Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Mom killed after threatening call

20/01/2009 09:56 - (SA)

Amanda Roestoff, Beeld

Krugersdorp - A Free State woman was assaulted and kicked to death a few days after she received a threatening phone call in the middle of the night.

"The anonymous person called her at about 00:30 and said if she knew what was good for her, she would f*** **f out of Kroonstad," said Linda Desiré Henery, 26, on Monday, following the death of her mother, who was also called Linda.

Henery snr, 49, then left Kroonstad and visited her daughter in Krugersdorp.

They were watching television on Friday night when three men, two with handguns and one with a sharp object, appeared in their house in Noordheuwel.

One of the attackers stabbed her dog - a Jack Russell named Peanut - in the neck when he started barking.

"My mom begged them to take what they wanted and not to hurt us."

The robbers made the two women lie down in a bedroom on the top floor of the house and threw a bedspread over them.

The three robbers left them alone for five seconds and in this time, Henery jnr was able to press the panic button in the bedroom.

Asked for water

When her mother asked the attackers for some water, they pulled her from the bed and threw her hard on the floor.

"I only heard her asking once, 'Please, I had a heart bypass operation, don't kick me like that!'"

One of the men took Henery jnr downstairs to open the safe. When she came back, she took her mother a glass of water.

"That was when I saw that her hands were tied behind her back."

Henery snr had been assaulted so badly that she could barely drink the water. Her face was severely swollen.

A man took away the glass of water, pushed Henery jnr onto the bed and tied her up with her belts. One of the robbers then took her mother out of the room.

"She struggled and was badly injured."

Henery jnr said it was "only a matter of a second" before the house was dead quiet.

She pressed the panic button a second time and searched the house.

"That was when I saw only her feet sticking out of the room where she was lying on her back."


Henery jnr used scissors to cut the belt around her mother's arm. When she saw froth at her mouth, she turned her mother on her side and wiped it off. She then saw how swollen her mother's whole body was. "When I pressed her mouth, only blood came out.

"Why did they hurt my mother so much over a glass of water?"

Henery jnr went to look for help at an apartment building across from her house. An ADT guard came only later.

"The security guard only said he was sorry. He was busy with another case."

The men took three cellphones, a leather jacket, takkies, jewellery and R50 in cash.

The family is deeply worried as two of Henery snr's sisters have since also received strange calls and SMSes.

A cremation service will take place on Wednesday at 11:00 at the Apostolic Faith Mission church in Noordheuwel.

- Beeld


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