Sunday, 30 November 2008

'Can I get back in the boot now, please?'

Hanti Otto

November 27 2008 at 03:15PM

After raping her, the man sat back in the car seat and said: "I'm sorry. I raped you".

The shocked complainant replied: "I know. Can I get back in the boot now, please?"

The man rummaged through rocks on the ground and the woman, who broke down and cried in the Pretoria regional court on Wednesday, said: "I thought he was going to kill me with a rock".

The woman was testifying against James Slinger, 18, David Edward Sekole, 21, and Luvuyo Ntsaba, 20, who have all pleaded not guilty to four charges of rape, three of robbery with aggravating circumstances and four of kidnapping.

'Every time I screamed, they would say: sorry madam'
It is alleged that in three weeks the trio kidnapped three Wierda Park women, bundled them into the boot of their own cars, drove around, withdrew money with their ATM cards and raped them while waiting for midnight so that they could withdraw more money again.

They then let the victims go.

On Wednesday one of the women recalled how she arrived home at about 7pm on June 1, 2007.

As she turned the vehicle, she saw two men in her headlights.

"I opened the window to pin in the gate's code. The two men got into my car. They pushed something into the back of my neck and grabbed the keys from the ignition," she said.

'He told me to take off my pants'
She identified Slinger and Sekole as the attackers. Slinger got in behind the steering wheel. "He didn't drive very well. There was a lot of stop and go," she recalled.

Sekole allegedly took her jewellery. They eventually stopped and asked her for her bank card and pin.

Sekole put his arm around her shoulder and spoke to Slinger in a language she didn't understand, the woman testified.

They tied her hands with her jersey and put her in the boot.

"The ride was very rough and I bumped my head several times. Every time I screamed, they would say 'sorry madam'."

Several times the vehicle stopped in areas where she heard loud music.

When the car stopped again, Slinger told her to get out of the boot.

She got into the front seat.

"He told me to take off my pants. I looked at him with shock and disbelief, as he had told me that he was not going to rape me, that they just wanted money".

At this stage the witness cried so much, that prosecutor Paul du Plessis suggested an adjournment.

The woman replied: "No. Let's carry on. The faster we get this over, the better."

o This article was originally published on page 4 of Pretoria News on November 27, 2008


Man films cop's alleged assault

Gill Gifford

November 28 2008 at 07:42AM

A Kyalami, northern Johannesburg, man who filmed a police officer assaulting him and his wife on his cellphone has laid charges in the hope that "the matter will be dealt with at the highest level".

Baden Hall, who owns a corporate landscaping business, was following one of his trucks on Thrsday morning on the way to a filling station in Lonehill, north of Joburg, when it was pulled over at a police roadblock on Lonehill Boulevard.

"I pulled over at the layby as they wanted to arrest two of my workers, because they didn't have papers.

"I spoke to the female sergeant and told her I had all my workers' registration papers on file at the office, and would bring them to the police station," Hall said.

'You feel so helpless'
He was told that the men would be taken to Morningside police station, and when he queried this as Douglasdale police station was closer, he was insulted.

"So then I told her I wanted to see her appointment card, as by law she has to identify herself when asked before executing a police function.

"Then a female inspector in command of the roadblock stepped in. She shrugged me off, and when I asked her to wait she told me to f*** off and get out of the way," said Hall.

He was outraged, but as a former police reservist himself, he knew that while he could not legally photograph a police official's face, he could photograph their name badge.

"I set my phone to camera and went to photograph her badge and she hit me on the left side of my face with her fist, and then backhanded me on the right."

Taken off guard, Hall grabbed the woman by her collar.

"Then she started screaming a string of political abuse at me along the lines of 'You white sh**, you are going to die here with your money. We will make sure you never leave this country, you will die here first'," said Hall.

He then stepped back and called his wife Melanie, telling her that he was not planning on leaving the roadblock, and wanted her to accompany the truck, and pay for the petrol so that his workers could continue.

"Mel arrived and yelled at the policewoman for assaulting members of the public, and the woman came for her. So I put my phone on video mode and as she came to hit me, she missed and hit Melanie with a glancing blow," Hall explained.

The seven seconds of footage on his phone shows an angry policewoman storming the camera aggressively, striking out in front of her as a loud slap sounds. Then the picture ends suddenly as the phone was knocked out of Hall's hand.

The couple said the attack caused a commotion, as other police members entered the fray and restrained their aggressive colleagues.

According to Hall, a commanding officer from Sandton arrived, and he then tried to reason with this officer.

"Basically the Superintendent tried to labour the point of the workers with me, and I told him that was not the issue.

"It was the fact that an arresting officer refused to identify herself, then struck me twice when I tried to photograph her lapel badge.

"He said I had grabbed her, and I pointed out I had been unprovokedly attacked and was entitled to defend myself."

Speaking to The Star shortly after the incident, Hall said he was devastated, and would lay a charge of assault against the woman.

"Nobody was in control there. The inspector told me to f*** off at least three times, and I intend opening a case and reporting this to the Independent Complaints Directorate in the hope this will be escalated as high as possible."

Melanie Hall said she was horrified by the assault.

"You feel so helpless. They join ranks around you."

The SAPS said they could not comment at this stage.

o This article was originally published on page 13 of The Star on November 28, 2008


Family of Gordon's Bay pensioner 'relieved'

November 28 2008 at 10:10AM

By Cape Times justice writer

The wife and son of Peter Howell, a retired pensions broker who died soon after being attacked in his Gordon's Bay golf estate home in 2005, were relieved when the Cape High Court convicted one of his attackers on Thursday.

Judge André le Grange convicted Rhanyo Mthelo of murder for Howell's death, attempting to murder Howell's wife, Pamela, housebreaking with intent to rob, and robbery with aggravating circumstances.

The couple, who were both 74, were "defenceless soft targets", Le Grange said.

The couple's son, Jeremy, said it was a pity the process had taken so long, but he and his mother were relieved justice had finally been done.

The Howells had been married for 51 years. They moved from Johannesburg a few months before the attack.

Howell jun said he was extremely grateful to the investigating officer.

"Inspector (Cobus) Greeff went over and above his duties and was tremendously helpful to my mother. He fetched her for court and when he was in the area he would pop in to check on her."

Mthelo is to be sentenced on Wednesday. He is serving a sentence for another housebreaking.

o This article was originally published on page 6 of Cape Times on November 28, 2008


Thursday, 27 November 2008

Bring die VN in, vra inwoners

Nov 26 2008 11:24:55:600PM - (SA)

Daniel Maluleke

Die Verenigde Nasies (VN) en die nasionale intelligensieagentskap (NIA) moet by die ondersoek na die misdaadvlaag in Kameeldrift en Cullinan betrek word, eis inwoners.

Hul tweede petisie binne drie weke is eergister aan die polisie oorhandig.

Die VN moet betrek word omdat die inwoners se ervaring met volksmoord vergelyk kan word, meen van die inwoners.

Dir. Mac McLachlan, die polisie se Gautengse hoof van misdaadvoorkoming, het hulle ten tyde van die oorhandiging toegespreek, maar die inwoners was steeds ontevrede.

“Ons het verwag ons sou terugvoering kry oor die petisie waarin ons ons pleidooie gelug het, maar tot almal se verbasing het McLachlan net beklemtoon dat die gemeenskap ook betrokke moet raak om misdaad in die gebied te bekamp,” het mnr. Nantes Kelder, hoof van gemeenskapsveiligheid van die burgerregte-organisasie AfriForum, gesê.

Toe die kommando’s ’n paar jaar gelede ontbind is, is ondernemings vir alternatiewe planne gegee, maar niks het daarvan gekom nie, het hy gesê.

Die inwoners meen die polisie doen nie genoeg om misdaad in die gebied te bestry nie en hul pleidooie val altyd op dowe ore. Ondanks hul optogte vroeër vandeesmaand meen hulle misdaad vier steeds hoogty daar.

Hulle eis onder meer dat die polisie in die gebiede ontplooi word en dat al die sake wat hulle by die polisie aangemeld het, deeglik ondersoek word.

Hulle meen NIA se betrokkenheid kan dalk ’n verskil maak.

Me. Lorna Daniels, NIA-woordvoerder, wou nie kommentaar lewer nie.


Oos-Randse prokureur voor TV doodgeskiet

Nov 26 2008 10:06:36:903PM - (SA)

Gloria Edwards

’n Oos-Randse prokureur is eergister koelbloedig doodgeskiet toe hy glo in sy Benoni-huis voor die TV aan die slaap geraak het.

Slegs sy selfoon is gebuit.

Mnr. Peter Moodie (36), die pa van twee jong kinders, is glo deur ’n kussing in die maag geskiet toe hy net ná middernag voor die TV in die woonkamer van sy huis in Honibalstraat, Rynfield, aan die slaap geraak het.

Sy vrou, Beulah (35), en twee jong kinders, Connor (7) en Morgan (4), het in hul kamers geslaap toe die voorval gebeur het en het glo nie die skoot gehoor nie.

Beulah het gister vertel hoe sy wakker geskrik toe sy haar man hoor skreeu het: “Ek gaan jou doodmaak! Ek gaan jou doodmaak!”

“Ek het na hom toe gehardloop en hom op die vloer langs die kroeg gevind. Hy was bewusteloos maar het nog asemgehaal. Ek het eers gedink hy het flou geval of is gesteek, want die skietwond in sy maag was klein en daar was nie eens bloed nie. Ek het toe kussingvere uit die wond gehaal, hulle moes geskiet het deur die kussing wat hy vasgehou het.”

Sy vermoed dat Moodie sy aanvallers uit die huis gejaag en toe voor die kroeg neergesak het. “Hy wou ons beskerm.”

Moodie, wat ook in die staalbedryf gewerk het, is op die toneel dood.

“Connor wou kort hierna weet wie gaan nou sy pappa wees.”

Volgens Beulah was haar man lief daarvoor om tot laataand televisie te kyk en op die bank aan die slaap te raak.

Die gesin het skaars twee maande gelede besluit om nie te emigreer nie. “Ons was vasbeslote om na Engeland te emigreer, toe besluit ons daarteen want ons het gedink dit is te lekker in Suid-Afrika. En kyk nou wat gebeur. Misdaad is nie meer net misdaad nie, dis suiwer kwaadwilligheid. Hulle kom gewapen so hulle wíl mens doodmaak, sommer in jou slaap.”

Konst. Godin Nyathi, Benoni-polisiewoordvoerder, het gesê die saak word ondersoek. “Nog geen arrestasies is gemaak nie.”


Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Mr President, we're scared

Some of the 2 400 children who gathered at a rugby field in Pretoria to remember victims of crime. (Herman Verwey, Beeld)

26/11/2008 09:29 - (SA)

Elana Carstens, Beeld

Pretoria - About 2 400 children gathered on a rugby field in Suiderberg on Tuesday to honour all South Africans who had lost their lives because of crime.

The children from Booysens Primary, Saamspan Primary and Suiderberg High carried white wooden crosses in the hope that the government would hear their plea for safety.

In about 2 000 letters to President Kgalema Motlanthe, the children asked him to address the crime problem, because they were scared of going to bed at night.

Children want death penalty back

"About 90% of the children are asking in these letters for the reinstatement of the death penalty," said Kobus Hermitage, organiser and chairperson of the South Africa Against Crime action group.

"Something must be done urgently about crime in our country. Our children are too scared to leave their homes."

Tanya Engelbrecht, 16, and Lavonne Benade, 16, pupils at Pretoria Tuine Technical High School, accused the government in their speeches of not being able to bring crime under control.

"We don't even have a police force we can trust, because they're getting away with murder," Tanya said.

"We have to stand together to fight crime in our beautiful country.

"Ons is vir jou Suid-Afrika, Nkosi Sikelel 'iAfrika," Lavonne said.

ANC admits policing problem

Several representatives of political parties also attended the gathering.

General Siphiwe Nyanda from the ANC's National Executive Committee admitted there were problems in the policing system.

"We have to take responsibility for the deeds that were committed and the poor way in which crime has been handled."

Frik van Wyk of the Freedom Front Plus said he was disturbed by the way in which crime had been handled over the past 14 years.

"It has taken the governing party 14 years just to admit there is a problem. Will it take them another 14 years to do something about it?"

- Beeld


President, ons is bang, sê kinders

Van die 2 400 kinders wat gister met wit houtkruise hulde gebring het aan alle Suid-Afrikaners wat hul lewe weens misdaad verloor het. Foto: Herman Verwey

Nov 25 2008 08:57:58:483PM - (SA)

Elana Carstens
Sowat 2 400 kinders het gister op ’n rugbyveld in Suiderberg, Pretoria, saamgedrom om hulde te bring aan alle Suid-Afrikaners wat hul lewe weens misdaad verloor het.

Die kinders van die Laerskole Booysens en Saamspan en die Hoërskool Suiderberg het met wit houtkruise rondgeloop in die hoop dat die regering aandag aan hul pleidooi om veiligheid sal gee.

Die kinders vra in sowat 2 000 briewe aan pres. Kgalema Motlanthe hy moet die misdaadprobleem oplos, want hulle is te bang om snags te slaap.

“Sowat 90% van die kinders vra in die briewe die doodstraf moet teruggebring word,” het mnr. Kobus Hermitage, organiseerder en voorsitter van die Suid-Afrika Teen Misdaad-aksiegroep, gesê.

“Iets moet dringend aan die misdaad in ons land gedoen word. Ons kinders is te bang om uit hul huise te gaan.”

Tanya Engelbrecht (16) en Lavonne Benade (16), leerlinge aan die Hoër Tegniese Skool Pretoria Tuine, het die regering in toesprake daarvan beskuldig dat hulle nie die vermoë het om die misdaad in bedwang te bring nie.

“Ons het nie eens ’n polisiediens wat ons kan vertrou nie, want hulle kom weg met moord,” het Tanya gesê.

“Ons moet saamstaan om misdaad in ons pragtige land hok te slaan. Ons is vir jou Suid-Afrika, Nkosi Sikeleli ’Afrika,” het Lavonne gesê.

Talle verteenwoordigers van politieke partye was ook by die byeenkoms.

Genl. Siphiwe Nyanda, van die ANC se nasionale uitvoerende komitee, het erken daar is probleme in die polisiëringstelsel.

“Ons moet verantwoordelikheid neem vir die dade wat gepleeg is en die swak manier waarop die misdade gehanteer is.”

Mnr. Frik van Wyk van die VF+ is ontsteld oor hoe misdaad die afgelope 14 jaar gehanteer is.

“Dit het die party aan bewind 14 jaar geneem net om te erken daar is wel ’n probleem. Gaan dit hulle nog 14 jaar neem om iets daaraan te doen?”


'This is genocide'

November 26 2008 at 11:22AM

By Jacques Breytenbach

Kameeldrift residents have called for the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) to investigate the spate of violent crimes in their area and nearby Cullinan.

The residents on Tuesday handed over a new memorandum to the South African Police Service (SAPS).

Kameeldrift Community Policing Forum (CPF) spokesperson Warren Williams said the petition was in response to their basic human rights being violated.

"As a community, we have marched and shouted about crime. But this has amounted to nothing. We are still being maimed, raped, and shot at on a daily basis.

"We demand that the NIA investigate if a third force is to blame for the crime in our area. We will also take the matter to the United Nations as we believe that the situation qualifies as genocide," said Williams.

He said the Gauteng MEC for safety and security Firoz Cachalia visited Laudium after one murder occurred there.

"But 49 people are murdered in the Kameeldrift and the Cullinan area and no one helps us," he said.

The residents held a meeting in the area yesterday attended by the provincial head of crime prevention in Gauteng, Director Mac McLachlan.

McLachlan said that although the SAPS did not have all the answers, by sitting and discussing the issue, a solution could be found.

"I am fully aware that there is a big crime problem in Kameeldrift and in Cullinan. I am not here to make promises or to defend the police. But I will not allow that my fellow SAPS members get a lashing at this meeting.

"The minister of safety and security was here to speak with you earlier this month. You come here today with a list of demands, but I am not a politician.

"I am a policeman. I've been robbed three times in my house. So let us talk and find a solution," McLachlan said.

In the petition the residents demand the following:

That crime intelligence be improved to such an extent that violent crime be prevented significantly;

That more police members are deployed to prevent crime from occurring;

That reported crimes be investigated and that the percentage of successful prosecutions increases noticeably; and,

That policing is executed efficiently and that personnel and means are utilised optimally to curb crime significantly.

Community member Piet Germishuys said he did not sleep at night.

"Our women are raped. The men are shot dead. In the past, the army was sent in to deal with a situation like this.

"We don't know what the police are doing," he said.

Cullinan resident, Abel van Aarde, said there were too few police because of the urbanisation of the district.

This article was originally published on page 2 of Pretoria News on November 26, 2008


State wants guilty verdict

November 26 2008 at 09:35AM

By Karen Breytenbach

The State has asked the Cape High Court to find a self-confessed burglar from Lwandle guilty of breaking into an elderly couple's house on a Gordon's Bay golf estate in 2005, murdering the man and attempting to kill his wife.

Prosecutor Simphiwe Vakele said the accused, Rhanya Mthelo, committed these crimes with two others, with whom he shared a common purpose to steal items from the house and kill the occupants. No other arrests were made.

Vakele said one of the men smashed the window with a crowbar and went straight for retired pension broker Peter Howel, who was beaten repeatedly with the crowbar.

Pamela Howel was stabbed in the chest, but escaped.

Vakele argued that she probably would have been killed if she had not managed to flee.

He said the fact that she was stabbed in the chest indicated that the robbers intended to kill her.

Defence Advocate Ellen Fitz-Patrick said her client admitted to breaking into the house, but his version was that he grabbed the television set and ran into the bushes.

She argued that he did not see or participate in an attack on the couple.

Fitz-Patrick said Mrs Howel testified to seeing three men outside the house before the window was broken, but saw only two inside.

She said this corresponded with her client's version that he left the premises soon after the window was broken.

"His intent was only to steal. Someone had to carry the television," she said.

Judge Andre le Grange warned Fitz-Patrick that Mrs Howel's version on this aspect was never attacked in cross-examination.

Judgment will be delivered on Thursday.

This article was originally published on page 4 of Cape Times on November 26, 2008


Tuesday, 25 November 2008

We can't help, cops tell victim

24/11/2008 22:34 - (SA)

Fanie van Rooyen, Beeld

Pretoria - "Sorry, we have nobody to send out. We can't help you at this moment."

This is the answer Matthys Loubser, a resident of the crime-ridden Kameeldrift, northeast of Pretoria, got when he called the local police on Saturday after robbers opened fire on him and his family.

"Three weeks ago they poisoned five of my six dogs and on Saturday they shot out four of my windows, but a case hasn't been opened yet," said Loubser, a building contractor, on Monday.

He said detectives from this charge office could only come on Monday afternoon to investigate the matter.

Already in the house

"That's too late, I've already had all the windows fixed. I can't possibly go to bed at night with broken windows."

Loubser said the dog that wasn't poisoned slept in the house on Saturday night.

"The barking dog woke us up and I went to investigate in the main bedroom."

"When I walked in, I saw someone fiddling with the burglar bars.

"I'm not sure how many robbers there were, but some of them were already in the house," he said.

"When they saw me, they fled. As they ran, they fired four or five shots in my direction, which took out the bedroom windows."

Loubser's cousin, his two brothers and his fianceé were also in the house.

Called cops immediately

"We're just so lucky that nobody got hurt.

"But the service from the Kameeldrift police was pathetic. When the robbers started firing, I called the police immediately, but they said they couldn't help me."

However, shortly after his call, officers from the Onderstepoort police station arrived at Loubser's house. He suspects they were called by the Kameeldrift police.

"We're glad that someone came to help us, but it makes us feel very unsafe when our nearest police station can't come to our assistance."

Police spokesperson Constable Portia Maleka said on Monday nobody at the Kameeldrift police office had any knowledge of the incident, but that Loubser could call the station commissioner if he was unhappy with the police's service.

- Beeld


Polisie arresteer 2, skiet 1 oor moord

Nov 24 2008 07:18:48:533PM - (SA)

Linda de Beer

Die polisie in Noordwes het een verdagte dood geskiet en twee gearresteer weens die moord op 3 November op mnr. Brink Botha (53) van Mamogaleskraal in die Brits-omgewing.

Mnre. Given Zondi Nkuna en Thomas Chauke, ’n Zimbabwiese burger, is Donderdag in die vroeë oggendure in hegtenis geneem nadat inligting van die gemeenskap die polisie na Soshanguve in Pretoria gelei het, het adj.komm. William Mpembe gesê.

’n Derde verdagte, mnr. Derick Mabasa, ook ’n Zimbabwiër, het hom teen arrestasie verset en is noodlottig gewond toe die polisie op hom geskiet het.

Botha is twee keer in die bors geskiet tydens ’n worsteling met drie gewapende rowers deur ’n gebreekte kamervenster. Hy wou keer dat hulle die huis binnekom. Sy vrou, Christelle (39), en dogter, Odelia (13), is deur die rowers aangehou. Die gesin se ses honde is vergiftig.

Mpembe het gesê die polisie soek nog na ’n voormalige werker van die Bothas, ook ’n verdagte in die saak. Die ander twee verdagtes het gister die eerste keer in die hof verskyn. Die verloop van die hofverskyning was teen druktyd nie bekend nie. – Linda de Beer


Tuinier vas weens moord op vrou

Buks Viljoen

’n 43-jarige man wat jare lank vir me. Daphné Wilkes in Witbank gewerk het, is weens haar moord in hegtenis geneem.

Hy was gister besig om in ’n tuin in die woonbuurt Rynorif te werk en het glo ’n hemp met bloedspatsels daarop aangehad toe lede van die polisie se misdaadvoorkomingseenheid hom gearresteer het.

Wilkes (65) se lyk is verlede Maandag in die badkamer van haar huis in Peridotstraat, Ben Fleur, gevind.

Sy is erg aangerand en met haar eie kombuismes gesteek.

Die polisie het aanvanklik vermoed Wilkes het net vir die betrokke dag ’n tuinwerker van die straat af gehuur, het kapt. Eddie Hall, polisiewoordvoerder, gesê.

“Haar eie tuinier het aanvanklik aan ons gesê hy was die betrokke dag siek. Ons het egter vasgestel hy was wel self by die huis.”

Daar is ook ’n bloedsmeersel teen een van die huismure gekry met vingerafdrukke wat glo met die verdagte s’n ooreenstem.

Hall het gesê die hemp gaan vir forensiese ontleding gestuur word om vas te stel of die bloedspatsels dié van Wilkes is. Die verdagte sal waarskynlik môre in die hof verskyn, het hy gesê.


Monday, 24 November 2008

Another VIP cop in the dock

November 23 2008 at 04:24PM

A 27-year-old police officer will appear in the Pretoria Magistrate's Court on Monday after he allegedly assaulted a motorist, police said on Sunday.

Spokesperson Inspector Klaas van der Kooi said the police officer allegedly attacked a motorist in a road rage incident on Friday around 6pm in Villieria, Pretoria.

"The officer bumped the man's car off the road. He then proceeded to open the door of his victim's car, pulled him out and attacked him with his fists."

The man was currently stationed at the Railway Police unit, and was not a member of the VIP protection unit, as was initially believed. He was off duty and in his own car at the time.

Van der Kooi said the officer was arrested shortly after eyewitnesses called the police. He was detained at the Villieria police station overnight.

"The officer was released on a warning on Saturday morning. He will appear on charges of common assault and reckless or negligent driving in court on Monday."

The victim was taken by an ambulance to a nearby hospital where he was still recovering, van der Kooi said.

According to Sunday's Rapport newspaper, the victim, auditor and businessman Henk Griesel, 47, had three of his teeth knocked out when the policeman assaulted him with a piece of metal. The attack apparently happened when the police tried to overtake Griesel, but ended up bumping his car, Rapport wrote.

This was the second alleged case of road rage involving a policeman recently. KwaZulu-Natal social welfare MEC Meshack Radebe's bodyguard Constable Hlanganani Nxumalo was currently facing eight attempted murder charges.

Radebe told the Sunday Independent newspaper that motorists were also to blame for the behaviour of VIP drivers.

Nxumalo allegedly shot out the tyre of a car while on his way to pick up Radebe, causing a head-on collision that injured eight people.

Radebe said he had to get to Molweni outside Durban - 12 hours after a storm - to see how he could save lives.

"I'm not condoning VIP driver's behaviour, but I have experienced rude behaviour from motorists. They seldom give way and for no reason show us rude signs. Others when they see us coming, speed up and then brake unexpectedly," he was quoted as saying.

"Our drivers are trained to protect us. We are heading to elections and they need to ensure our safety. If a driver behaves like that, how do they know we are not being ambushed? Their reaction is to just push aside and shoot." - Sapa


Voor sy huis doodgeskiet

Nov 24 2008 08:08:10:710AM - (SA)

Jackie Pienaar-Brink

'n Man van die Strand is Saterdagaand by sy motor voor sy huis doodgeskiet in wat moontlik 'n mislukte kapingspoging was.

Mnr. Frans Schumann (58) is in die straat voor sy huis in Van der Stel neergevel. Hy is vermoedelik van agter geskiet.

Sy liggaam is in die middel van Stellenhofstraat gevind, aan die bestuurderskant van sy Toyota Corolla. Die deur was oop en die sleutels het by sy voete gelê.

Bure het twee mans van die toneel sien weghardloop.

Dit kon 'n mislukte kapingspoging gewees het, het insp. Olebogeng Tawana, woordvoerder van die Strand-polisie, gesê oor dié voorval omstreeks 23:00.

Of dalk het Schumann die verdagtes in sy voertuig betrap, bespiegel familielede.

Sy vrou, Annaline, was by bure toe sy 'n skoot hoor, gevolg deur 'n buurvrou wat haar naam uitroep. Sy het haar man se lewelose liggaam in die straat opgemerk en terselfdertyd gehoor hoe hul 16-jarige dogter, Stefanie, vreesbevange vanuit hul huis na haar roep.

Toe die skoot klap, het Stefanie inderhaas die kombuisdeur gesluit waar haar pa oomblikke vroeër uit is.

Mev. Schumann het gister vertel dat haar man omstreeks 22:00 van sy werk by Mr Delivery tuisgekom het.

Sy is na die bure vir 'n koppie tee en hy sou sy kar langs die huis intrek, agter die voertuig van 'n kollega waaraan hy besig was om te werk. Beswaarlik vyf minute later is haar man, met wie sy 16 jaar getroud was, doodgeskiet.

Hy het met sy kop op sy hande gelê, "soos een wat slaap".

Een 9 mm-koeëldoppie is later op die toneel opgetel.

Mnr. Bertie van Wyk, 'n familielid, vermoed die oorledene is dopgehou en dat sy moordenaars geweet het hy kom elke aand min of meer dieselfde tyd huis toe.

Familie en vriende vertel die stasie is naby en Stellenhofstraat dien as deurloop dorp toe.

'n Jaar gelede is 'n buurman, mnr. Jurie Swart, in dieselfde straat met 'n mes aangeval en van sy inkopies beroof. Hy was gelukkiger as Schumann en moes net steke kry.

Onlangs is mev. Schumann se broer, mnr. Jan Groenewald, ook in Stellenhofstraat oorval. Sy aanvaller het op die vlug geslaan toe Swart op die toneel kom.

Enigiemand met inligting word versoek om kapt. Paul Beresford by 021 854 9125 of 084 657 0597 te bel.


Man op plaas geskiet, sterf op bed

Nov 23 2008 08:45:38:873PM - (SA)

Hilda Fourie

’n Bejaarde man wat vyf keer deur rowers raak geskiet is, het na sy kamer gekruip, op sy bed gaan lê en gesterf.

Dit is hiér, op ’n plaas by Bultfontein, noord van Pretoria, dat vriende van mnr. Frans Jordaan (63) hom Saterdagmiddag omstreeks 12:00 gevind het.

Jordaan het sementprodukte gemaak en geïnstalleer.

Mnr. Francois Jordaan jr. (39) het gister aan Beeld gesê hy het Vrydagaand omstreeks 18:15 nog met sy pa gepraat toe dié op pad plaas toe was. Toe was niks nog fout nie.

Toe Jordaan Saterdagmiddag op sy pa se plaas kom, was die tyd van die eerste oproepe wat Jordaan sr. op sy selfoon gemis het 19:00.

Sy pa se inkopiesakkies het ook nog op die rak gestaan waar hy dit gesit het toe hy sy huis binnegegaan het.

“Hy moes by die huis gekom, oopgesluit, sy kossakke neergesit het en toe oorval geword het,” het Jordaan gesê.

“Met die skietery moes daar ’n onderonsie gewees het, want daar is merke in die bloed op die vloer.

“My pa is ’n ou wat sou terugbaklei.

“Volgens die bloedmerke op pad na sy kamer toe en die handmerke teen die muur, lyk dit of hy na sy kamer gegaan het, op sy bed gaan sit, agteroor gelê het en daar dood is.”

Volgens Jordaan moes sy pa tussen 18:30 en 19:00 gesterf het.

Jordaan sr. is vyf keer geskiet – drie keer in die bors en twee keer in die rug.

Saterdagoggend het vriende van Jordaan sr., mnr. Tuan en mev. Amanda Kriel, bekommerd geraak toe Jordaan sr. nie teëls by hulle kom aflaai het nie, het sy seun gesê.

Hulle is omstreeks 12:00 na sy huis.

Dáár was die skuifdeur oop met die sleutel in die deur.

Die Kriels het hom dood op sy bed gekry en het sy seun en die polisie laat weet.

Volgens Jordaan jr. was van sy pa se elektroniese ware in sakke gelaai, terwyl ander ware se drade opgerol was toe hy by sy pa se huis gekom het.

Die rowers het net met Jordaan sr. se vuurwapens en Nissan-bakkie gevlug. Dié bakkie is later in Soshanguve gevind, sowat 15 km van waar Jordaan dood is.

Jordaan sr. se selfoon en bakkiesleutels was steeds in die huis toe sy familie, vriende en die polisie op die toneel gekom het.

“My pa was my pêl gewees,” het Jordaan gesê.

“Hy het my in moeilike tye bygestaan.

“Dit was verskriklik om die oproep te ontvang dat my pa dood is. Dis nóg ’n plaasmoord.

“ ’n Mens weet nie of dit sy werknemers was of net ’n diefstal nie.

“Ek is kwaad. Woedend.

“ ’n Hele onderneming se swart werknemers sit nou sonder werk en my pa is weg.

“Wat help dit? Vir wie het dié moord iets in die sak gebring?

“Ons kan nie op dié trant voortgaan nie. So ’n voorval bring net allerhande rassistiese gedagtes na vore,” het Jordaan gesê.

Behalwe vir sy seun, laat Jordaan sr. ook drie dogters, Mia (38), Elsofie (34) en Hanchen (29), en sy gewese vrou, Lieschen (62), agter.

Die begrafnisreëlings is nog nie getref nie.

Volgens kapt. Lydia Ditinti, polisiewoordvoerder, word die moord ondersoek.

Niemand is nog in hegtenis geneem nie.


'My dad was my pal'

24/11/2008 07:40 - (SA)

Hilda Fourie, Beeld

Pretoria - A farmer who'd been shot five times, left a trail of blood as he dragged himself to his bedroom. He lay down on his bed and died.

Friends of Frans Jordaan, 63, found his body on his farm near Bultfontein, north of Pretoria, at about 12:00 on Saturday.

He'd made and installed cement products.

His son Francois told Beeld he had talked to his father on Friday afternoon at about 18:15 when Frans was on his way to the farm.

When Francois arrived at his father's farm on Saturday afternoon, he saw that the first missed calls on Frans's cellphone had been at 19:00

His father's grocery shopping was still standing on the shelf where he had put it down as he'd walked into the house.

"He must have got home, unlocked the door and put down his groceries when he was overpowered," Francois said.

"With the shooting there must have been a scuffle, because there are marks in the blood on the floor.

"My dad was someone who would have fought back.

"Judging by the blood-marks on the way to his bedroom and the handprints against the wall, it seems that he went to his bedroom, sat down on the bed, lay back and died there."

Francois said his father must have died between 18:30 and 19:00.

Frans was shot five times - three times in the chest and twice in the back.

On Saturday morning Tuan and Amanda Kriel, Frans's friends, became concerned when Frans did not drop off tiles as they had expected him to do, his son said.

At about 12:00 they went to his house.

The sliding door was open and the key was in the door.

The Kriels found him dead on his bed and called his son and the police.

Francois said when he arrived at his father's house, he found some of his father's electronic goods put into bags, while the wires of other items had been rolled up.

The robbers had fled only with Frans's firearms and Nissan bakkie.

The bakkie was later found in Soshanguve, about 15km from where Frans had died.

"My dad was my pal," Francois said.

"He had stuck by me in difficult times.

"It was terrible to receive the call that my father was dead. It's yet another farm murder.

"We don't know if it was his employees or just theft.

"I'm angry. Furious.

"All his workers are without a job now and my father is gone.

"What's the point? Who has benefited from this murder?

"We can't carry on like this. An incident like this just makes all kinds of racist thoughts come to the fore," Francois said.

- Beeld


Saturday, 22 November 2008

Noordwester berig oor Coligny plaasmoord

Mnr Sias Stander wat wreed tydens die aanval op sy plaas vermoor is. Mnr Stander word more om 11:00 vanuit die NG Oos Gemeente Coligny begrawe.

Die drie vergagtes in die Stander-moord het Maandag 10 November in die Coligny Landdroshof verskyn. Die saak is uitgestel vir verdere ondersoek tot 17 November. Hulle is Samuel Makgetla (26) van Garankuwa en voorheen van Coligny, Sergio Masibela (27) van Pretoria (van Mosambiekse afkoms) en Patrick Malebo (28). Die vierde verdagte Ernest Vilakazi (32) is deur mev Stander doodgeskiet, en is ook van Mosambiekse afkoms.

Oorsprong: Die Noordwester, Nov 14 2008

Pa van 3 in rooftog doodgeskiet

Mnr. Christo Jordaan, wat Vrydagaand in sy huis vermoor is, saam met sy vrou, Koekoes, hul dogter, Nicolene (22), en Ruan (13), hul seun.

Nov 16 2008 10:19:03:943PM - (SA)

Sonja van Buul

Vanderbijlpark. – ’n Jong vrou het Vrydagaand hier langs haar sterwende pa gesit en hom gesmeek om nie dood te gaan nie nadat hy deur rowers geskiet is.

“Pappa, pappa, moenie doodgaan nie. Ons is lief vir jou,” het me. Nicolene Jordaan (22) vir haar pa gesê.

Mnr. Christo Jordaan (41), sy vrou, Koekoes (41), en twee van hul kinders is deur twee rowers in hul huis aangeval.

Jordaan is doodgeskiet terwyl sy seun, Ruan (13) agter die kroeg weggekruip en Nicolene (22) gebad het.

“Ek was in die kombuis besig met wasgoed. Toe ek omdraai, het ek in die een rower se gesig vasgekyk,” het mev. Jordaan gister gesê.

Die rowers het vermoedelik oor die muur geklim om toegang tot die huis te kry. Die kombuisdeur was oop.

Volgens mev. Jordaan het die man haar stilgemaak toe sy gil en ’n 9 mm-pistool in haar gesig gedruk.

Die ander rower het na die televisiekamer gegaan waar Ruan en sy pa was.

Die eerste skoot het afgegaan toe mnr. Jordaan die rower se hand weggeklap en die koeël in die gangmuur vasgeslaan het. Ruan het hierna agter die kroeg gaan wegkruip.

“Christo het met brute krag die rower in die gang voor hom uitgestamp om hom uit die huis te kry, maar toe hulle in die kombuis kom, het eers die een en toe die ander rower op hom losgebrand en hulle uit die voete gemaak,” het mev. Jordaan gesê.

“Nicolene het uit die badkamer gestorm terwyl die skote klap, maar ek het haar teruggejaag.”

Mev. Jordaan het die nooddienste ontbied terwyl Nicolene en Ruan hul pa probeer moed inpraat het.

“Christo het sy gesin beskerm,” het mnr. Fanie Jordaan, sy broer, hartseer gesê. “ ’n Mens kan nooit versigtig genoeg wees nie. Christo het my altyd gespot en gesê ek is ’n bangbroek as ek die deure so toesluit en nou is hy dood.”

Christo Jordaan word ook oorleef deur hul ander dogter, Monique (20), wat by die werk was tydens die rooftog en sy ma, mev. Margriet Willemse.


Vrou voor rekenaar geskiet

Nov 19 2008 09:37:58:323PM - (SA)

Herman Scholtz

’n Vrou is in die kop geskiet en het gesterf in haar huis op die Blue Hills-kleinhoewe buite Midrand.

Insp. Mmakgomo Semone, polisiewoordvoerder, het gesê ’n onbekende aantal indringers het toegang tot die perseel gekry deur die hek te ontspoor.

“Die vrou het by haar rekenaar gesit toe sy geskiet is,” het hy gesê.

Volgens mnr. Nick Dollman, Netcare 911-woordvoerder, het hulle gister om streeks 00:48 ’n noodoproep gekry.

“Ons het op haar lyk afgekom.”

Semone het gesê sy was alleen in die huis.

Hy het gesê die motief vir die moord is onbekend, aangesien niks uit die huis gesteel is nie.

’n Man is op 28 Oktober naby aan die jongste moordtoneel met ’n kopskoot óók omstreeks middernag voor sy rekenaar vermoor.

Semone het gesê die polisie ondersoek die moontlikheid dat dié voorvalle verband hou.


Killed woman found 4 days later

20/11/2008 07:48 - (SA)

Buks Viljoen, Beeld

Johannesburg - The body of an elderly woman from Witbank was found in the bathroom of her house four days after she had been murdered.

Daphné Wilkes, 64, had been badly assaulted, hit in the face several times and stabbed at least ten times.

Before her murderer fled, he stabbed her with such force that the butcher's knife went straight through her neck. There were several stab wounds on her hand, arm and back.

Police spokesperson Captain Eddie Hall said Wilkes was last seen alive last Thursday afternoon. Her neighbour had seen her in the garden, talking to a labourer.

The alarm was only raised at 22:00 on Monday when the security company received a signal that the electricity in her home had gone off.

They tried to contact her, but she didn't answer the phone.

The police accompanied the security staff to the house in the Ben Fleur area in Witbank.

Water streaming out of house

"Water was streaming out from under the front door," Hall said.

The door was broken down and Wilkes's body was found lying next to the bath. The bathroom tap was open and the whole house was flooded.

"We suspect she was on her way to having a bath when she was attacked," he said.

Several personal items, including her purse and cellphone, as well as a TV and a toaster, were missing.

The murderer apparently also tried to steal her car. Hall said he could probably not get it started, because the keys were still in the ignition.

- Beeld


'I felt immense calm'

20/11/2008 22:30 - (SA)

Fanie van Rooyen, Beeld

Pretoria - "Even when I was giving her mouth-to-mouth, I felt this immense calm."

"I knew if God wanted my mother back, I could only be grateful on her behalf, because she is happy now."

Dr Duncan Prinsloo jnr, a veterinarian from Wapadrand in Pretoria, tried in vain to save the life of his mother, Laetitia, 54.

A little after 04:00 on Thursday, two murderers burst through the bedroom door and started shooting at his mother and father, Dr Duncan Prinsloo snr, 61, as they were lying in bed on their smallholding at Vaalbank, west of Bronkhorstspruit.

Laetitia died on the scene. Her husband, a well-known veterinarian, was hit in the back.

He is in a serious but stable condition in Wilgers Hospital in Pretoria.

The Prinsloo family's youngest daughter, Sharlien, 17, who was also in the house, was not hurt.

Police spokesperson Johannes Jaftha said the robbers had forced open the front door, broken open the door of the main bedroom and started shooting.

Pastor Morné Mundey, a good friend of the Prinsloos, was quickly on the scene.

"Sharlien's bedroom is on the ground floor. When she heard the shots, she called me immediately. When I arrived, a neighbour had already put Duncan on a drip.

"Laetitia was lying motionless on the bed. We first thought she had had a heart attack.

"Shortly afterwards, Duncan jnr started doing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Only when the paramedics lifted Laetitia off the bed did we realise she had been shot in the side and was already dead," Mundey said.

Jewellery was taken.

On Thursday Laetitia Prinsloo jnr, 33, the Prinsloos' eldest child, was on the way to the hospital from Hoedspruit.

- Beeld


Axe attack survivor walking

21/11/2008 07:50 - (SA)

Sonja van Buul, Beeld

Vereeniging - Charmaine Pienaar, 19, is walking again, just seven weeks after she was believed to have been paralysed when she and her mother, Heila, were viciously attacked by an axe-wielding robber.

Doctors had feared she would never walk again. She had a fractured skull, a splintered cheekbone and a broken jaw after the attack at the family's scrapyard business in Waldrift.

Heila, 41, was hacked to death by the robber and Charmaine had been lying next to her mother's body for hours before help arrived.

After an 11-hour-long operation, doctors would not give the family any guarantees about Charmaine's condition.

Birthday gift

"On my 19th birthday, on 26 October, I could stand on my own for the first time," an excited Charmaine said on Thursday.

"During the day, while my father was away, I practised on the sly. With the physiotherapy my legs became stronger and stronger."

She recently surprised him when she met him unassisted in the corridor, albeit with halting steps.

"I wanted to help and prevent her from falling, because she could only take one or two steps at a time before she would fall, but then I saw she was well on the way," said her father, Danie Pienaar.

Charmaine said she wanted to donate the wheelchair which she received from kind-hearted donors, and the walking frame, which she only used for a day, to elderly people in need.


Pienaar said his daughter's determination is giving him the courage to carry on after his wife's cruel death.

On Sunday Charmaine visited her mother's grave in Germiston for the first time, he said.

The man suspected of the attack has been refused bail. The suspect, an immigrant, will soon reappear in the Vereeniging Court.

- Beeld


Deur 2 deure, skiet vrou

Nov 20 2008 09:29:11:090PM - (SA)

Fanie van Rooyen

“Selfs toe ek haar mond-tot-mond-asemhaling gegee het, het ek kalmte ervaar.

“Ek het geweet as God my ma wil terughê, kan ek net namens haar dankbaar wees, want ek weet sy is nou gelukkig.”

Dr. Duncan Prinsloo jr., ’n veearts van Wapadrand in Pretoria, het gisteroggend vergeefs die lewe van sy ma, Laetitia (54), probeer red.

Twee moordenaars het gister ná 04:00 op haar en sy pa, dr. Duncan Prinsloo sr. (61), begin skiet waar hulle in hul bed gelê het op hul kleinhoewe by Vaalbank, wes van Bronkhorstspruit.

Mev. Prinsloo is op die toneel dood. Haar man, ’n gesiene veearts, is in die rug getref.

Hy is in ’n ernstige maar bestendige toestand in die Wilgers-hospitaal in Pretoria.

Die Prinsloo-gesin se jongste dogter, Sharlien (17), wat ook in die huis was, is ongedeerd.

Mnr. Johannes Jaftha, polisiewoordvoerder, het gesê die rowers het die voordeur oopgedwing, die deur van die hoofslaapkamer oopgebreek en toe begin skiet.

Past. Morné Mundey, ’n goeie vriend van die Prinsloos, was vinnig op die toneel

“Sharlien se slaapkamer is op die grondvloer. Toe sy die skote hoor, het sy my dadelik gebel. Toe ek daar opdaag, het ’n buurvrou reeds vir Duncan op ’n drup gesit.

“Laetitia het doodstil op die bed gelê. Ons het eers gedink sy het dalk ’n hartaanval gehad. Kort daarna het Duncan jr. mond-tot-mond-asemhaling toegepas. Dit was eers toe die paramedici Laetitia daar van die bed af oplig dat ons besef het sy is in die sy geskiet en is reeds dood,” het Mundey gesê.

Juweliersware word vermis.

Me. Laetitia Prinsloo jr. (33), die Prinsloos se oudste kind, was gister van Hoedspruit af op pad na die hospitaal.


Statistieke wys daar is groot skroef los in dié vrotkol, sê navorser

Nov 21 2008 09:29:33:507PM - (SA)

Alet Rademeyer

Landelike gebiede buite Pretoria soos Bronkhorstspruit, Cullinan en Kameeldrift het die afgelope ses jaar in ’n “misdaad-vrotkol” ontaard.

Dr. Johan Burger, senior navorser aan die Instituut vir Sekerheidstudie (ISS), het gister by navraag gesê uit statistieke oor ernstige misdaad sedert 2001-’02 in dié gebiede, het voorvalle ten opsigte van ernstige rooftogte en huisrooftogte gefluktueer én toegeneem.

Burger meen die situasie in die gebiede vra dat indringend gekyk word na wat aan die gang is. “Daar behoort nie net gekyk te word na die betrokkenheid van bendes nie, maar ook na wát ruimte vir misdaad skep en wat die polisie aan die saak doen. Uit die misdaadstatistieke is dit duidelik daar is ’n groot skroef los.”

Hy het verwys na die onlangse besoek van mnr. Nathi Mthethwa, minister van veiligheid en sekuriteit, aan die Kameeldrift-gemeenskap.

“Hopelik sal dit tot verskerpte optrede deur die polisie lei.”

Oor die voorval gisteroggend waartydens die huis van die Legemar-gesin van die Vaalbank-distrik, wes van Bronkhorstspruit, aangeval is, ’n nag nadat hul bure ook oorval is, meen Burger dit kan die werk van ’n bende wees.

Die Legemars se huis is sowat 2 km van die woning van dr. Duncan Prinsloo, ’n veearts van die gebied, wie se vrou, Laetitia, eergisteraand doodgeskiet en hy ernstig gewond is.

Burger meen ’n bende kry dit soms reg om vir lank in ’n gebied bedrywig te wees wat die indruk skep dat daar ’n skielike toename in misdaad is.

Volgens misdaadstatistieke was daar 128 voorvalle van ernstige rooftogte in Bronkhorstspruit in 2001-’02.

In drie jaar se tyd het dit gestyg tot 145 gevalle en in 2003-’04 was daar 166 voorvalle.

Verlede jaar tot Maart vanjaar was daar 157 gevalle.

Huisrooftogte in die gebied het in 2001-’02 op 12 gestaan en in 2006-’07 tot 28 gestyg.

’n Verdubbeling in voorvalle vir so ’n klein gebied dui op ’n ernstige probleem wat aan die ontwikkel is, meen Burger.

In die Cullinan-omgewing was daar in 2001-’02 altesame 43 voorvalle van ernstige rooftogte wat tot 89 verlede jaar gestyg het.

Ook in Kameeldrift is ’n “groot skroef los” waar ernstige rooftogte in 2001-’02 van 37 tot 75 voorvalle verlede jaar gestyg het. Huisrooftogte in dié gebied het ook met bykans 300% die afgelope ses jaar toegeneem.

Dr. Rudolph Zinn, senior dosent in forensiese en misdaadondersoeke by Unisa, het gesê navorsing kon geen politieke motiewe vir die voorvalle vind nie.

Volgens hom konsentreer misdadigers op “sagte” teikens, wat ook gebiede kan wees. Van die redes waarom dieselfde gebied oor en oor geteiken word, kan wees omdat misdadigers weet dat die reaksietyd van die polisie stadig is of dat daar min patrollies in die gebied is. Navorsing het ook bevind misdadigers gaan voort in ’n gebied as die modus operandi wat hulle gebruik het een maal suksesvol was.

Zinn meen gemeenskappe behoort maatreëls te kry om hulself te beveilig. Uit onderhoude met boewe het hulle aangedui dat hulle versigtiger is om plekke aan te val waar daar byvoorbeeld ’n geraas soos alarms en honde is.

So sê inwoners

“Ek slaap seker net twee ure elke nag. Met elke geluidjie wat ek hoor, staan ek op om te gaan kyk of iets fout is. Ons lewe in vrees hier, maar waarheen anders sal ons gaan? Ek wil nie weghardloop nie; ek is nie daai tipe nie, so ek bly maar hier.” – ’n buurman van dr. Duncan Prinsloo van Vaalbank.

“Dit voel vir ons of dit wat in Kameeldrift gebeur, nou begin oorspoel hier na ons kant toe. Die polisie kry dit nie onder beheer nie, so al wat vir ons gaan oorbly, sal wees om eie reg te gebruik. Ons kan nie aanhou om só te leef nie; hulle moor ons uit.” – mnr. Frans Prinsloo van Vaalbank.

“Ek is bitter ongelukkig oor die polisie se reaksietyd toe my ouers geskiet is. Ek het onmiddellik 10111 gebel toe ek die nuus gekry het. Dit het my byna ’n halfuur geneem om vir die mense by die skakelbord te verduidelik waar my ouers se plek is, al is dit heel eenvoudig, en die polisie het twee ure later eers daar opgedaag.” – dr. Duncan Prinsloo jr.


AfriForum gaan vra vir taakspan oor aanvalle

Nov 21 2008 09:29:34:210PM - (SA)

Alet Rademeyer

AfriForum, die burgerregte-inisiatief van die vakbond Solidariteit, gaan die nasionale polisiekommissaris vra om ’n taakspan aan te stel om die plaasaanvalle in die Bronkhorstspruit-, Kameeldrift- en Cullinan-omgewing te ondersoek.

Mnr. Nantes Kelder, hoof van gemeenskapsveiligheid by AfriForum, meen daar moet gekyk word wat regtig agter die aanvalle en moorde sit.

“Ek het my bedenkinge dat die voorvalle bloot gewone misdaad is as gekyk word na die wreedheid waarmee dit gepaard gaan terwyl daar in baie gevalle weinig of niks gesteel word nie.”

Kelder meen meer bekwame lede en toerusting moet beskikbaar gestel word om moordenaars aan die pen te laat ry.

Mnr. André Botha, voorsitter van AgriSA se nasionale landelike veiligheidskomitee, het in reaksie op die vlaag van aanvalle gesê AgriSA eis dat pres. Kgalema Motlanthe en mnr. Nathi Mthethwa, minister van veiligheid en sekuriteit, teen die misdadigers optree.

Hy het gesê die landbougemeenskappe het met hul betrokkenheid by die gevestigde strukture van die polisie gehoor gegee aan die oproep van Motlanthe dat landsburgers met misdaadbekamping moet help.

“AgriSA het nog altyd sy lede geadviseer om binne die wetlike raamwerk op te tree, maar dit raak toenemend moeilik om dié standpunt te handhaaf,” het Botha verder gesê.


‘Dit was vannag oorlog hier’

Mnr. Job Legemar (48) gister saam met sy jongste dogter, Cariene (9), en sy jongste seun, Dieter (13), voor hul huis in Vaalbank, wes van Bronkhorstspruit. Foto: Theana Calitz

Nov 21 2008 09:29:30:227PM - (SA)

Fanie van Rooyen

‘Dit was vannag oorlog hier. Ons is bly ons almal leef nog.”

So het mev. Ineke Legemar (47) gisteroggend gesê nadat ’n onbekende aantal aanvallers omstreeks 02:00 gisteroggend haar gesin se plaashuis in Vaalbank, wes van Bronkhorstspruit, omsingel en met meer as 30 skote gepeper het.

Dit is die tweede soortgelyke skietvoorval in twee dae in Vaalbank.

Mev. Legemar, haar man, Job (48), en hul vyf kinders, Cor (21), Willemien (20), Petra (16), Dieter (13) en Cariene (9), het wonderbaarlik ongedeerd uit dié skietvoorval gekom.

Die gesin se plaashuis is sowat 3 km van die huis in Vaalbank waar dr. Duncan Prinsloo (61) eergisteroggend deur twee rowers in die rug geskiet en sy vrou, Laetitia (54), doodgeskiet is.

Mev. Legemar het gesê nege van hul huis se vensters is óf stukkend geskiet óf stukkend geslaan en van die koeëls het twee rekenaarskerms en meubelstukke in die huis getref.

“Ek het twee skote in hul rigting afgevuur, wat hulle op vlug laat slaan het, maar ek glo nie ek het een van hulle getref nie,” het sy gesê.

“Ná die tyd was die hele wêreld vol glasstukke en patroondoppies.”

Mnr. Legemar het gesê sy gesin was reeds wakker omdat hul honde die hele aand onophoudelik geblaf het.

“Ons het geweet daar is iets fout en het onsself maar reggemaak,” het mnr. Legemar vertel.

“Toe die eerste drie skote klap, het ek Rayton se gebiedsbeskermingsaksie (GBA) en die polisie gebel.

“Met daai eerste skote het hulle twee van ons honde doodgeskiet. ’n Derde hond het hulle toe reeds vergiftig.

“Daarna was dit vir ’n kort rukkie stil voordat hulle genadeloos op die huis begin losbrand het.

“My vrou het die kinders beveel om onder die beddens weg te kruip en ek, my oudste seun en my vrou het in verskillende kamers stelling ingeneem – ek en my seun met ons pistole en my vrou met ’n rewolwer.

“Die rowers was in daai stadium aan die kant van die huis waar my vrou stelling ingeneem het en sy het twee skote afgevuur.

“Ons kon hulle nie sien nie en hulle kon ons nie sien nie, want al die gordyne was toe.

“Hulle het net eenvoudig lukraak by die vensters ingeskiet.

“Kort nadat my vrou teruggeskiet het, het hulle op die vlug geslaan.”

Die rowers het volgens mnr. Legemar ’n gat onderdeur die elektriese heining, wat om die hele huis span, gegrawe.

“Twee van my motors het buite gestaan en was nie gesluit nie. Die rowers het geen poging aangewend om die motors of enigiets te steel nie.

“Dit voel vir my uit en uit soos ’n moordtog.

Mnr. Johannes Jaftha, polisiewoordvoerder, het gesê die polisie het eergisteraand ’n belangrike vergadering gehou met lede van die buurtwagte en gebiedsbeskermingsaksies (GBA’s) van Rayton, Cullinan en Bronkhorstspruit om beter te kan saamwerk om die skynbare vlaag van geweldmisdaad in dié gebied hok te slaan.


Wednesday, 19 November 2008

‘Die polisie het nie genoeg gedoen’

'n Troufoto van mnr. Henk Albertyn, wat gisteroggend vermoor is, en sy vrou, Karlien.

Nov 18 2008 10:03:06:167PM - (SA)

Daniel Maluleke

Drie dae nadat mnr. Nathi Mthethwa, minister van veiligheid en sekuriteit, beloof het plaasaanvalle sal met wortel en tak uitgeroei word, is ’n pa op ’n hoewe naby Pretoria vermoor.

“As die polisie dadelik ná die voorval in die rigting gejaag het waarin die moordenaars gevlug het, het hulle hulle dalk vasgetrek,” het mnr. Schalk Albertyn gister gesê.

Sy broer, Henk (44), is gisteroggend omstreeks 01:00 doodgeskiet terwyl hy op ’n hoewe by Donkerhoek, oos van Pretoria, op sy rekenaar gewerk het.

Vier gewapende mans het ’n glasdeur gebreek om by die huis in te kom.

Mev. Karlien Albertyn (40) en hul twee seuns, Altus (7) en Braam (4), het geslaap toe die skote hulle wakker gemaak het.

Sy het gaan kyk wat aangaan, terwyl die seuntjies, in ’n duvet toegewikkel, in die badkamer gaan wegkruip het.

Mnr. Willie van der Schyff, ’n buurman, en die Albertyn-broers se ma en stiefpa het ook onmiddellik na die huis gegaan.

Die gewonde Albertyn is na die Wilgers-hospitaal gehaas, maar is op pad daarheen dood verklaar, al het sy broer en Van der Schyff alles in hul vermoë gedoen om sy lewe te red.

Henk en Karlien Albertyn was 12 jaar getroud.

Die rowers het met sy pistool gevlug. Daar is nog nie vasgestel of hulle enigiets anders gevat het nie.

“Ons voel die polisie het nie genoeg gedoen om die verdagtes op te spoor nie. Hulle het net op die toneel rondgeloop, eerder as om flink op te tree,” het Schalk Albertyn gesê.

’n Verpletterde Van der Schyff het gesê hy kan nie glo wat met sy buurman gebeur het nie. “Dit lyk asof ons nou ook sulke voorvalle soos die Kameeldrift-gebied ondervind.”

Dis juis waar Mthethwa Saterdag die onderneming gegee het dat plaasaanvalle uitgeroei sal word.

“Ek is verskriklik stukkend. My hart is flenters,” het me. Alta Espach, die Albertyn-broers se ma, in trane gesê.

“Die mense het die reg om klagte in te dien as hulle nie met ons diens tevrede is nie, maar ek glo die polisie het hul bes gedoen deur genoeg inligting van die slagoffers in te samel wat ons in staat kan stel om ’n deurbraak te maak,” het mnr. Johannes Japhta, polisiewoordvoerder, gesê.

Toe die polisie gister op die hoewe aankom, was die familie op pad hospitaal toe en hulle kon nie onmiddellik leidrade kry om op te volg nie. Dis hoekom hulle nie die rowers kon agtervolg nie, het Japhta gesê.

Die polisie het ’n span ontplooi om die gebied te patrolleer.


Tuesday, 18 November 2008

South Africa - Rape victim survives to tell the tale (Video)

If you cannot see the embedded video, click here:

From Hansie0Slim:

In South Africa, there are 150 rapes every day - this is the story of one brave girl, raped in the "safety" of her own home, who lived to tell the world about her ordeal.

'Crime pays well'

17/11/2008 22:34 - (SA)

Michael Hamlyn

Cape Town - TAU SA has made an urgent plea to the justice ministry not to allow people who protect their lives and property by shooting at armed intruders to become victims of the criminal justice system.

Ben Marais, TAU's president, says in a letter to justice ministers made public on Monday that several similar cases have resulted in the defender of life and property being arrested, while it seems as if the efforts to arrest the real perpetrators of crime leave much to be desired.

"This state of affairs is in fact contributing to a widely held perception that crime, (and especially violent crime) pays and it pays well," Marais said.

"In fact, it won't be surprising to assume that many criminals expect to literally get away with murder whilst the energy of the state is utilised to prosecute the captive defender who did not do much more than to protect life and property against increasingly severe threats."

- I-Net Bridge (News24)


Sunday, 16 November 2008

Man appears in court for Gordon's Bay murder

November 14 2008 at 08:58AM

By Karen Breytenbach

A suspect in a fatal robbery at a Gordon's Bay golf estate went on trial in the Cape High Court on Thursday, while two alleged accomplices are still on the run.

The state alleges that Rhanya Mthelo and two other men broke into Peter Howel's house in Waikiki Street on the night of December 15, 2005 and attacked the pensioner and his wife, Pamela, in their bedroom.

The state alleges Mthelo and his companions demanded money from the couple.

Peter Howel was beaten with a crowbar and his wife stabbed with a sharp object. She managed to escape and shouted for help.

Mthelo and his companions allegedly fled on foot, taking with them a television set and a handbag.

Mthelo was arrested a few months later after he was linked to the robbery by finger and palm prints.

Howel, a former pension broker, spent some time in hospital. On his discharge he and his wife stayed with their son Jeremy in Hout Bay to recuperate.

But Howel died a few days later.

The state alleges Mthelo and the other two acted with common purpose.

Pamela Howel testified yesterday that the gang damaged a window frame to get into her home.

Her son, Jeremy, testified that his father still had red marks and considerable bruising on his body when he died.

He said his father had built the house intending to retire there.

This article was originally published on page 4 of Cape Times on November 14, 2008


Blue light shooting - cop held

15/11/2008 19:18 - (SA)

Durban - A policeman has been arrested for shooting out the tyre of a moving car, causing an accident in which eight people were injured.

The driver apparently had failed to move into the slower lane of the N3 near Pietermaritzburg on Saturday.

Police spokesperson Director Phindile Radebe confirmed that the officer was charged with attempted murder, and that he was part of the VIP protection team tasked with protecting KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Social Welfare MEC Meshack Radebe.

She could not immediately provide further details, but Sapa has learnt that the policeman - who is believed to have been a passenger in the black Volkswagen (VW) Golf with dark tinted windows and flashing blue lights - held the rank of constable.

Earlier, Superintendent Henry Budhram told Sapa that a black Mazda that was heading towards Durban on Saturday morning was being followed by a police collision unit vehicle when a black VW Golf with flashing blue lights sped up behind them.

Couldn't pull over

The police vehicle pulled over to allow the Golf to pass, but "at that moment the driver of the Mazda could not pull over as he was passing a truck".

It is alleged that when the Mazda had passed the truck and pulled over, a passenger in the Golf, which had dark tinted windows, wound down the window and shot out the tyre of the Mazda.

"The driver of the Mazda lost control and his vehicle went into the oncoming traffic, colliding with a bakkie in the north-bound lane," Budhram said.

He said that the Golf then sped off and when the police's collision unit vehicle could not catch up with it, the officers decided to render assistance to the injured.

Netcare 911 and ER24 reported that eight people were injured in the accident, four of whom were described as being in a serious condition.

Comment could not be immediately obtained from the driver of the Mazda, whose name is known to Sapa.

Budhram said a spent cartridge was recovered from the accident scene.

KZN transport spokesperson Nonkululeko Mbatha confirmed the incident, but could not immediately provide further details. She said that the N3 was closed to traffic for about an hour.

'Blue light bullies'

The KZN Democratic Alliance has condemned the incident and called on the police to investigate.

"This incident is the worst display to date of the attitude that these blue light bullies are law unto themselves... treat citizens with disregard," said DA spokesperson, Randley Keys.

In May, an angry motorcyclist punched a KwaZulu-Natal provincial VIP driver after the VIP driver had crashed into the back of another car, seriously injuring its occupant on the N3 near Camperdown.

In April 2007 the Witness newspaper reported that its switchboard was flooded with calls from motorists who said they were pushed off the N3 by a blue-light convoy, identified as being that of ANC president Jacob Zuma.

The paper also reported at the time that a Pietermaritzburg man, Faizel Mooideen, had a rifle pointed at him and his family by security officers who tried to push them off a lane on the highway.

At the end of the same month a motorist used his cellphone to provide the newspaper with video footage of KwaZulu-Natal Premier Sbu Ndebele's convoy doing 160km an hour on the N3.



Aanvaller in mond geskiet

15/11/2008 22:14 - (SA)

Willem Pelser


’n Plaasaanvaller is swaar gewond toe hy en sy makkers ’n boer van Ermelo wou beroof.

Mnr. Johan Cilliers, wat sowat 25 km van Ermelo boer, het verlede Sondagaand sy honde buite die plaashuis hoor blaf.

Hy het met sy vuurwapen gaan ondersoek instel, sê insp. Carla Prinsloo, ’n polisiewoordvoerder.

Toe hy buite kom, het iemand glo op hom geskiet en Cilliers het teruggeskiet.

Daarna het dit stil geword en Cilliers het hulp ontbied oor die tweerigtingradio.

Die polisie het opgedaag en ’n bloedspoor op die plaas opgemerk.

Die spoor het gelei na ’n nedersetting sowat 2 km van die plaas waar ’n swaar gewonde verdagte in hegtenis geneem is.

Die verdagte is onder meer in die mond getref.

Die vermoede bestaan dat hy een van die aanvallers op Cilliers se plaas was.

Prinsloo sê die verdagte is so swaar gewond dat hy nog nie ’n verklaring aan die polisie kon aflê nie.

Hy is aanvanklik in ’n plaaslike hospitaal opgeneem, maar later na ’n hospitaal in Pretoria oorgeplaas.


2 plaasaanvalle in Noordwes

15/11/2008 22:14 - (SA)

Willem Pelser


Plaasaanvallers het die afgelope week boeregesinne op twee plase in Noordwes aangeval.

In die eerste voorval vroeg Donderdagoggend is mnr. Dawie van der Merwe (68) en sy vrou, Annie (68), deur vyf mans op hul plaas buite Swartruggens oorval.

Mev. Van der Merwe was buite by die hoenderhokke toe die rowers toegeslaan het. Haar man is in die huis oorval. Die egpaar is erg aangerand.

Die rowers het R 2000 en ’n 9 mm-pistool in die huis geroof en in die egpaar se Toyota Camry met die registrasienommer DMV468NW gevlug. Die vyf rowers is steeds soek.

In die tweede plaasaanval Donderdagoggend het vyf aanvallers – vermoedelik dieselfde bende – op mnr. Rupert McGeere se plaas naby Mafikeng toegeslaan.

Die bende het sy vrou oorval en vasgebind voordat hulle met ’n bedrag kontant in ’n wit BMW gevlug het.

Hulle het aan sy vrou en kind gesê hulle “soek die man wat hier bly”. “Ons gaan terugkom,” het die rowers gesê. – Willem Pelser


In tye van nood speel ANC die raskaart

15/11/2008 14:00 - (SA)

Cilliers Brink, Pretoria:

As daar nog ’n eensame siel was wat opreg geglo het in die nie-rassigheid van die ANC, is hierdie selfbedrog nou ontbloot met die uitlek van ’n Cosatu-plan om die DA in die Wes-Kaap te “kelder” (Rapport, 9 November).

Die vakbondmanne aan die hooftafel van mnr. Jacob Zuma se ANC sê die party moet “wit” skole in die Wes-Kaap aanval en aandring op “oop toegang” tot hierdie skole.

In hierdie stadium is dit reeds duidelik die DA in die Wes-Kaap gaan die ANC in volgende jaar se verkiesing ’n loesing gee. En soos dit maar gaan in tye van desperaatheid en nood, kom die handskoene af en val die ANC-lede terug op wat hulle die beste doen: raspolitiek.

Natuurlik het die Cosatu-verkiesingsplan niks te doen met “oop toegang” tot skole nie. Die Grondwet laat skole nie toe om leerlinge op grond van ras weg te wys nie.

Cosatu se teiken is eintlik moedertaalonderrig en spesifiek Afrikaans. Pleks daarvan om die getal en gehalte van Engelse skole in die Wes-Kaap te verbeter, is dit ’n gevestigde ANC-strategie om die druk van swak onderwysbeleid en -beplanning na Afrikaansmediumskole te verplaas en so Afrikaans as onderrigtaal te ondermyn.

So word die grondwetlike voorsiening vir moedertaalonderrig uiteindelik “onprakties” gemaak.

Die Wes-Kaapse onderwysminister het reeds in 2005 onsuksesvol probeer om die Afrikaanse enkelmediumskool die Laerskool Mikro te dwing om sy taalbeleid te verander, en meer onlangs het sy eweknie in Mpumalanga dit reggekry met die Hoërskool Middelburg – ten spyte daarvan dat slegs sowat 3% van skole landwyd nog Afrikaans as enkelmedium gebruik.

Cosatu weet dat die DA sal aandring op taalregte en die beskerming van Afrikaans, veral in ’n provinsie waar die meeste mense Afrikaans praat. Soos die ANC-gewoonte is, is die plan dan om die kwessie te verander in ’n rassegeskil en die DA gevolglik van “wit rassisme en bevoorregting” te beskuldig. Dis alles so voorspelbaar.

Wes-Kaapse kiesers moet kennis neem van die Cosatu-plan en van nuuts af besef hoekom dit tyd is om die ANC die rug toe te keer.


Polisielid vas ná skietery uit kar op N3

15/11/2008 22:14 - (SA)

Gerhard de Bruin


’n Konstabel verbonde aan die polisie se BBP-eenheid is gister in hegtenis geneem nadat hy glo vanuit ’n bewegende BBP-voertuig met sy vuurwapen op ’n onskuldige motoris op die N3 naby Pietermaritzburg losgebrand het.

Dit was glo nadat die motoris nie vinnig genoeg uit sy baan kon padgee nie.

Die motoris se een motorband is in die voorval stukkend geskiet en hy het daarna beheer oor sy voertuig verloor en reg van voor met ’n bakkie in die aankomende baan gebots.

Volgens supt. Henry Budhram, woordvoerder van die polisie in KwaZulu-Natal, was die bestuurder van ’n Mazda3 op pad na Pietermaritzburg toe die voorval gebeur het.

“ ’n Vangwa van die polisie se ongelukeenheid het agter die Mazda gery toe ’n swart Volkswagen Golf met ’n flitsende blou lig en swart vensters hulle van agter af ingery het.

“Die polisievoertuig kon daarin slaag om vir die Golf pad te gee, maar die bestuurder van die Mazda was in daardie stadium nog besig om ’n groot vragmotor teen ’n hoogte verby te steek.”

Budhram sê polisiemanne in die vangwa het gesien hoe die Golf, nadat die Mazda uiteindelik by die lorrie verby is en uit die baan kon beweeg, tot langs laasgenoemde gery het.

’n Passasier van die Golf het toe ’n venster afgedraai en met ’n vuurwapen op die Mazda begin skiet.

’n Agterband van die Mazda is papgeskiet.

Die Mazda se bestuurder het daarna beheer oor sy voertuig verloor, oor die middelmannetjie van die besige N3 snelweg beweeg en reg van voor met ’n bakkie wat op pad was Durban toe gebots.

Die Golf het daarna aangery en glo weggejaag toe die polisie in die vangwa dit wou aftrek.

Volgens Budhram is verskeie patroondoppies op die toneel opgetel.

’n Bron na aan die ondersoek sê ’n konstabel Khumalo verbonde aan die polisie se BBP-eenheid is kort daarna by Camperdown in hegtenis geneem.

Khumalo het glo ná sy inhegtenisnemings vir die polisie gesê hy was laat vir ’n afspraak met mnr. Meshack Radebe, LUR vir maatskaplike dienste.

Na verneem word het verskeie ANC-politici gistermiddag glo probeer keer dat Khumalo vasgetrek word.

Budhram het by navraag egter bevestig dat komm. Hamilton Ngidi, polisiehoof van KwaZulu-Natal, persoonlik beveel het dat Khumalo in hegtenis geneem word.

Drie mans in die Mazda en vyf in die bakkie is ernstig in die ongeluk beseer en na hospitale in die omgewing geneem.

• Sedert verlede jaar was BBP-voertuie en -konvooie in talle soortgelyke omstrede voorvalle in KwaZulu-Natal betrokke.


Breyten kasty SA as land van wanhoop in ope brief aan Mandela

Breyten Breytenbach.

15/11/2008 22:14 - (SA)

Charles Smith


Die Afrikaanse digter en skrywer Breyten Breytenbach val oudpres. Nelson Mandela kwaai aan in ’n Amerikaanse tydskrif oor die geweld, magsvergrype en korrupsie wat Suid-Afrika verwoes.

In ’n ope brief in die Amerikaanse tydskrif Harper’s Magazine skryf hy aan Mandela dat hy hom “die aaklige ding moet meedeel: As ’n jong Suid-Afrikaner by my wil weet of hy of sy die land moet verlaat of nie, sal my bitter raad wees dat hulle moet weggaan.”

In die artikel onder die opskrif “Mandela’s smile: Notes on South Africa’s failed revolution” noem Breytenbach ontstellende voorvalle van geweld wat daagliks plaasvind en hom ook al geraak het.

Sy oudste broer se seun is buite ’n restaurant gesteek en die meslem het sy long deurboor. Die polisie het nooit opgedaag nie. Hy is gered omdat sy metgesel haar vriend in Australië met haar selfoon gebel het en hy ’n verpleegster wat hy in Johannesburg ken, kon bel.

Die vrou was op haar eerste besoek aan Suid-Afrika, maar het die volgende dag vertrek en “gesweer om nooit weer terug te keer nie”.

’n Ouma van ’n nabye vriend – so oud soos Mandela – het haar aanvallers gesmeek om nie verkrag te word nie en die nefie van ’n mede-skrywer is in sy eie huis vermoor.

Hy verwys na speletjies soos “hit me, hit me” en “rape me, rape me” wat in Suid-Afrikaanse skole gespeel word wat volgens die Suid-Afrikaanse Menseregtekommissie wys op “die omvang en vlak waartoe die verdierliking van die jeug strek en hoe endemies seksuele geweld in Suid-Afrika geword het”.

Jong mans se ergste vrees in Suid-Afrika is om vir ’n verkeersoortreding opgesluit te word in ’n polisiesel en in die nag verkrag te word deur MIV-positiewe aangehoudenes; oë word uit lyke gepluk vir moetie en dooies word opgegrawe vir hul kiste.

Die hartseerste geval is ses jong, bruin plaaskinders van tussen 9 en 15 jaar wat kaalvoet en “maer soos bidsprinkane” aan mekaar vasklou waar hulle in die hof verskyn omdat hulle ’n 11-jarige meisie oor ’n bottel goedkoop wyn met klippe doodgegooi het.

Of, in ’n ander berig, omdat sy dalk vigs het.

Breytenbach wil van Mandela, wat hy soos sy eie pa beskou, weet: “Het u, het ons, ernstig gepoog om ’n demokratiese bestel in Suid-Afrika teweeg te bring met sy wigte en teenwigte en rekenpligtigheid? Of was dit om iemand terug te kry vir die koloniale sondes?

“Hoe lank kan ons voortgaan op die skisofreniese mespunt tussen die diskoers van gelykheid en geregtigheid en die praktyk van plundering en arbitrêre mag? Hoe lank nog kan die dubbelpratery volgehou word vir die volk en vir die buitewêreld? Hoekom het die menselewe geen waarde nie? Is dit tradisioneel?”

Breytenbach vra Mandela of hy weet dat “nasionale bevryding” deur vernedering en misbruik (soos in Algerië, Angola, Guinee-Bissau) die droom verwoes van ’n moderne Afrika wat stam uit die Afrika-wortels en -realiteite.


Friday, 14 November 2008

Evidence links man to double murder

Fatima Schroeder

November 12 2008 at 03:41PM

A 28-year-old Manenberg man has been convicted for the murder of a Plumstead mother and daughter and of robbery with aggravating circumstances.

Joan Mark, 85, and Jean Mark, 55, were attacked in their Northview flat on November 16, 2005.

Jean died instantly and her mother died in hospital a few days after the attack. Both had severe head injuries.

Riaaz Isaacs was arrested for the murders two days later.

Tests were done on the shoes he was wearing at the time of his arrest and their soles matched the bloody shoe prints found at the crime scene.

In addition, he was found in possession of other shoes and bloody socks. The blood on the socks matched the blood of both the Marks women.

Police also investigated the women's stolen cellphones and discovered that a different sim card had been placed in one of them. Calls made from that sim card were traced to Isaacs's mother.

Further calls were made to a house in Grassy Park and a witness confirmed that these were made by Isaacs.

Isaacs did not dispute the evidence, but claimed that as a hawker on Main Road, Claremont, he had bought the cellphone and shoes from someone he knew only as Petta.

He said Petta also gave him a cap, wallet and socks.

In delivering judgment, Judge Patricia Goliath said there were not many issues in dispute between the State's case and that of the defence and that the evidence was largely circumstantial.

Goliath said the police's starting point in investigating the murders was to trace the person who received calls from the stolen cellphone. Isaacs's mother admitted her son had contacted her.

The evidence of the shoes and bloodstained socks found in Isaacs's possession was "highly incriminating".

Isaacs's shoe prints were also linked to the prints at the crime scene, and the cellphone was traced to him.

Goliath referred to Isaacs's version that he had bought the cellphone, shoes and socks, but said that he only revealed this for the first time during his bail application and questioned why he had not told the police about this, especially since he did not know Petta and had no reason to try to protect him.

The judge said that it was highly unlikely that Isaacs would have been content to spend three years behind bars awaiting trial for a murder which someone else had committed.

She found Petta was a fabrication and said all the evidence pointed towards Isaacs.

He will be sentenced on Thursday.

This article was originally published on page 8 of Cape Argus on November 12, 2008


'Communities want to act on farm attacks'

November 13 2008 at 09:36AM

Communities wanted to take the law into their own hands after a recent spate of ferocious farm attacks, Transvaal Agricultural Union SA (TAU SA) said on Wednesday.

These had led to senseless and brutal murders with deadly consequences for defenceless families, TAU SA President Ben Marais said in a statement.

The attacks included one in Coligny, two in Brits and one outside Pretoria. Pretorius said TAU SA had expressed its serious concern about the deteriorating security situation in the rural areas in a letter to ANC president Jacob Zuma.

It had attached a memorandum tabled in discussions with former president Thabo Mbeki in May.

Marais said the state of affairs had contributed to decreasing levels of trust in the ability of the police and growing desperation within communities to take the law into their own hands.

"This cannot be allowed, but the severity of the situation needs to be understood and rectified. Rampant crime cannot be allowed to continue," he said. - Sapa


Robbers now face extra charge

Hanti Otto

November 13 2008 at 09:17AM

An 83-year-old woman who was severely assaulted and raped in 2007 died two months later due to her injuries.

Her alleged attackers will now face a charge of murder, along with robbery with aggravating circumstances and rape in the Pretoria High Court as soon as a trial date is determined.

The two suspects, who cannot be identified as they have not pleaded yet, are aged 44 and 34.

They were arrested in November 2007, about two weeks after the horrific incident at the home of Ines Christina Maree in Lyttelton on November 4 2007.

"The accused climbed over the fence of her premises, broke a bedroom window and gained entry to the house. They assaulted the victim, raped her and left her for dead."

Maree was still alive when her son - who had brought her groceries - arrived home several hours later.

He rushed his badly injured mother to the Unitas Hospital where she died of head injuries on January 6 tin 2008.

This article was originally published on page 4 of Pretoria News on November 13, 2008