Monday, 31 March 2008

Stander victim dies in robbery

30/03/2008 23:26 - (SA)

Annelene Moses, Beeld

Johannesburg - A woman, who had been shot by the infamous Stander gang 24 years ago, died in her home during a robbery when she and her husband were attacked by three armed men.

Marlene Henn, 65, was shot in the chest in the Stander robbery and also in the one at the weekend.

Captain Julia Claassen said Henn was fatally wounded when the robbers fired shots in her Randburg home.

Henn's husband, Mike, was assaulted with a firearm.

It is still not known how the men gained access to the stand and the house about 22:10 on Friday.

After Henn had been shot in the chest and her husband tied up and hit over the head, the thugs took the keys of the couple's 4x4 vehicle.

Stander gang robbery

They accidentally pressed the panic button on the remote control, alerting an armed-reaction unit.

Claassen said the robbers fled when security guards arrived.

Henn was wounded in the chest when she was shot several times in November 1983 during a robbery done by the Stander gang under leadership of former police officer André Stander.

Henn, then 41, was robbed in her firearm shop in Randburg by Stander, Alan Heyl and Patrick McCall.

In 2002, she said in an interview that she did not believe Stander had been shot dead in the US, but that he was still alive and doing "underhanded things".


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Sonny Cox said...

Yes, Mrs Henn used to see Andre Stander in her sleep. He was barefoot.