule?
Why don't they teach knowledge in college and schools

I'll tell you why
It's about power held by the greedy and controlled by the cowards
well, I've got a message to all the fake jacks
power to the people, it's time we take it back
Tell the oppressor get out
tell my people fight
'cause I know my rights
it's not all white people that's racist,
and not all white people perpetuate the imbalance
so not all white people need to be addressed.


Anonymous said...

Read the book "the Bell Curve" then you will understand. It's directly related to IQ.

Anonymous said...

You are a loser.

Anonymous said...

The biggest failure of Democracy in Africa is that unsophisticated, illiterate, uninformed and easily influenced citizens can replace those that fully sustain them with others that fully impoverish them.

"Africa, largely due to the ignorance, stupidity and skewed mindset of the African, has become a global joke, failed experiment; a symbol of no hope on the most backward species of human this planet has ever known, a genus of person that apart from a few interesting jazz lyrics and sports titles, has contributed little else of value to mankind. It clearly shows that trying to uplift these people with programs such as affirmative action and 'be nice to The African' is futile; it's all effort, money pissed against the wall."