Tuesday, 18 November 2008

'Crime pays well'

17/11/2008 22:34 - (SA)

Michael Hamlyn

Cape Town - TAU SA has made an urgent plea to the justice ministry not to allow people who protect their lives and property by shooting at armed intruders to become victims of the criminal justice system.

Ben Marais, TAU's president, says in a letter to justice ministers made public on Monday that several similar cases have resulted in the defender of life and property being arrested, while it seems as if the efforts to arrest the real perpetrators of crime leave much to be desired.

"This state of affairs is in fact contributing to a widely held perception that crime, (and especially violent crime) pays and it pays well," Marais said.

"In fact, it won't be surprising to assume that many criminals expect to literally get away with murder whilst the energy of the state is utilised to prosecute the captive defender who did not do much more than to protect life and property against increasingly severe threats."

- I-Net Bridge (News24)


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