Thursday, 27 March 2008

'She was my baby'

A crying Irene Molefe, 50, tells how she found the body of murdered 19-year-old Estee van Rensburg in Faerie Glen, Pretoria. (Theana Calitz, Beeld)

26/03/2008 23:53 - (SA)

Virginia Keppler, Beeld

Pretoria - Murdered 19-year-old ballerina and Vodacom meerkat Moitia dancer, Esteé van Rensburg, was to have joined her parents at the KKNK in Oudtshoorn on Thursday.

Instead, Koos and Linda van Rensburg got the shocking news that she'd been found semi-naked, raped and murdered on their her parents' bed at their Faerie Glen, Pretoria home on Wednesday morning.

She had been shot in the head.

"My child is dead. She was my baby," said a weeping Van Rensburg.

Her last SMS, which she had sent to her parents on Sunday, read: "Di son het vandag uitgekom wat beteking nuwe lewe... JESUS het vandag opgestaan ... Prys di HERE ... Veilig ry vdag. Lief vi julle baja! Mwa". ("The sun came out today which means new life... JESUS rose today... Praise the LORD... Drive safely today. Love you lots! Mwa)

Esteé's body was found by Irene Molefe, 50, when she arrived for work.

Molefe said that when she arrived at the house, she unlocked the gate and walked around the house.

"I was about to unlock the door when I saw that the sliding door was half open."

Like a doll

"I walked in and shouted: 'Morning, Esteé! I'm here!'

"The fridge was standing wide open.

"Then I peered into the garage and saw that her car wasn't there.

"I started shouting, ' Esteé! Esteé!'

"When I looked into her parents' room, I saw her lying on the bed like a doll and there was a pillow over her face."

Molefe said she had got a huge fright and ran to the neighbours across the road for help.

"I've never seen anything like that," she told Beeld, crying.

Nathan Mowatt, 19, the neighbour's son, went to investigate.

He said: "I drew the curtains to one side and then I saw it was Esteé who was lying on the bed."

Always laughing

They immediately phoned the police and his mother phoned Esteé's parents in Oudtshoorn with the news.

Nathan said Esteé was an exceptional person.

"She always had a bounce in her step, was always laughing and was the happiest person I knew.

"I saw her a week ago, but we just waved to one another.

"I now wish I had chatted to her a little then," he said.

Captain Julia Claassen said that a television, a computer and Esteé's silver Toyota Tazz (registration number NNS 243 GP) had been stolen.

Her handbag, cellphone, her mother's jewellery and other valuable items in the house had not been taken.


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