Tuesday, 22 April 2008

'She was lying in so much blood'

20/04/2008 23:26 - (SA)

Daleen van Manen, Beeld

Brits - An elderly woman's faithful boerboel didn't have a chance to protect her when she was stabbed to death with a paper knife and a bread knife in her farmhouse at Geluk near Brits in North West.

The bloody body of Lien Gronum, 71, was found on Friday at 16:00 by her husband, Willem, also 71, in their blood-smeared house after he had dropped off two workers at a nearby shop.

Gronum said: "When I got back, I saw blood and the bag, in which my revolver had been, lying on the patio. I knew immediately there was big trouble.

"The security gate was covered with blood and my wife's boerboel, also covered in blood, had been closed in between the front door and the gate."

While it was earlier reported that the dog died, Gronum said it had only been lightly cut.

The breadknife and the paperknife, both covered in blood, were found in the house. His wife had been stabbed repeatedly.

Her shattered husband said to Beeld on Sunday: "It was a senseless murder. The murderer took nothing but my revolver."

Shortly before the murder, Gronum had taken three workers to the shop in his bakkie. One of the workers had had a change of heart and got off near the house.

Gronum found his wife's body in the passage.

"The breadknife was lying on her chest and I saw the knife drawer open in the kitchen.

"I don't know whether she had grabbed the knife in defence or whether the murderer took it after he had overpowered her," said Gronum.

Dog was extremely protective

"She had been sitting at the kitchen table playing Sudoku when I left. That's how I saw her last. When I came back, she was lying there in so much blood."

Nothing else was missing from the house and the dog had only a light cut.

Gronum said: "He followed her like a shadow and was extremely protective."

Gronum said the emergency services and the police, including the dog unit, had arrived quickly.

The domestic worker and the farm worker, who had climbed off the bakkie on the way to the shop, apparently have disappeared without a trace.

Superintendent Lesego Metsi of North West provincial police said no one had been arrested yet.


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