Wednesday, 14 January 2009

'All white dogs in SA will be killed'

January 12 2009 at 05:08PM

The Freedom Front Plus is laying charges with the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) against two Odendaalsrus police officers for allegedly calling a farmer a "white dog".

In a letter to the SAHRC on Monday, FF Plus spokesperson Pieter Groenewald referred to a recent Bloemfontein newspaper report alleging Constables Mokwena and Mafabatho of the Odendaalsrus police station had called a farmer a "white dog" and said "all white dogs in South Africa will be killed".

"You would surely agree that such actions, especially by members of the police, cannot be tolerated and is definitely hate speech," he said.

It seemed the reference to white people as white dogs was becoming more and more prevalent, especially in the police service.

"It cannot be tolerated and decisive action is required. This hate speech is unconstitutional, and a contravention of section 16 of the Constitution, Act 108 of 1996.

"The Freedom Front Plus therefore lays an official complaint in this regard and requests that you investigate the case speedily," Groenewald said.

In a statement later, Groenewald said the FF Plus also intended to ask Safety and Security Minister Nathi Mthethwa to immediately suspend the two constables.

"These actions of police members attest to naked racism and hate speech. Actions such as these incite racial hatred between black and white people which will in future boil over into open conflict if drastic action is not taken."

The farmer concerned had officially laid charges against the two constables last week for illegally pointing a firearm, crimen injuria and illegal trespassing, he said.

The Christian Democratic Alliance (CDA) has also expressed concern over the allegations saying the matter needed to be fully investigated.

"We will follow how the complaint laid by the FF Plus is handled with interest," said CDA spokesperson for safety and security Kevin Southgate.

"Actions where race hate is stoked are unacceptable, especially when coming from people in positions of power," Southgate said. - Sapa


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