Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Hijackers drug, dump victim

12/11/2008 08:07 - (SA)

Bongani Hans and Londiwe Buthelezi

Pietermaritzburg - Hijackers injected a 24-year-old Pietermaritzburg man with an unknown sleep-inducing drug and dumped him in the middle of nowhere on Monday night.

As a result of the drug, Ivan Marx lay unconscious in an open field in Bishopstowe outside the city from about 21:00 on Monday until about 06:00 Tuesday morning.

And after reporting the matter to the police and going to a doctor he again slept from 11:00 to 17:00, and did not even hear his cellphone repeatedly ringing.

Marx's ordeal started at about 20:00 when he returned from a garage in CB Downes Road, Mkondeni.

On his way back to his house in Pilot Road he slowed his white Hyundai at the intersection of Murray and CB Downes roads.

Two men jumped out of the bush into the middle of road and pointed firearms at him.

"As they ran into the street I stopped as I thought they were honest people crossing the road. But they pointed their guns at me. When I looked behind me preparing to reverse I saw a third guy behind my car also pointing a gun," said Marx.

He said he complied when they ordered him to get out of the car. They forced him into the back seat and drove down CB Downes Road. Before they passed Pilot Road a man in the back seat injected him with the drug.

Within minutes he passed out and woke up about an hour later, with the vehicle still moving. But the man injected him again before the driver pulled over. They pushed him out of the car.

"In the middle of nowhere I just passed out and slept. When I woke in the sunrise, I started walking down the road. After about an hour I came to Mountview farm house [in Bishopstowe]. I met a woman who was taking her kids to school at about 08:00," said Marx.

Marx, who had blood stains in his clothes, said the woman phoned his friend Johan Pretorius who came to fetch him about 20 minutes later.

"I first went to Alexandra police station to report the matter before proceeding to Medi-Clinic. The doctors took my blood samples to establish the drug I was injected with. They said I will know the result on Friday," said Marx.

Marx was going to sell the vehicle on Tuesday in order to buy a new one.

"Right now I'm stuck. I cannot do anything without my car," he said.

The registration number of his vehicle is NP 25297.

Police spokesperson Senior Superintendent Henry Budhram appealed to anyone with information regarding the incident to contact Detective Inspector Ablon Majozi of the Alexandra Road Detective Service on 033 845 7704 or 072 818 4145, or Crime Stop on the toll-free number 08600 10111.

- The Witness


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