Saturday, 9 February 2008

Where's Minto's HART?

Mr. John Minto, as NZ's 89th voted history maker, I wonder if your fellow countrymen know, that to this day, you have not spent one second in the country you became famous for helping to "liberate". I have lived in New Zealand for seven years and I still don’t fully understand all of its complex social issues, but you can speak with authority about South Africa? I don’t think so.

Do Kiwi's know that your 1980’s Springbok tour protests were orchestrated and run by The Workers Communist League, whose real agenda was to destabilise and “liberate” Aotearoa the same way the South African Communist Party did South Africa? From what I hear they nearly succeeded in starting a civil war during these protests.

Back to South Africa, the Congo, Angola, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and others were harbingers of things to come, but you decided to ignore African history (do you know African history?), at not your own, but others peril, and sided with the ANC, who used, in true African style, hate, limpet mines and petrol-and-tyre necklaces to achieve their goals.

Now that Azania, sorry, South Africa is doomed, and people are starting to ask questions, you have decided to distance yourself from your ANC mates, why, because "they are not real Communists" (your words). Was Mugabe a real Communist? How many failed post-colonial African countries, one-man, one-vote, one-time “Dictocracies” (sic) does it take?

Why so quick to burn your bridges, because when New Zealand's time comes you will surely need the Azanian Communist Party to return the favour. It appears that you have already angered the regime as they have recently denied your claim (ouch!) that they nominated you for the OR Tambo award that you so nobly turned down.

Fortunately for you Mr Minto, it appears that the majority of Kiwi’s are blissfully unaware that the future of their little island in the middle of nowhere is just as uncertain as that of South Africa. That the same forces are mobilising there, and that in the blink of an eye, things can change dramatically. They should just look at South Africa, and our current global zeitgeist. But perhaps not everyone has been fooled. I hear close to forty thousand Kiwi’s are leaving the country each year.

You should think twice before visiting Azania Mr. Minto, because apart from the high risk of being robbed, raped, tortured, murdered, or all of the above while over there, simply because one is white, it also appears that you have few friends left there, black and white.

By Rudi Prinsloo.

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