Saturday, 1 November 2008

'Dad now an angel with wings'

30/10/2008 22:12 - (SA)

Dries Liebenberg, Beeld

Richards Bay - She wants to see her husband's murderers behind bars to stop them from putting another family through the hell that she is experiencing now.

This is what Zelda Hunter, 34, said on Thursday after she, for the first time, came face to face with the man accused of murdering her husband, Clive, 35, on the city's main beach during a robbery in July.

All that was taken was her husband's fishing-tackle box, worth R60.

Clive, a prizewinning angler, was shot as he created an opportunity for his wife to flee.

Simo Mthiyane, 28, who was arrested at the beginning of this month, allegedly fired the shot that pierced Clive's lungs and heart.

On Thursday he stood in the dock at the Richards Bay Magistrate's Court along with his two co-accused, Mzikayifani Zondi, 19, and a seventeen-year-old boy.

After she and her parents-in-law, Errol and Cookie Hunter, had attended the court proceedings, the widow said she was glad the police had caught three of the four suspects within three months.

"The biggest consolation is the knowledge that they won't be able to hurt anyone else," said Zelda.

The last three months have been "hell on earth" and her daughter, Megan, 6, was really starting to miss her dad, she said.

"At first it was like a fairytale to her that her father is now an angel with wings," said Zelda. But now Megan was starting to miss her dad and she's asking a lot of questions.

Zelda is also struggling with feelings of guilt because she ran away like her husband had told her to.

- Beeld


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